Smoothie Trends That Make Blenders Churn

As the reality of work weeks and busy school runs begin to dawn, you might be asking yourself how on earth you’re going to cope with the new pace of life. The answer lies in blitzing breakfasts that take no time at all and are packed to the brim with super boosting nutrition. Once you’re on the smoothie bandwagon, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. And to prove to you this health trend shows no real signs of slowing down, here’s a little look back at the marvellous smoothie trends that gave our blenders a collective spin in 2017.

Mermaid magic

Dubbed the ‘mermaid smoothie’, these tranquil blue-green tonics came crashing in waves into our smoothies last year.

  • Spirulina, the ocean algae prized for its power-packing protein punch and alkalizing effects is also a huge asset to vegans and vegetarians thanks to the iron and Vit B boost.
  • Kelp powders also made their rise from the deep in the quest for umami flavour and immune supporting and ph-balancing blends.

Vegging out on greens

Verging on the slightly more verdant spectrum, the ongoing awareness for alkalinity in the body meant that eating your greens in vast quantities literally became slurping them through a straw.

  • Raw broccoli and spinach powder in vast quantities mean you can get in your plant-based proteins in an unadulterated form for optimum health.
  • Matcha powder, from the hills of Japan, is another chlorophyll-rich contender that promotes serious detoxification and ups your antioxidants in a big way. It may have sprung on the scene in teas and the coffees but now it’s all in for smoothies and desserts too.

Happening hormones

Whether it’s from meat sources, inadequately filtered water, toxin exposure or medications or birth control – out of whack hormones begin a knock on effect for a host of unpleasant conditions and suffering like depression, weight gain and skin issues to name a few.

  • Maca is a potent energy booster and believed to up stamina and fertility. It’s also rich in potassium, copper and iron and essential vitamins.
  • Shatavari is another super-herb with renowned hormone balancing properties in Ayurveda practices that’s also been sneaking into our body balancing blends.

Fanciful fruits

It seems like when it comes to fruity flavours, the contenders take turns in the spotlight. Blueberries and dragonfruits topped the flavour charts in 2017 thanks to the significant nutrient density of these superfoods.

  • Blueberries are prized for their anthocyanins, the deep colour-giving antioxidants that do wonders for protecting and supporting the body against oxidation and cancerous growth.
  • Dragonfruits are not only a great source of protein but they’re super tasty vitamin B and C bombs.

As time goes by and research delves into other fruits, things in this arena will hop trends and be shaken up regularly but we sure can understand why these two made such waves last year.

Phat fats

Healthy fats exploded into smoothies as a super source for enriching our diets. Whether it was spurred on by ketogenic principles or more brain health awareness, good non-saturated fats filled our glasses

  • Coconut butter and brain-boosting nut butter are an essential source of energy and can help your smoothie be a more substantial meal, keeping you full for longer.

Hot tip: Avo is a healthy fat and makes for really smooth operator smoothies.

Pure proteins

The research iterates this time and again – proteins are essential building blocks. For plant loving smoothie drinkers this just boosted the need to add more clean whole amino acids to our drinks.

  • Pea proteins and hemp seeds can quickly turn your smoothie into a power shake and promptly muscled their way into our breakfast and post work out liquid meals.
  • Collagen, as a marine sourced complete amino acid, is a serious hair, skin and nail health boost and also supports general tissue strength and elasticity making sure you’re looking good and ageing gracefully. This adds no flavour to your smoothies so it’s really no wonder that it became a blending best.

Good sleep & unwind time

The more stressful and demanding our lives become the more we need to reach for an off switch. But with healthy efforts being a top priority, 2017 saw many more people switching from booze to healthier ‘off switch’ alternatives.

  • CBD oil, Ashwagandha and Valerian root all promote feelings of relaxation and support better sleep by helping the body cope with stress and fight adrenal fatigue through natural balance. In powder or tincture form these can easily be added to your smoothies.

Activated charcoal

You definitely saw it in soaps and beauty products but unless you were hanging out in hip smoothie joints you may have missed this in some deviously detoxing smoothies concoctions.

  • Activated charcoal is believed to help draw out toxins from the body by binding to them in the gut and also has a powerful way of stabilizing a somewhat overindulgent meal so it’s a great addition for post-party smoothies.

And finally, the only non-consumable smoothie trend you would be seriously remiss to enter 2018 without becoming a cult fan of is the reusable straw.

It doesn’t matter whether your smoothies at home or grabbing your favourite shake en-route – if you’re still blindly accepting a plastic straw, you may want to act fast and get your smoothie loving butt on the good side of the straws suck movement.

The next time you’re strolling down the beach with your mango berry blend in hand and you see a washed up straw, you can clean it up with a clear conscience knowing that you definitely aren’t contributing to this so-last year wasteful habit.

I don’t know about you, but I’m keen to give more of these a whirl and find out what 2018’s smoothies have in store.

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