Recommended Reading for Autumn/ Winter 2015

Recommended Reading for Autumn/ Winter 2015

There’s nothing like the feeling of curling up with a good book and a hot cup of herbal tea on a chilly day. And for all you health-conscious bookworms out there, the best book is one that inspires and informs you with new, exciting ways to max your family’s overall wellbeing. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite gardening guides and recipe books to keep you occupied this winter; each one is packed with priceless information, and of course we’ve included a fun storybook pick for the little ones as well.

Enjoy the Faithful to Nature Recommended Reading List for Winter 2015!

100 Edible & Healing Flowers

  • Written by Margaret Roberts
  • Paperback, 224 pages
  • Published by Random House Struik


An elegant, engaging fully illustrated book by herbal remedy guru Margaret Roberts. This paperback will teach you how to cultivate 100 edible plants, as well as how to use them in delicious home-cooked dishes and natural skin care recipes. There are some real treasures in here that are sure to get those green fingers twitching and motivate you to do some winter gardening.

The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health

  • Written by Cherie Calbom
  • Paperback, 400 pages
  • Published October 2011



This is a jam-packed juicing recipe book, penned by Cherie Calbom; the famous “Juice Lady” who overcame her own chronic health issues with the power of raw juicing and balanced nutrition. The A-Z juicing guide will empower and inspire you, with some fabulous health-boosting juice recipes, and plenty of info on using juices to treat common health complaints. There are also plenty of lifestyle and diet tips to help you along the way. Perfect for anyone looking to avoid winter weight gain and troublesome ‘flu bugs.

The Real Meal Revolution

  • Written by Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot & David Grier
  • Paperback, 272 pages
  • Published by Quivertree Publications (November 2013)


This Paleo guide and recipe book sold out at lightning speed when it first hit our online store – the demand for it was red-hot, and it’s still one of our best sellers! Paleo guru Tim Noakes has teamed up with nutritionists and athletes to create a myth-busting, mouth-watering guide to Banting, packed with nutritional wisdom and a treasure trove of delish low-carb high-fat (LCHF) recipes. This is sure to get you inspired to do some hearty winter-time Paleo cooking.

Tissue Salts for Healthy Living

  • Written by Margaret Roberts
  • Paperback, 128 pages
  • Published by Random House Struik


Margaret Roberts shares her expertise again, with this comprehensive guide to the 12 different tissue salts, and the ways you can use them to max your family’s wellbeing. This is an intriguing guide to natural health, with in-depth information on tissue salts, plus case studies, personal anecdotes and a convenient ailment chart for easy reference. A great guide to have handy during cold and ‘flu season.

Once you’re done, pick up a copy of the sequel; Tissue Salts for Children.

I Love Turtles

  • Written & illustrated by Marguerite Venter
  • Kids’ paperback
  • Story & activity book


It might not be beach season, but you can still teach your little ones about the importance of caring for your country’s beaches – even when you’re stuck inside on a rainy day. The story follows the adventures of Hatch the turtle and his friends, and looks at the hazards of marine litter and pollution along the way. Perfect as a first reader for young children, this game includes fun activities and brain-teasers too.

Proceeds from the I Love Turtles book go towards turtle rehabilitation at Cape Town’s beloved Two Oceans Aquarium. Your little ones might also enjoy Marguerite’s first book, Keep the Beach Clean.

Take a look at our full selection of books, diaries and literature online. Happy reading folks!

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