Is Aloe the New Coconut Water?

Coconut water has been the darling of the day for some time now for those looking for a refreshing drink they can toss in their bag instead of a sugary soft drink loaded with stimulants. But there is another drink waiting in the wings that packs its very own unique punch when it comes to the natural health drink department. And the great thing about it, apart from some pretty powerful health boosting effects, is that it’s from the proudly local Aloe plant. South Africa’s answer to coconut water.

Although this African elixir may not have the nectar-like taste of coconut water, the exquisite little humming bird adores the nectar from its radiant orange-red blossoms and its leaves are filled with  an amazing gel-like substance that truly wow with their amazing healing effects. This plant is much more than a source for a soothing and regenerating skin gel, it also brings you a juice that when drunk regularly could leave you feeling as if you caught some of that radiant happy vibe from those whirring little nectar-drinking birds.

Aloe’s Awesome Benefits

Boosts Your Immune Defences

Aloe is brim-full of antioxidants called polyphenols which are strongly antibacterial and help combat bacteria and damaging free radicals. This is great news for your immune system. It’s anti-inflammatory effect helps to slow  inflammatory reactions in your body, which can lead to a host of diseases such as acne, eczema and Cohn’s disease. Aloe juice is rich in vitamin B, C, as well as vitamin E, which are vital  for keeping your immune system strong and healthy.

Paves that Digestive Superhighway

The special sugars in aloe are very healing and regenerative for a damaged digestive lining and the gel-like quality creates a soothing coating along an irritated gut. It helps to keep your regular in a gentle way, without giving you diarrhoea the way aloe bitters may (although aloe bitters certainly has its place).  If you suffer with digestive issues such as IBS, give drinking some aloe juice every day a try. It’s also thought to be beneficial for stomach ulcers.

Plumps Out Those Lines 

This stuff works wonders used topically, but taking it internally also has benefits for the health of your skin, helping to speed up the healing of cuts and sores.  It’s been said that aloe can speed up skin healing by as much as eight times and acts to stimulate collagen production, much like a natural botox treatment! Just one teaspoon a day can help protect against signs of aging.

Protects those Pink & Pearlies

You can use aloe juice to rinse your mouth. It was found in studies to be as effective for reducing plaque as mouth wash and that’s minus the toxic triclosan and other nasties in most commercial mouth washes. If you struggle with, or want to prevent gum disease, give your mouth a swish of aloe vera juice every day.

Revs That Metabolism

Aloe vera juice helps raise you metabolic rate so you burn more calories, so is a clever way to support a healthy weight-loss program. It’s been found to help stabilise blood sugar and so prevent hunger pangs and crashes. It’s full of all the right kinds of sugars, the kind that heal and regenerate.

Soothes That Burn

Aloe Vera naturally contains  magnesium lactate which is thought to help balance stomach acid. That makes  is great remedy to help alleviate heartburn and acid reflux.

Much like coconut water,  aloe vera juice has an endless list of health benefits and can be added to your smoothies, or mixed up  in delicious mocktails or cocktails. It’s a refreshing and hydrating drink for hot summer days too and is lusciously local, which we always love!

  • Darryl
    Posted at 08:38h, 24 August Reply

    Hi, will your great company be stocking any Aloe Vera juice soon?

  • Traci Meyer
    Posted at 09:40h, 24 August Reply

    Hi there,
    I have been drinking the Aloe Vera juice from Natures Choice (big bottle) – I put this in my water bottle every morning. Can I assume that I am getting the benefits from this product as you have mentioned in your article – I don’t want to be diluting it out to much without realizing it. I put about 2 fingers 🙂 in a 750ml bottle.
    Thank you as always…

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