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The Real Thing Zeolites

The Real Thing Zeolites
The Real Thing Zeolites
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  • 300g
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A volcanic mineral compound with maximal detoxifying effects. Eliminates toxins from the body and helps your system detox naturally. Take volcanic rock and ash, add some alkaline ground water, then wait a few million years. Voila! Zeolite. 

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If you think “zeolite” is a complicated word, this particular zeolite is called clinoptilolite (try saying that three times, fast). Simply put, zeolite is a 100% natural volcanic mineral compound that contains more than 60 trace minerals and 12 amino acids.

The Real Thing Zeolite is a push-pull supplement. It doesn’t just pull toxins and heavy metals out of your body. It also pushes healthy minerals in.

ZEOLITES CAN CLEAN ANYTHING. They’ve been used to improve soil quality in agriculture and to purify air and water supplies in NASA's space programme. They were even added to soil and given to residents of Chernobyl after the nuclear fallout. No mess is too much.


  • Zeolite is built for it. This compound is a “molecular sieve” made up of tiny alumino-silicate honeycomb chambers. Each chamber is negatively charged and contains positively charged mineral ions like potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and iron (minerals you need).
  • It chucks them out. The body doesn’t absorb Zeolite, so it passes through and out of your system in five to seven hours. And it takes the trash along with it. The perfect house guest.
  • It sucks in positively charged negative things. The chambers suck in positively charged toxins and contaminants, and spit out their positively charged metal ions. The result? Good stuff in, bad stuff out, such as...
  • Environmental toxins, pesticides and PCBs
  • Free radicals
  • Radioactive substances
  • Viruses
  • Heavy metals, like cadmium, mercury, lead and arsenic.

ANOTHER FACT: Yes, it’s a safe and side-effect free detoxifier, but zeolite is also an anti-ageing addition in certain cosmetics. Either way, things look better when it’s around.


  • FIGHT INFECTIONS. It blocks viral replication – as in cases of herpes zoster. Studies also suggest that zeolites help treat hepatitis C, colds and flu.
  • REDUCE HANGOVERS. Seriously. Zeolite removes the toxic metabolites that cause alcohol after-effects like nausea and headaches. It also improves liver function by helping to remove pesticides, herbicides, and xeno-estrogens.
  • RELIEVE ALLERGIES. It captures and clears the triggering antigens that cause asthma, allergies and migraines.
  • REMOVE FREE RADICALS. A 2002 study by German rheumatologist Wolfgang Thoma found that zeolites can slow the oxidation process by 100% and delay muscle tissue oxidation by 50% in athletes.
  • OPTISE AND ALKALINISE. It helps maintain an alkaline pH between 7.35 and 7.45, which promotes healthy brain and immune function.
  • SOOTHE THE STOMACH. It counters acid reflux, acute diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It also works to neutralise nitrosamines – carcinogenic compounds found in processed meats and thought to contribute to stomach cancer.
  • CARE FOR SKIN. Zeolite improves skin quality and fights the visible signs of ageing. An attractive extra.
  • INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS. A 2006 report found that 70% of patients treated for conditions like ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, hepatitis, cancer and burns showed significant improvements in vitality, general health and appetite during the first seven days of zeolite treatment.
  • BOOST MOOD. It eliminates toxins and increases serotonin production. Research even suggests that zeolites can help relieve depression. Happy days.
  • ANTI-AUTISM...MAYBE. Zeolite helps to clear heavy metals. And children with autism are thought to have three times more mercury in their baby teeth than those without the condition. That’s why zeolites are now being tested as a possible Autism treatment. Hope they pass.


  • What we put in it. Pure, 100% natural clinoptilolite zeolite.
  • What we don’t put in it. No wheat, gluten, dairy. No binders, fillers, preservatives or additives of any kind.
  • How it’s made. The Real Thing Zeolite is produced to be 100% bioavailable, which increases its potency.


Try The Real Thing Zeolite for a multisystem internal detox, or a skin-deep external one.

  • ORALLY: For detox, take 1 slightly heaped tablespoon daily, mixed with water or a cold drink of your choice, for at least 30 days. For acute conditions, take 1 tablespoon three times daily, or consult your health practitioner. Mix well and drink quickly.
  • AS A FACE MASK: Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of The Real Thing Zeolite with a little water to make a paste. Before the paste dries, apply evenly over the face (as well as neck and chest if desired). After 10 minutes, rinse with water and mild soap. Use once every two weeks. If skin feels dry after application, apply a moisturiser. If irritation occurs, suspend use and consult your health practitioner.

Note: For best results, keep this supplement stored in plastic as you buy it. 


Pure zeolite (95-98% clinoptilolite balance opaline silical.)

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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 81 reviews

79 out of 81 people would recommend this product

13/03/2024, By Mellissa
Almost immediate positive results. Will put the rest of my family onto it.
16/01/2024, By marlene
Read the reviews, can't wait to use product.
07/01/2024, By Landi
When I initially started using this product I didn't react well. I think I used too much too soon. So, I left it for a while, and will introduce it slowly this time to experience the health benefits
01/11/2023, By Ruth
Great product. Helps detox and revive the body.
I also give it to my cats and dogs for worms and when they're feeling a little under the weather.
04/10/2023, By Nibstar
This Product is doing what most medicine can't do.Its the second day l've taken it,so far it's just doing the job in silent mode.Will update after 30 days period.
18/09/2023, By Sean
Zeolite is truly a game changer and one of the few products where I can feel results within a day of taking it. Charcoal is good but I don't notice the same results as I do with zeolite. It settles the stomach and everything feels clearer. Just don't take it at the same time as any other supplements as it will absorb them and make them ineffective. I usually take it first thing in the morning with psyllium husks and then wait for around 4 hours before eating and taking my other supplements
04/09/2023, By Mirka
Fantastic product, but today I received new supply and to my surprise packaging of 300g Zeolite is 1/3 bigger that the one I purchased last time. It really upset me in terms of waste - in these days when most of us try to go more eco way. Probably a new marketing trick?
25/08/2023, By Zakira
It is an amazing product definitely worth the buy I have seen results from day one
24/08/2023, By FA
Tastes like shit - I struggled to get it down but it also works very well.
14/07/2023, By rashida
Literally drinking this for the anti-ageing. Don't judge you guys but after a year of hectic stress, my face and hair really took the jab. This is a staple to the detox lifestyle and hope to see results!
24/04/2023, By Pat
I am almost finished with my first tin and about to buy another. I will never be without this product again! Besides ridding me of GERD it has improved my mood, my skin is looking great, and after lifelong chronic constipation I am now regular. Feeling healthier and more energetic by the day!!!
26/01/2023, By Steph
Been using from Nov 2022, it's now Jan 2023 and my immunity is stronger, bowel movement is regular, and my skin is clear. I give this in smaller quantities to my 1 year old nephew and 5 year old niece and seen an improvement in their overall health also.
05/11/2022, By Ruth
This is a lifesaver! It's a great general booster. When we had issues with the drinking water and we were all getting sick (pets included), this settled our stomachs and got us healthy again. My one cat suffers with liver problems and this helps detox her liver.
Will keep using it for all of us!!!
03/10/2022, By Nthabiseng
Perfect before/ after a night out. Reduces hangover after-effects, boosts overall wellness.
17/09/2022, By Cleopatra
Yes I'd certainly do, it is good, i used to suffer from a bloated tummy, i saw this on the FtN website, i thought to myself i wont lose a thing if i try, and i think it was the best decision made, I am regular, my skin is brighter, no more gases and no more discomfort in my tummy. Great product.
24/08/2022, By Pascale
Great product, use it every now and then!
23/02/2022, By Niki
Great product. Never without it
28/01/2022, By Emily
I have been drinking this with water everyday. I noticed that my skin looks much better and tiny pimples are going away much quicker.

It is really good for digestion. My energy and concentration levels are also higher than usual, which is wonderful.

That is just my experience, share yours too!
06/08/2021, By Norma
Best Detox without much effort
25/07/2021, By Carla
Definitely the Real Thing! This is one of the select few products I've come across that shows visible detoxifying effects after years of consuming unfiltered tapwater amongst other beasts. However realising that we're all unique in our needs and not's, it's always advisable to trust your own guts and gods rather than mine :)
15/07/2021, By LeanneB
The taste is strange at 1st, but you quickly get use to it. Been using it every day for almost 2 weeks and my energy levels are definitely better. Im also less bloated and I do feel like overall my system has had a boost.
08/06/2021, By Nicola
Love this product and it doesn't taste bad at all!
21/03/2021, By Dawn
Brilliant product, taste better when mixed with juice. Will order this again
09/02/2021, By Rachelle
This product has helped me feel amazing ???? detox all the horrible build up in my body and helping my chronic fatigue
04/02/2021, By Jolanda
I tried it on the recommendation of a friend, and used it once every day for a whole week. Sadly, it made my IBS worse... After reading up on it I found that it may cause constipation in some... That's Me! And you have to drink alot of water when you take it. I've given myself a break for now, but will take it periodically
03/02/2021, By K
Fantastic product!
29/01/2021, By Earth lover
One of the very best products I've used. Buy it, try !! You won't regret !!
10/01/2021, By Caroline
Love this product - has saved us from many a hangover!
14/12/2020, By Nikki
this is good
09/12/2020, By Susan
This product definitely works!
13/11/2020, By Sanaa
26/10/2020, By Sissie
Love this product
26/10/2020, By Phyllis
Love it
24/09/2020, By Clinton
Looking forward to using this
29/08/2020, By Vivian
25/08/2020, By Rudzani
I love
03/08/2020, By Eden
I love this!!!!
27/07/2020, By Elize
Fantastic product. Used it as part of my gut healing process
16/07/2020, By Charmaine
Fantastic product. Great quality. Fantastic health benefits when taken as a daily supplement.
08/07/2020, By SP
18/05/2020, By Sandesh Elaine
love this
12/05/2020, By Candice
I love this product. It does everything it says it does! The taste isn’t bad at all. Good packaging too.
18/04/2020, By Janine
really amazing
09/04/2020, By Hassina
This has helped so much with my daughters eczema. The texture is also fine enough that it is easily suspended in water and she drinks it without issue. Great product!
29/09/2019, By Rika
Detoxing made easy!
21/08/2019, By Estelle
My daughter has been having unexplained aches and pains in her body, which I believe is constant inflammation. No anti-inflammatory meds seemed to help, that's when I decided to start her on Zeolites. the very next day her aches was gone! And we both love the taste!
27/05/2019, By Maddi
I think everyone should take a course of Zeolites once or twice a year to detox the build up of heavy metals in the body. Just recently I discovered that the cacao product I was using contains dangerously high amounts of Cadmium. Therefore Zeolites are a must together with other recognized methods of detox.
24/05/2019, By PaulDurbs

Very concerned about this article as I have been taking this for 2 weeks with severe headaches
11/05/2019, By Jordana
This product is great for detoxying one’s body. It really helped me detox my liver and after using it, my skin improved so much.
26/04/2019, By Sandy
realy good product. great dtox. you must stick with it to seee results.
09/04/2019, By Carmen
I did a detox (with a registered dietician) and must say I feel much better!
04/04/2019, By Yazra
Well worth it
01/04/2019, By Amanda
I brought this at a store, but felt I should comment as I usually buy from faithful to nature.
The are so many mixed scientific results on this.
One research says Zeolite is great for health and another says, otherwise, Some say liquid Zeolite is the the best to consume while raw zeolite powder is toxic.
12/03/2019, By K
Fantastic product.
23/02/2019, By Nina
First cleansing drink that doesn’t taste terrible, actually enjoy the earthyness.
05/02/2019, By Ava
I haven't noticed any difference after using the product but maybe I haven't used it for long enough (I purchased one box). Willing to give it another try though.
22/01/2019, By Ty
I have been using this for years and swear by it. Taking it every morning before eating or drinking anything else and my skin looked better in a few weeks. I later started using it as a face mask when necessary. I have incredibly sensitive skin and even some of the best brands of face products make me break out / itch etc. but this has never given me any issues. Have turned most of my friends and family onto it too.
02/10/2018, By Aheesha
Update to my previous review. This powder is super effective for heartburn/GERD. My boyfriend has been suffering for months , the heartburn/GERD was triggered by his favourite foods. Fortunately i has this powder and forced him to drink it (he is very picky regarding colours/textures of food and drink). Zeolite powder helped neutralize his stomach, noticeable difference within a week. Cleansed the bowels too, which is awesome! He is continuing this for a month and supplementing with probiotics too. Highly recommend for all forms of interior cleansing.
26/09/2018, By Illi
so far I'm loving it...combines all the things I want for my body! Definitely will continue to use this as its so simple and quick to take in.
13/08/2018, By Rahimah
For an inside out detox and instant relief, I always use and recommend this brand of zeolite powder. I have tried other brands and they were not as effective. I love It!
02/07/2018, By Aheesha
My 3rd day using this and i already feel a difference. Had some detoxing effects the first 2 days , definitely effective from day 1. I feel awake and energised with way less brain fog even though it is a cold and rainy Monday in CT i was able to hop out of bed. No taste at all for me, works well to add the water to the tsp of powder in a glass- dissolves well this way , barely have to stir.
30/05/2018, By Chrissy
Truly works, inside and out. My digestion has improved, my skin is clearer and smoother, just makes me feel better.
16/05/2018, By Chrissy
Zeolites really work, no doubts. I had detoxifying symptoms for the one week, then the benefits showed: a smoother, clearer skin, better digestion, less allergy symptoms. I will continue to take it!
23/04/2018, By cat
15/04/2018, By Marelie
Very nice - gentle yet effective. I feel better from the moment i use it.
04/02/2018, By EK
Good for detox with immediate effect
12/12/2017, By JOMINE
I have already noticed improvement in the first week of use - impressed!
12/11/2017, By Rechelle
Bought this powder for my husband as he needed to detox, but it made him sneeze terribly. So had to stop using the product.
09/11/2017, By Amanda Lee
First week of using this product and I can definitely feel the difference. This will be my must have product monthly
08/10/2017, By Tracey
Fantastic cleanse for the system
06/08/2017, By Joande
I'm on my fifth container, a daily essential. Makes me feel clean inside and out, and doesn't taste bad at all.
24/06/2017, By Carolyn
best multi-use product
07/06/2017, By Rahimah
A must have in every kitchen cabinet especially for its holistic benefits. I love it as a daily detoxing yet energy enriching boost in water or in a smoothie. It doesn't have an overpowering taste, in fact its far more palatable than bentonite clay. Great as an instant treatment for both diarrhoea and constipation, indigestion, nausea, mild or severe acne, allergies, I even add a little to my face and hair masks. It's safe for little ones too and very little goes a long way.
19/02/2017, By Joli
Since using this product as well as the green powder tanlets my health improved tremendously. I will continue using these two products for ever.
03/12/2016, By Rahimah
Im sold. The benefits of this zeolite powder are felt immediately. It is excellent internally and externally. My face is smooth and my skin is rejuvenated. It doesn really have a taste and you feel this relaxed fuzziness the first time you take it. And it makes my stomach regular. Love it, going to order another!
01/02/2016, By Joande
I am on my second container, and will probably use this product for the rest of my life, its that good. There are just so many benefits to Zeolite, and the taste is not too bad, either!
28/01/2016, By Janine
What an amazing product... This really makes me feel and look (makes the skin look better) like a new person, so much healthier. To me, it does not taste that bad either. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a healthy, cleansed body.
07/10/2015, By Chris
This product is amazing, super strong detox, simple to take and doesn taste bad. Got great results and feel so healthy and energized. Almost to good to be true
02/10/2015, By Melanie
This product is absolutely amazing, I haven felt so healthy in ages.
06/01/2015, By Marike
This product has to be used over a period of time, but is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Definitely recommended!
26/08/2014, By Jonathan
Works fantastic as a face mask - leaves your skin feeling super clean and soft. Tastes like ash when you mix it with water but its more a texture than a taste - not bad at all. Works great and makes you feel super healthy and clean from the inside out.

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