Make 2016 a Year of Happiness

Every New Year is an opportunity to follow your dreams, evolve and grow into more of your magical, empowered self. It needn’t be chasing rainbows, there are real things you can do, both big and small that can make 2016 your best year yet. It’s about enhancing your quality of life every day.

What are those things you have put off doing? That whisper to your heart? What will bring you closer to dancing with the heart of life? Here is some inspiration as you gear up for another amazing year filled with possibility:

Let go: all those regrets? Self-criticism? Time to let them go to make room. If there are things you feel you can still improve on or change, people you need to heal things with, make it part of your new year’s start to do what’s left undone… other than that, let it go.

Write down what your intentions are for 2016 in I am statements, such as I am dancing, I am painting, I am doing a massage course…

Be inspired: Make a vision board by finding pictures and quotes that represent what you want to create in your life. Or find a beautiful inspiration quote or poem and write it, paint it, decorate it, and put it somewhere you can see it every day.

Make time for a fulfilling hobby: Do something for yourself without having to justify it other than that you love doing it: ballroom dancing, pottery, tai chi, yoga, surfing, crafts, playing an instrument…

Learn a new skill: do that workshop you’ve had your eye on: massage, computer skills, sewing, permaculture, gardening, herbalism, cooking…

Grow something: connecting with the earth and her green beings by personally interacting with them. Whether you have a pot plant on your windowsill, grow your own herbs or sprouts, or start a veggie garden, watching the miracle of green things growing is a joy and reminds us of our part in the circle of life and that all beings are conscious and deserve love and respect.

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Feed the birds: scatter seeds for your feathered friends or have a bird feeder, place a bird bath or house in your garden – a great way to attract wildlife into your space.

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Make & bake things: instead of buying products that apparently appear out of nowhere on the shelf, add your own personal energy to things you use – baking, yoghurt, homemade body products – things you can share with your friends and family too. Something you have made yourself just has more personal meaning.



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Sacredness: seek a spiritual practice that works for you to bring some sacredness into your life. Create a sacred space in your home.

Love notes: place little love notes for your loved ones to find, in their lunchbox, their bag, inside the book they’re reading…

Make choices that are better for you: Choose a sunset walk rather than watching TV, a gentle answer instead of anger, healthy foods instead of processed convenience foods.

Cultivate new culinary skills: Learn to prepare some new healthy & delicious dishes to up your nutrition and health.



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Believe the best of people: Jumping to conclusions about people’s motivations can create a lot of unnecessary stress and misunderstanding

Do symbolic things that represent abundance such as stocking your fridge with healthy, nourishing food

Make time for friends and family: nurturing loving, healthy relationships is key to happiness and directly impacts your self-esteem and health

Practice a random act of kindness: If you see a way you can be of help to someone and you are moved to do it, be spontaneous!

Volunteer: if there is a cause close to your heart – stray animals, the disabled, the less privileged, cleaning up the beach, donate some of your time and skills to make a difference

Get enough sleep: with all the media stimulus and modern artificial lighting it’s very easy to play havoc with your body clock. Tap into the natural rhythms of nature and let your body get some proper rest each night, it can have a huge impact on your wellbeing

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