Your gut hosts an interesting and varied community of microbes that would make for some interesting conversation, but when unwelcome characters put in a show it’s best to show them the door. Intestinal parasites are in fact quite a common phenomenon, perhaps so common that we perhaps forget how crucial it is to regularly do our house cleaning to make sure these beasties don’t become overbearing, causing all sorts of unwelcome symptoms.

Parasites are all over the place but can be spread by poor hygiene such as not washing your hands before preparing food or after going to the loo, contaminated water, or coming into contact with animal feces.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of parasite infestation can be very varied as once they have made themselves at home they can have a domino effect on other systems in your body as they rob you of valuable nutrients and energy your body needs to function at its best. If left untreated they can lead to illness such as chronic inflammation and autoimmune disorders too.

Symptoms to watch out for:

• Intestinal cramping
• Indigestion
• Bloating
• Chronic diarrhea or constipation
• Chronic fatigue and muscle weakness
• Foggy brain
• Food allergies or sensitivities
• Repeated nausea
• Unexplained rashes and itching, particularly itching around the anus at night
• Insomnia
• Anemia
• Weight issues of being under or over weight
• lightheadedness
• wheezing and coughing
• unexplained swelling
• unexplained palpitations

Common Intestinal Parasites

Round worms: these critters live in your stomach and intestines and you’re likely to pick them up from food that has been contaminated, or your pet’s feces.
Tape worms: these beasties like your lower intestinal tract and can grow to great lengths
Pin worms: If your anus gets itchy during sleep it could mean you have pin worms laying eggs there at night. If you scratch the eggs get under your nails and migrate like that. They are very light and can also be airborne and get into your lungs.
Hook worms and thread worms: These can enter through the soles of your feet and are really minute. They are also found in unhygienic drinking water.

How you can eliminate intestinal parasites naturally

Edible Diatomaceous Earth - Powder

Edible Diatomaceous Earth – Powder

Conventional medicines are one route to go but tend to be very toxic with side effects, and can also have a detrimental effect on the positive flora in your gut. To really get rid of a chronic infection can take time as you make sure you treat yourself long enough to cover the life cycle of the parasite as well as treat all your pets and family at the same time to prevent reinfection. A thorough cleanse means taking anti-parasitics for at least 3 weeks. You should treat yourself and your family at least once a year or every six months.

Natural remedies that Eliminate Parasites

Pure Herbal Remedies Paraherb

Pure Herbal Remedies Paraherb

Diatomaceous Earth, Zeolite Powder and Bentonite clay are all extremely effective and fast acting anti-parasitics
Black walnut tincture, Wormwood and Cloves are a trio often taken together to cover all the bases from eggs (cloves) to adult stages (wormwood and black walnut hull)
Olive leaf is a really effective antibiotic and anti-parasitic


Anytime you clear unwanted beasties out of your body you create a bigger load for your liver and intestines to deal with and can experience detox symptoms.

Support Yourself:

Vondis Doggy Health Biscuits for Deworming & Parasites

Vondis Doggy Health Biscuits for Deworming & Parasites

The Real Thing Ester-C Combo Tablets

The Real Thing Ester-C Combo Tablets

• With liver loving goodies such as Milk Thistle or antioxidant Vitamin C.
Super nutrients as such as Spirulina, Chlorella and Hemp can support your body to detox, heal and repair
• Avoid easy parasite food such as refined sugars and carbs
Vitamin A protects against larvae penetration
Vitamin C and zinc are important for parasite control as well
Probiotics and eating foods that are cultured and naturally fermented can help restore a healthy balance in your gut.
• Always remember to deworm your pets at the same time – you can use Diatomaceous earth for them too.

Clearing Out

Once you have killed parasites, you can help your body move them out of your body as efficiently as possible by taking:
Psyllium and Chia seeds help line your digestive tract with soothing gel, while encouraging your tummy to get a move on.
• Healing clays such as bentonite and zeolite are useful here too as they will absorb the parasites and escort them out while being effective anti-parasitics themselves

Parasites are a fact of daily life and regularly chucking them out before they get too comfortable is a sensible habit that should a life-long one for your own good health!

Always check with a qualified professional if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before you take herbal supplements.