Free Pattern! Gorgeous DIY Spring Cowl

They say there’s a DIY renaissance afoot, and knitting and crocheting have really made a comeback – the rainbow of colours, tactile textures, the calming therapeutic effects of the simple repetitive movements and the satisfying results, make it a firm, fun favourite in the blossoming DIY Spring. And what better time to get creative than spring? Join mother earth as she weaves her colours and magic!

Whether you’re knitting your own scarves, culturing your own kefir, fermenting sauerkraut, growing your own veggies, or making your own body products; for conscious greenies they all have one thing in common – the growing awareness that the materials we use impact our environment and health.

Knitting and crocheting yarns are made from a variety of material – synthetic, real wool, cotton or even bamboo, and they are not created equal!

Choose Organic

Conventional cotton is one of the most toxic crops in the world, requiring a staggering amount of pesticides that have been found to cause cancer, birth defects and nervous system disorders, not to mention the environmental impact. It’s also often grown with genetically modified seed, ‘frankenseeds’ that threaten to contaminate our natural seed supply and are often patented and controlled by giant corporations. Organic cotton, on the other hand has been grown from non-genetically modified seed and in a pesticide free environment.

Another option that is growing in popularity is bamboo yarn. Bamboo plants need much less water than cotton, grow quickly, and don’t need pesticides, making bamboo a naturally organic crop.

Choosing natural, organic yarns to create your knits may be a small start when you think about all the tons of conventional yarns and synthetic materials being used every day in mass manufacturing, but it’s a choice that starts at home and extends to your other retail choices too. Not only that, natural organic fibres are way healthier for you and look and feel gorgeous. You wear your clothes right next to your body all day, close enough for it to matter whether they’re toxin-free, as your skin absorbs more than you realise.

Nurturing Fibres

We’re excited to be stocking Nurturing Fibres, a local yarn brand that creates an array of yarns in exquisite colours made from organic wool, cotton or bamboo. On the farm where they keep their free range sheep and hand dye their yarns they aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

They designed their dye house to run with the lowest possible environmental impact and the greatest possible socio-economic benefit to their very small local community. They use solar power to heat their dyeing water and it’s gravity fed instead of being pumped. Their water is also recycled, being used to water their veggie garden and irrigate their olive trees.

Nurturing Fibres have given us the exciting opportunity to release one of their new spring patterns here at FTN first. An exquisite lace cowl perfect for that in-between cool spring weather and frivolous fun mood the spring feeling wakes up in us nature lovers. This pattern uses their Eco-fusion yarn, a luxurious mixture of shimmering bamboo and sumptuous cotton – a nurturing fibre for sure. Check it out:

Nurturing Fibres Collage

Click here to get the pattern!

You can find Nurturing Fibres Eco-Fusion yarns at Faithful to Nature online Organic Store.

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