Author: Chevaun Roux

Raising Vibration.. A Check-in With Our Founders Personal Journey

Robyn Smith, founded Faithful to Nature 13 years ago out of her garage in the seaside village of Kommetjie with her partner at the time. She was on a mission to make the world a better place and believed that there was so much positive potential in empowering others with an option for more ethical consumption. An unheard-of concept at the time, Faithful to Nature continues to thrive as the number one ethical shopping platform for Southern Africa. Stepping away from the day-to-day running of the company, handing it over to her experienced management team under the guidance of...

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Interview With Marleen Lammers, Author of The Boy and the Tree

We sat down with Marleen Lammers, who authored the children’s book, The Boy and the Tree, which was inspired by her tree-loving boys and her work with Greenpop. This tale of rhyming verse will encourage young readers in the age group 5—8 years to use their imaginations and experience these adventures too, spurred on by the colourful, quirky and beautiful illustrations done by Anja Stoeckigt.   Who are you? I’m a freelance writer and accidental entrepreneur. I grew up in the Netherlands and worked there as a journalist, but moved to Africa in 2006. I moved around a bit,...

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Why You Need Our New & Exclusive Faithful to Nature Product Range

Recently, we decided to take eco-matters into our hands. You know better than anyone that we have been flying the eco-flag with all our might; advocating those who are doing their bit for the planet, and encouraging everyone, every single living soul, to adapt their consumption decisions to take the Earth into account too. We believe in a system that works holistically; where, in whatever you are taking from the Earth, you need to do your utmost to give back as much as possible. With our very Faithful to Nature range, this is exactly what we are attempting to do;...

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DIY Coconut Water Kefir

COCONUT WATER KEFIR: INGREDIENTS: 1 litre coconut water 3 tablespoons water kefir grains Optional flavours: 1 cup fresh fruit (berries, ginger, lemon, vanilla) INSTRUCTIONS:  Place the water kefir grains in the coconut water. Cover the jar loosely with a tight-weave towel or coffee filter, secured with a rubber band Culture the coconut water 24-48 hours Once the culturing process is complete, remove the kefir grains Place the grains in prepared sugar water (recipe above) to strengthen again for 24 – 48 hours  Make Your Own Kefir – The Probiotic Drink Your Gut Will...

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Detoxifying Guacamole with Kale and Cayenne

We can all be happy to know that, yes, guacamole is in fact on the list of detox foods, even more so when you add Cape kale powder to it. Packed with Vitamin B6, Iron, Protein and anti-inflammatory properties it’s actually a bit of a no-brainer. Throw some cayenne pepper and chilli powder in there and you’ve got the perfect ingredients to encourage sweating that flushes toxins, and then, of course, the mighty avo enters: the ultimate good fat. INGREDIENTS: 4 ripe avos, cut into chunks 20g Cape Kale Powder ¼ cup diced red onion ¼ cup fresh lime...

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