Embracing Your Vulnerability

As women take on bigger leadership roles in society, our soft side is something we may tuck away and reserve for only very intimate spaces. Opening yourself up and showing your authentic self when you’re out there may seem scary and maybe even counter-intuitive. You need to come across as strong, confident and in control right? But what if vulnerability was the key to not only empowering yourself, but also those around you?

Expressing your truth and how you really feel about things when it matters and being truly present where protecting yourself may seem like the safer option, may open surprising doors and expand your world in so many ways.


Being vulnerable means you can admit when you are unsure or have made a mistake. By being human and open about your imperfections and allowing others to do the same, you create a bridge that allows for more authentic relating and building trust. Being vulnerable means not being unnecessarily defensive, so others can relax and open up to you too. Those really tricky moments in life can be that much easier when you can count on honest opinions from the people around you.


Admitting you’re not perfect and even being willing to laugh at yourself makes you much more likeable. Lightening up a bit can go a long way to making people want to spend time with you and support you in a genuine way


When you show your soft side to others it opens up the way for them to do the same. No matter how you may be feeling inside, until there is a two-way flow between you and another person, there is no connection. Don’t always wait for others to make the first move. Being vulnerable is actually very brave! Your softer side makes it easier for people to connect with you and open up too, deepening the quality of your relationships.

No Regrets

Brene Brown, who does amazing work exploring vulnerability, speaks about being Wholehearted. What she means by that is that you put your whole heart into something without holding back, even though you know you risk being badly hurt or humiliated. If you are coming from a place of feeling worthy and make a conscious choice to be fully present in your love for someone or passion for something, you are living with your whole heart and are less likely to have regrets about things left undone, words never spoken and feelings never expressed.


The creative process really needs a space where it can explore freely. Nothing can stop that magical flow quicker than fear of looking stupid. The more you are able to work with others in a way that helps them let down their defences (which of course means letting down yours!), the more ideas and creativity can flow and amazing new possibilities open up.

Self Esteem

Being vulnerable is something that may not always come easy. A big part of that is because to be powerfully vulnerable, you need to love yourself.  There is a difference between being vulnerable from a place of self-acceptance and love, and being insecure. That’s okay, it’s a work in progress. The more authentic and open you are about your flaws and quirks, the more real you become to people and they can love the person you really are. And the more you will attract authentic people into your life.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.” – Brené Brown

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