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Victorian Garden Rose & Camellia Flower Shampoo (Normal & Dry Hair)

Victorian Garden Rose & Camellia Flower Shampoo (Normal & Dry Hair)
Victorian Garden Rose & Camellia Flower Shampoo (Normal & Dry Hair)
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Victorian Garden - The Royal Tudor Range: Queen Catherine's Rose and Camellia Flower Moisturising Shampoo

A pH balanced exotic shampoo with English Rose and Camellia Flower, used extensively during the 16th century in Europe and the East in both beauty and hair products. Gentle enough for daily use, the shampoo does not strip the hair of its natural oils and is especially suitable for normal to dry hair. Recommended to be used with Honeysuckle Hair Conditioner for best results.

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  • Suitable for Normal & Dry Hair
  • Victorian Garden are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free
  • Certified with NatureWatch UK


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Overall Rating
4.3 out of 5 stars from 66 reviews

59 out of 66 people would recommend this product

10/04/2024, By Suzanne
The best shampoo I have ever used for my hair - love it
10/08/2021, By Micah
Really enjoying this shampoo - I haven't used this particular one of VG before. It smells lovely and I like the glossy feel it gives my hair. Just wish they'd do plastic-free packaging.
23/06/2021, By staceyv
Smells divine, I've yet to use it :)
28/01/2021, By Lyndal
01/12/2020, By Karen
Absolutely love this shampoo. Makes hair soft and manageable. Wonderful smell. A little goes a long way.
26/11/2020, By Akiko
An excellent product.Although thick and a little gloopy in texture it lasts for ages and nourishes my hair.
19/10/2020, By Pamela
Still a lovely product, but the loss of the pump nozzle on the bottle makes using it more challenging. I understand the need for economy at this time, but would it be possible to have two products- one with the pump - and a “refill” option perhaps.
23/06/2020, By Marlize
I absolutely love this shampoo! My only wish is for plastic free packaging...
26/05/2020, By Jo
Didn't rinse out nicely and left my hair feeling brittle.
09/05/2020, By Deidre
Works so well
23/02/2020, By Eco
10/11/2019, By Annebel
Very disappointed! Dried out my hair completely, my hair has never been in such a bad condition
25/10/2019, By Col
An amazing product for fine hair and smells fantastic!
21/10/2019, By Marjana
Love this shampoo which I have been using for a few years. Washes well without over-drying.
02/08/2019, By Fee
Love Victorian Garden products and this shampoo works well and smells great too
06/06/2019, By Abigail
Hydrating - leaves a bit too much moisture/ weight, I prefer their orher shampoos for my fine hair. Lathers well. Pearlescent white colour snd beautiful soft floral smell.
21/05/2019, By CATH
Moisturising, smells great, best shampoo I've used for ever.
27/03/2019, By Christie
Stunning shampoo. Really adds strength- I noticed less hair fall when using this! Only thing preventing it to be a 5/5 is that it is slightly drying if you wash your hair often.
04/03/2019, By CATH
This shampoo smells wonderful and works well too. It is moisturising and leaves my dry, fine hair feeling very happy.
14/02/2019, By Kyle
Extremely hydrating! Best natural shampoo by far! Smells great and lasts very long!
21/01/2019, By Bianca
Received a sample of this shampoo and used it on my daughter who has very fine and dry hair. It smells really good and lathers easily with lots of foam. I would recommend.
19/10/2018, By Veronica
Very disappointed by not only this product, but ALL hair products from this brand. My hair has not been in a worse condition as it has been over the passed year since switching to this brand. It has completely dried out my hair, caused so many painful knots and tangled hairs, and always leaving residue behind that makes your hair look and feel dirty all the time. These products was an absolute waste of my money. I have given it a fair chance, but not even their conditioners or treatments could improve my hair and the damage suffered in any way.
15/10/2018, By Kelly
Great shampoo. Doesn't dry out my scalp. Use much less of this than commercial shampoos. Even after a oil treatment, only need to wash twice with my long thick hair.
31/08/2018, By CAROL
Foams well and leaves my hair feeling clean and shiny
27/08/2018, By Nat
It dried my hair and scalp quite a bit. Their products are generally good but i don't recommend for dry hair..
09/08/2018, By Amanda
I received a sample of this shampoo and loved it right away. It lathers and cleans well, makes hair shiny and soft.
29/07/2018, By Kevin
Best shampoo I have ever used. Leaves hair clean, but soft and manageable.
27/07/2018, By Gigi
Cheap Shampoo, didnt lather and had no effect, had to re wash with shop bought shampoo.
08/07/2018, By Nat
I really like the smell and the shampoo cleans wonderfully for me. Very happy - also love the squeeze thingy. Makes it easier.
04/07/2018, By wendy
My hair is course and I always have to condition after shampooing. I have just washed my hair in this Rose and Camellia shampoo and I am so thrilled as my hair is soft and smooth without conditioner. It smells gorgeous too as an added bonus.
02/07/2018, By Donnaé
Makes my hair feel soft and silky. My boyfriend also uses it and loves the way it makes his hair feel. helps for itchy scalp.
22/06/2018, By Sam
Absolutely adore this shampoo feels so luxurious
28/05/2018, By Kyle
This stuff is awesome. Not drying. Smells great. Lathers very well. Only need a tiny amount each time.
10/05/2018, By Giulia
We all love this at home, so it has become a constant presence.
04/03/2018, By Sham
This shampoo smells really great and makes my hair feel super soft. I found that it added quite a lot of volume to my hair.
26/02/2018, By Melissa
Extremely happy, use it for both my kids and a little really goes a long way. Smells amazing and foams really well.
26/02/2018, By Dalen Family
Good product for the whole family.
19/12/2017, By Joanne
Did not seem to clean my hair very well? Smell was nice but my hair felt greasy after the wash .
28/11/2017, By Melissa
I love the smell. I love the product but still, find my ends are quite dry.
30/10/2017, By Patricia
Just love this shampoo, really leaves hair silky and clean. Economical and hair looks and feels great.
05/09/2017, By Yolande
I am trying to use natural alternatives for body and hair products and I have not once had a bad experience with Victorian Garden. The products are affordable and I can honestly see the difference. This shampoo smells lovely and the smell remains throughout the day. My hair is slowly but surely recovering from shop bought hair colour and shampoo's.
10/08/2017, By R.Kirsten
Victorian Garden has got to be one of my favorite brands for toiletries. This shampoo doesn't disappoint. Wonderful fragrance with soft, clean hair. I wish they would stock more options though.
07/08/2017, By Ay
Absolutely gorgeous scent, gentle and very light cleanse, especially lovely on curly hair as it retains the curl and creates amazing shine. Will use this forever :)
06/08/2017, By Tania
I've been using this for months and love the way my hair feels. It's one of my favourite shampoos.
17/07/2017, By Kelly
I use the shampoo and conditioner together and it leaves my hair feeling soft with a great shine.
27/06/2017, By Brenda
Loved the smell of this product but it dried out my hair leaving it frizzy. However I would still recommend it as I believe it might just be my hair type as I have tried their other shampoo (Rosemary and Vanilla) and absolutely loved that.
26/06/2017, By Maria
I absolutely love this shampoo! I actually have oily hair, but this works amazingly well, foams beautifully, my hair is happy and shiny. It also has the added benefit of giving my thin hair more volume. I will definitely be buying this again.
01/06/2017, By Llaw
I have platinum blonde, very processed hair. This is the first organic product I have tried that does not turn my hair to straw. The instructions recommend that you use the Honeysuckle Conditioner after using this shampoo, but I do not find it to be quite hydrating enough for my hair. I will be trying the Vanilla and Argan conditioner next and will report on the results. Very happy with this purchase and a little goes a long way.
18/04/2017, By Maureen
I like this product but wish it was slightly thinner. I have to be really really careful after pumping, which is not easy due to the thickness of the shampoo, that the shampoo doesn't just fall off my hands and sit on the shower floor. As long as I am very careful, it lathers up well, smells great and appears to be working well for me. Wish VG would make their conditions vegan... just ditch the beeswax and other bee related ingredients!
02/11/2016, By Customer
This is not for dry hair.Makes the hair frizzy.
05/09/2016, By Phoebe
I moved from drugstore haircare to natural sulfate silicone free haircare, and then to salon haircare thinking it was better. Boy was I wrong! Both drugstore and salon haircare products made me feel like my hair was covered in a heavy coating (the silicone obviously), I had constant horrible build-up and my natural waves just disappeared. In short, both are a waste of money. So I decided to go back to natural products and started with the VG range and don regret it. I find that this shampoo is so concentrated you just need use a tiny bit. It does a good job (but sadly not the best as I still have a tiny bit of frizz) of moisturising my hair. Despite that, I have received many compliments on how shiny my hair looks.My hair also feels light and best of all zero build-up. I think this shampoo is one of those thats very therapeutic in that your hairs condition improves as you continue to use it. Now I can wait to try the VG rosemary and vanilla shampoo to see how it compares.
22/08/2016, By Alta
I have short usually oily hair, however it is bleached/highlighted so the colour dries it out a bit.

I agree with everyones reviews, this shampoo is sOO nice! Foams very well + great scent. Will definitely stick to this one. The shampoo works perfect for my current style colour.
18/08/2016, By Malie
Wonderful product. Leaves no deposits on my scalp.
30/06/2016, By Jo-Ann
Love this shampoo. Gorgeous scent. Also wish that VG would create its complimentary conditioner.
14/06/2016, By Robyn
My hair feels so good using this product. It is full of body, bouncy, soft and shiny. I don know why I thought this type of a shampoo could not be as good at the supermarket ones. What a fool, this is better!
16/04/2016, By Lizelle
Absolutely love this product. Smells fantastic. Wish they would development a complimentary conditioner so the smell can linger in my hair.
25/10/2015, By khadeeja
Best shampoo!!! Have used earthsap for a while it worked great, then I tried pure beginnings, but nothing comes close to VG, this one beats all It works best in all ways - made my hair bouncy soft soft, gave it a nice shine as well! Works wonders with VG conditioner (vanilla argan).
08/09/2015, By Angee
Works really well on long curly hair, lathers well and smells gorgeous!
12/07/2015, By Verena
This shampoo, together with the Honeysuckle conditioner, works so well on my thick hair. It leaves it silky smooth and soft. Finally some natural shampoo that works!! Highly recommend these wonderful products!
11/06/2015, By Charmaine
Wow what can I say.....? I was very skeptical about using an organic shampoo and conditioner. Me and my five year young little girl both have very curly hair. This shampoo is amazing, it foams beautifully and our hair are definitely cleaner for longer. I highly recommend this shampoo as well as the Honeysuckle Conditioner. Customer for Life. ;)
07/05/2015, By Gillian
I have been using this shampoo for just over a week now and love it! The only shampoo i will every buy again! Highly recommend!
17/02/2015, By Jasmine
The chemicals in commercial shampoos and conditioners are just frightening, thats why I decided to try this shampoo in conjunction with the honeysuckle conditioner (after thorough reading of many reviews). It works great for my straight and long hair, initially I was worried Id loose a lot of volume, because the conventional products I used were to increase the volume of my flat hair.
My mom used this shampoo too, however, her hair is very fine and knots easily, so she wasn as impressed as me.
18/07/2014, By Kathleen
My hair stays cleaner for much longer. Its wonderfully rich and foamy and a little truly goes a looong way, therefore it is a true value for money in my opinion. Love this brand!
15/01/2014, By Kate
This is the first time Ive used an organic hair product, and while I had been warned it would take a few washes before my hair got used to it, it took at least 2 months before my hair showed the effects. My hair started out as dried out and frizzy. But it was worth it! My advice is persevere with an organic shampoo and you will NEVER look back! My hair is now shiny and healthy, no more dry scalp, and I have to wash it less often. Use it with the Honeysuckle Condition once a week. Down with artificial ingredients!!!
19/03/2011, By Marinda
This is a lovely shampoo. Perfect in every way. Rich and foamy enough to make you feel like you are being pampered, but does not leave hair lank from being too rich. It is just gorgeous. I love it and highly recommend it.

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