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A Super Easy Hemp Milk Recipe

As far as milk alternatives go, hemp milk is a popular choice for any athletic types preferring plant-based foods. It packs a high-quality protein punch, containing 10 amino acids as well as the ideal ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The earthy-flavoured white drink is also rich in thiamin, niacin, calcium, fibre, potassium and other vital health building blocks. If you’re not already including hemp in your diet through seeds or oil, this dairy alternative is a win.

Berryn and Peter of Soaring Free Superfoods have kindly shared their personal recipe with us, also available on page 133 of their recipe book, The Magic of Superfoods.


Hemp seeds are loaded with good omega oils. We use this simple milk recipe everywhere – over breakfasts, in smoothies, as a basis for ice creams, and so on. Hemp Seeds vary from batch to batch and on occasion, they can be a bit bitter. If so, just add a little extra honey to sweeten them up. 


Makes: 600 ml

2 cups water
½ cup hemp seeds
1 tbsp honey
½ tsp vanilla powder, extract or pod


  1. Using any blender simply blend all ingredients together and enjoy.

It couldn’t be easier. If you prefer flavoured hemp milk, simply add raw cocoa powder or some strawberries to the mix for a subtle and healthier alternative to flavoured, preservative-laden milk option.

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