Author: Terence Mentor

The Arrival | Month 9

We were sitting in our OBGYN’s office on a Monday afternoon. Usually, our appointments start with a bit of banter (her wit was one of the reasons we loved her), but today was different. “Sorry, guys. We have a bit of time crunch now – we need to get going right away”. She had just got the final blood and urine results back, and they confirmed what she had suspected for the last few weeks: my wife had preeclampsia, and even though her due date was still a month away, we had to get the baby out of her...

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Baby Showers | Month 8

Here’s a question: Aren’t baby showers just the weirdest tradition? Firstly, I question the timing of it all. Why would you throw a party for a heavily pregnant woman, who is uncomfortable, probably quite anxious and maybe going through some hectic hormone swings? It just seems that you are stacking the deck against you there. No wonder we’ve heard horror stories of teary moms-to-be (or moms) who lose their cool at their baby showers because it “wasn’t what she wanted”. I think the party should happen after the baby arrives, and actually, it shouldn’t be a party. It should just...

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Doula’s | Month 7

My wife was entering her third trimester when she told me that she wanted to hire a doula, so I did what every rational, intelligent person would do. I Googled the word, “Doula”. In case you are like me and had no idea how to spell “doula”, let alone know what they do, here’s a short description: They are a non-medical support for a pregnant mom leading up, during and after birth. After a quick 5-minute speed read where I discovered what a doula actually did, I asked the question that every rational, intelligent person would do. I asked if...

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Lowlight | Month 6

It’s no secret that pregnancy is a stressful time. Not only are you dealing with this massive impending change to your entire life, but you also have a partner who is at best constantly uncomfortable, and at worst…well, we don’t really want to think about that, right? There’s also a lot of anxiety in both the early and late stages of pregnancy – if you spend too much time reading up on all the things that could go wrong, you’ll end up covering your partner in bubble wrap and never letting her outside. Except that would be the wrong...

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Body Changes | Month 5

We had a strange experience a few weeks after our baby boy was born (granted, pregnancy and birth is really just a collection of strange experiences). Before Eli was born, a photographer friend of ours was kind enough to spend some time taking some great photos of our family, with an obvious focus on my heavily pregnant wife. A few days later, Eli arrived unexpectedly and in the madness that comes with new baby, we totally forgot about the photos. So, we were a bit of surprised when our friend sent the fantastic photos to us. We were even...

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