Max your Meditation & Yoga Magic with these Gorgeous Goodies


Our green team is so excited to tell you about the latest range we’ve just added to the Faithful to Nature store! These goodies are all about helping you enhance and enjoy your meditation sessions or your yoga exercises. Whatever your reasons for practicing yoga or meditation – be they physical, spiritual or psychological – both disciplines offer amazing health benefits for the body and mind. To find out more about each product suggested, click on the image and follow the link to our website. 

Fact: The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root word yuj, meaning “to join”, “to yoke together”, “to attach”, or “to unite”.


The Awakening Aromas

Aromatherapy can also play an important role in yoga or meditation, helping to calm and focus the mind. Light a stick of natural incense, or add a few drops of essential oils to your ceramic burner, to really set the mood. Sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh are all firm favourites.

Sassui Aromatherapy Diffuser - Summer

Sassui Aromatherapy Diffuser – Summer

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Natural Shape

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Natural Shape

The Perfect Lighting

Make sure your space is appropriately lit; not too bright but not too dim, so that you can stay focused but calm. You can keep the air clean and the mood harmonious with a classic crystal salt lamp – or invest in a funky i.relax zen diffuser to really add something special. This nifty eco-gadget provides soft-coloured light, and turns the essential oil of your choice into a fine scented mist; it can even be hooked up to your MP3 player to provide an ultra-soothing soundtrack!

Blue Cotton Round Meditation Cushion

The Round Zafu

The time-honoured Japanese meditation cushion has been given a modern makeover. Instead of the traditional bulrush plant filling, these round zafus are filled with 100% natural cotton. The plump, pleated design is durable and stable, giving your spine, buttocks and knees the proper support during seated meditation and yoga postures.

Navy Blue Crescent Meditation Cushion

Navy Blue Crescent Meditation Cushion


The Crescent Zafu

You might find you prefer a crescent-shaped zafu over the traditional round ones. These crescent or bean-shaped cushions provide more support for your upper thighs, plus they give you more space to tuck in your heels. This is especially useful for those of you looking to improve your full lotus posture, and hold the position for longer.

Our crescent cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls, which help the cushion mould to the shape of your body.

Interesting Fact: The word zafu comes from the Japanese za, meaning “seat”, and fu, meaning “cattail”. Traditional zafus were originally filled with soft and fluffy cattail (bulrush) plant material.

Natural Cotton Yoga Strap

Natural Cotton Yoga Strap

The Cotton Yoga Strap

The yoga strap is a popular prop used to help beginners hold certain poses for longer, and with greater ease. This all-natural cotton strap is easy to grip and fully adjustable.

Violet Aum Eye Pillow

Violet Aum Eye Pillow

The Eye Pillow

This is an amazing accessory to lying down meditation, or the end of a yoga session. Our cotton eye pillows are filled with natural buckwheat and softly scented with lavender; they work wonders for relieving tired and strained eyes, calming the mind and helping you drift off to sleep. Lie down, close your eyes and gently place your eye pillow over them. This creates a very gentle pressure and warmth, while blocking out the light and allowing strained eye muscles to recover.

Asoka Eco Yoga Mat

Asoka Eco Yoga Mat

The Mats

Green your yoga routine with an eco-friendly yoga mat; the Asoka mats are already “fitness favourites” among our Faithful customers. They’re fully recyclable and biodegradable, ultra-hygienic and completely free of nasties like PVC and latex. Choose from our range of beautiful funky colours – our latest addition to the range includes a dark-blue/ light-blue combination.

On the subject of mats, we’ve also got a super-special new product in stock – the new Accupressure spike mat. This design uses the principles of reflexology, acupressure and acupuncture to help rid your body of tensions and toxins.

The Swedish Acupressure Spike Mat

The Swedish Acupressure Spike Mat

Acupuncture Ring

The Ring

The nifty little acupuncture ring helps to relieve all sorts of aches and pains. Your hands are home to your body’s richest neural system, and massaging each finger with the ring helps this system to release feel-good, pain-relieving chemicals.

Feeling inspired? Checkout our site’s brand-new Meditation & Yoga section, and take your favourite fitness regime to a whole new level!

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