Common Ailments are Health Hints from Your Body


Those common aches, pains and irritations might be a bother, but did you know they’re actually allies in the fight against illness? Your body has an amazingly complex “alarm system”, a way of sending early warning signals to alert you to common ailments. The key to good health is listening to your body, and treating the underlying cause of these common symptoms.

Here’s a list of the most common signs your body might be sending you – plus our top product picks for treating those common ailments.

What’s Your Body Trying to Tell You?



Forget palm-reading, just look at your fingernails for clues about your future health! White spots and ridges on your nails both point to a zinc deficiency; meanwhile soft or brittle nails tell you you’re not getting enough magnesium.

Top Product Picks:

Mineralife Liquid Zinc: Essential for healthy tissues and blood. This pure liquid formula is easy for your body to absorb and use.

Amorganic Magnesium Spray: A natural trans-dermal spray to help you make sure your body is getting enough magnesium.

Hands & Feet:

The saying goes “cold hands, warm heart”, but cold extremities (hands and feet, toes and fingers) could actually mean your heart needs a bit of help. If your hands are chronically icy, it’s probably a sign of poor circulation; you can treat this with a stimulating essential oil massage, or a natural supplement that boosts blood flow. Stress and anxiety also causes the blood vessels to constrict, so a bit of de-stressing will also help to warm up those hands!

Top Product Picks:

A Vogel Circulation Formula: A botanical supplement that strengthens the blood vessels and stimulates the circulation.

Recharge Your Feet: A herbal foot lotion made with stimulating ginger, sesame and peppermint.

Soil Ginger Essential Oil: Invigorating and warming; a wonderful topical treatment for sluggish circulation.

Nautica Essential Peppermint Oil: Add to your bath, aromatherapy diffuser or favourite carrier oil to stimulate the circulation naturally.



Dry, itchy eyes are commonly caused by allergies, and overexposure to dry, cold or windy conditions. You can prevent dry air and allergies easily with a humidifier in your home or office; and be sure to give your eyes regular breaks from that computer screen!

We usually associate dark under-eye circles with poor sleep; but they’re also a strong indicator of allergies. Nasal congestion causes the blood vessels around your eyes and nose to darken and dilate; so if you’re well-rested but still stuck with “panda eyes”, you might need an anti-allergen supplement.

Top Product Picks:

MeacoMist Standard Ultrasonic Humidifier: A state-of-the-art humidifier to banish dry and dusty air from your home.

A Vogel Pollinosan Formula: The natural answer to hayfever, head colds and seasonal allergies; a healthier alternative to cortisone.

AllisOne Kali Mur Tissue Salts (Decongest): Conditions the mucous membranes and clears sinus congestion.

A Vogel Sinuforce: A herbal remedy to keep the nasal passages clear and healthy. Also part of our Sinusitis Banishing Pack.



Your tongue should ideally be a healthy pink colour, with a thin coating. Changes in the colour and texture of your tongue can give you hints about what’s happening in the rest of your body.

  • Thick white coating: Indicates a yeast imbalance or a build-up of plaque. This can be treated with a natural probiotic, or with improved oral hygiene.
  • Yellow coating: Usually the result of trapped bacteria, when the papillae (tiny “hairs” on the tongue) become inflamed. This can be caused by smoking, dehydration or poor oral hygiene. Be sure to keep your teeth, gums and tongue clean and healthy to prevent this.
  • Red, swollen & bumpy: Usually the result of an infection or fever, but can also indicate lack of folic acid or vitamin B12. NB: Always seek medical attention if you have a fever accompanied by a red or inflamed tongue.
  • Pale & smooth: A sign of iron deficiency (anaemia) or B vitamin deficiency.

Top Product Picks:

Viridian Organic Folic Acid: A top quality folic acid supplement, derived from certified organic lemons.

Sante Toothpaste with Vitamin B12: This natural toothpaste cares beautifully for your teeth and gums, plus it’s made with precious vitamin B12, to combat deficiency.

Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper: A gentle tongue cleaner to boost your oral hygiene.

Dr Hauschka Med Sage Mouthwash: Made with sage, myrrh and calendula; promotes healthy gums and fresh breath.

Spry Sponge Floss with Xylitol: This soft, xylitol-coated dental floss reaches the places your toothbrush can’t.

Garden of Life Primal Defense: An organic probiotic blend to keep your intestinal flora in balance.



Dry, brittle tresses and hair loss are both big warning signs about an imbalanced diet. Make sure you’re getting enough of the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Protein
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Essential fatty acids


These will nourish your hair from the inside out; meanwhile you can treat dryness and breakage topically with a nourishing masque or conditioner. We also recommend switching to natural hair colours, to cut down on the chemicals that could be damaging your hair.

Top Product Picks:

Crede Organic Olive Oil: Packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Use as a nourishing hair treatment, or as a healthy cooking oil.

Omega 3:6:9 Oil: The ultimate brain-food, filled with all the essential fatty acids. Nourishes hair and skin from the inside out.

Minerallife Liquid Iron: Combat iron deficiency with this pure, potent and readily absorbed liquid iron supplement.

Moisturising Baobab Oil: Intensive moisture and rejuvenation for the skin and hair.

Rosemary & Jojoba Hair Masque with Peppermint: Promotes healthy hair growth and relieves dandruff.

Love My Hair Natural Dyes: Free of ammonia, peroxide and other harsh chemicals found in ordinary hair dyes.



Your body’s largest organ can tell you so much about your health.

  • Breakouts: A sure sign of an imbalanced diet. Skin breakouts are often caused by too many processed foods (like white bread) and dairy products.
  • Dry & dull skin: Usually a sign of dehydration; be sure to drink enough and use a good natural moisturiser. Chronically dry skin also means you need more omegas (essential fatty acids) in your diet.
  • Patches & rashes: If a skin rash or dark patch doesn’t clear up with topical treatment, it’s highly recommended that you get your blood glucose and thyroid function tested. Dark, velvety patches in the folds of your skin might be an early warning sigh of diabetes; while dull, bumpy rashes can indicate an overactive or underactive thyroid gland.

Top Product Picks:

Nautica Unrefined Shea Butter: An amazing natural moisturiser that softens and protects your skin.

Bee Natural Head to Toe Healing Balm: For cuts, scrapes, irritations and inflammation. Made with beeswax and raw honey.

Simply Bee Propolis Serum: An intensive natural healing treatment for the skin, made with precious golden bee propolis.

Crede Organic Omega Blend: A mixture of flax, hemp, sesame, borange and pumpkinseed oils, loaded with health-giving omegas.

A Vogel VegOmega-3: A vegan-friendly omega supplement. Gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free.

Pure Herbal Remedies Thyroid Support: Made with iodine-rich plant extracts, to promote healthy thyroid gland function.



Take a peek at that pee! If your urine is dark, it’s a sign that you’re not drinking enough water to stay properly hydrated. When you drink more water, the pigments in the waste your kidneys are excreting will become more diluted. Your urine should ideally be light or clear to show you’re getting enough fluids. Water, herbal teas and fresh-squeezed juices will put you on the fast track to healing hydration.

Top Product Picks:

Bobble Water Bottles: Drinking bottles deigned to “make water better”. Enjoy pure, fresh filtered water wherever you go.

BIBO Water Bar: Keep your family’s drinking water wonderfully fresh and clean with this sleek, sophisticated water purifier.

Skimmelberg Organic Rooibos Tea: Full of antioxidants, and wonderfully hydrating.

CoCos-Pure Coconut Water: Nature’s sports drink; packed with hydrating electrolytes.

Your body knows what it needs to do its job properly – so listen to what it’s telling you, and stay healthy and happy from head to toe!

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