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Bee Natural Liquid Gold Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum

Bee Natural Liquid Gold Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum

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Bee Natural Liquid Gold Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum
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  • 100ml
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A precious natural skin serum formulated to help turn back the clock – with a little help from that natural treasure trove, the beehive. Bee Natural’s Liquid Gold serum is a blend of skin-loving oils that work to protect, hydrate and regenerate the skin, to keep your complexion looking youthful and radiant. These oils have been added to a luscious golden base of beeswax, pollen, propolis and raw honey. Use a little of the Bee Natural Liquid Gold every day to give your skin a gorgeous youthful glow that’s sure to leave you feeling like the “queen bee”!

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • Easily absorbed into your skin
  • Protective, hydrating & nourishing
  • 100% natural
  • Chemical-free, preservative-free
  • Perfume-free

The raw honey, beeswax, pollen and propolis are wonderfully nourishing and protective, feeding your skin with essential nutrients and warding off the environmental damage that causes visible ageing.

This natural blend is full of essential oils with anti-ageing properties:

  • Carrot oil: Moisturising, antioxidant-rich, source of vitamin A & E; protects against UV damage.
  • Neroli oil: Stimulates new cell growth, balances oil production; reduces wrinkles, fine lines, capillaries & scarring.
  • Lavender oil: Anti-inflammatory, lightens age spots & regenerates skin cells.
  • Fennel oil: Source of vitamin C, which fights free radicals & promotes collagen production. Fennel softens & hydrates the skin.
  • Chamomile oil: Antiseptic, promotes healing & soothes irritation.
  • Geranium oil: Natural astringent; promotes cell regeneration & healing. Great for reducing blemishes & puffy eyes.


  • Apply the serum to clean skin in the morning or evening; wait a few minutes for it to fully absorb before applying your usual day or night cream.
  • For best results, use this serum for at least one month twice a year, although you can use it continually.

Please note: This product may get cloudy in the winter months due to lower temperatures (the avocado oil solidifies in lower temperatures). The colour may be lighter than usual due to sunflower and or/wildflower bees wax not being available in winter.


Beeswax, non-irradiated raw Honey, Pollen, Propolis, cold pressed Avocado & Sunflower Oil, anti-wrinkle essential oils: Neroli, Lavender, Fennel, Chamomile, Geranium, Carrot Seed Oil

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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 417 reviews

398 out of 417 people would recommend this product

22/01/2024, By Julie
Fabulous the very best product that I have found !
12/11/2023, By UmmY
Just love this product. Moisturising without being too oily. Love the subtle scent. Rather expensive so have to buy when on special.
26/10/2023, By Eloise
Excellent product, my skin feels so soft and glowing!!
18/10/2023, By Jessica
I really love this product and have been using it for years. However they have recently changed the bottle to have a pump spray which doesn't work.
The pump spray broke after 2 uses and now I have to pour the product out the bottle.
Other than that, this is by far my most favourite skin product ever!
11/09/2023, By Carolien
Great product, very moisturising but not too oily.
26/08/2023, By Olga
I love this serum, absorbs well and I could see a difference after a few weeks.
06/08/2023, By Emma
Lovely product. Becoming a bit expensive though
03/04/2023, By Claire
This is my go-to product for night 'cream'. It is the only product that hydrates my skin.
25/12/2022, By Karin
Have been using this for a long time. Very good product. Smells wonderful.
14/09/2022, By Val
Really feels good , not sticky. Perfect under my makeup
14/08/2022, By Jane
This product is terrible, Even though I only used it on my forehead, cheeks and chin, making sure to keep it well away from my eyes and nose, I still, experienced severe burning of my eyes. In fact, I could not keep my eyes open at all. I had to keep them closed to avoid the pain. It has been a horrible, unfortunate experience.
16/06/2022, By Judith
Amazing product! My skin feels so moist and looks younger.
30/05/2022, By Michelle
Just a really incredible range of products with absolutely exceptional customer service.
Would highly recommend the entire range.
30/03/2022, By Ro
I bought the serum a month ago and wasn't too happy with what I received. But FTN contact me as the lovely people from Bee Natural explained why the separation occurred in the batch I bought and I received a new serum from Bee Natural today. I am super happy with this batch as it's like what I'm used to. Thank you Bee Natural. You have a top-notch product and are attentive and caring business owners. Very much appreciated.
21/03/2022, By Ro
I've bought this before and the previous product was truly amazing. That is why I ordered a second one. But this time the product separates heavily (it's ok, I just give it a good shake), but it also has a bit of a grainy texture. Not sure if some of the ingredients crystalised. Also, it never used to burn my eyes and now I have to be super careful to not use it around the eye area as even a tiny bit burns like crazy. Maybe the formula changed?
23/02/2022, By Niki
Been using this product for years. My daily staple. my skin feels amazing with it. Great product.
31/01/2022, By Ann
Lovely serum. Recently bought my second bottle. First bottle lasted more than a year, used daily, mixed with my moisturiser. This time round the oils have solidified, even in the hot, humid Durban weather. Didn't have this problem previously.
25/12/2021, By Amanda
Lovely, nourishing.
26/09/2021, By Robyn
I bought this for my mom and she loves it. She leaves it next to her bed and applied it every night before she sleeps. She sees results as soon as 2 weeks!

It has a hydrating factor as well, very good for dry and mature skin
14/09/2021, By Sancia
Very happy with my purchase. Smells good and feels good. And will last a very long time ;-)
11/09/2021, By Carolyn
I use this on my neck and body to help with post swimming dryness! It is wonderful xxx
02/09/2021, By Juniper
Incredibly rich formula leaves my skin feeling soft, nourished and with a natural glow - would recommend every time
05/07/2021, By Deri-Anne
Wonderful product! The new bottle is difficult to dispense the oil (takes sooo long to get a few drops out!), so I've decanted it into another bottle. But that is my only complaint. I've been using this for years. Put a few drops of water with it, rub between your hands before putting on your face and the water helps it spread better.
02/07/2021, By AJ
Loves the product . I have a normal skin type and it is fine for winter. It might be abit too oily in summer but will see.
17/06/2021, By Aneesa
Incredible stuff! Not only is it pure and natural, it smells great. My pores have never been so refined on my face. I use two drops a night mixed in with my regular night cream which has been the best combination for my skin, both summer and winter. I love this oil. At this rate it’s going to last me forever! A real asset to your skin routine..
16/06/2021, By DD
I love this serum. It goes on easily, smells good, feels great on my skin, and absorbs well. I have a fairly dry skin so I use it in conjunction with another Bee Natural product. To be honest, I'm not quite sure how much it helps with wrinkles - that's kinda hard for me to gauge at the moment since I'm also taking collagen and using other products. I guess one would have to experiment with this as your only variable if you really wanted to see if it works as an anti-wrinkle product.
15/06/2021, By Mitchi
Love love love this product. Its 4 years of me using this golden liquid
28/05/2021, By Freda
Best hydrating serum ever. Will not use any different one ever again. On my third bottle.
19/05/2021, By Tilana
Smells absolutely gorgeous and skin feels soft and pampered
16/05/2021, By Petra
A note from Bee Natural with regards to the change over from the pump top to the new presentation: we encountered endless problems with the pumps clogging especially in colder climates due to the avocado oil and bee wax thickening. There is a dropper plug under the white screw on lid so the consumer can monitor exactly how many drops they wish to extract at a time. No wastage and excessive use.
16/05/2021, By Claire
The best product for really dry skin. It's a pity it's so expensive compared to what it used to be, but I still love it!
13/05/2021, By Beth
Smells so good, absorbs really well, and hydrates my very dry skin.
20/04/2021, By Lize
Received a sample of this product and wow, what a wonderful serum! The texture is fabulous and really nourishes my skin well! Will definitely be ordering it soon.
03/04/2021, By Marlena
Love the serum, but HATE the cheap packaging. It used to have a spray nozzle with a golden top. Now a cheap skate white plastic top and no spray
29/03/2021, By Gabby
love the smell and have been using product for years. lasts a few months even if you use it every day.
18/03/2021, By Taahira
Agrees with both younger and more mature skin. Softens and nourishes - can definitely feel and see a difference after regular use!
12/03/2021, By Suna
Smells great and works like a charm. My skin is soft and the lines and wrinkles have lessened.
28/02/2021, By Faaria
Amazing serum - can see the immediate difference in one use! My grandmother swears by it
23/02/2021, By Priscilla
I’m not sure if it fades wrinkles but skin looks for radiant. Perhaps it’s for preventative measures
15/02/2021, By Candice
Lovely product, it smells delicious and feels completely luxurious on the skin. It is a big bottle and lasts forever which is great too!
08/02/2021, By Sherele
Second time buying it and absolutely love the product, but this time it came with a screw top instead of a spray which was disappointing. Luckily I still have the top from my other bottle.
Otherwise this product is lovely and works really well!
07/02/2021, By Cheryl
Was given this by someone who bought it and didnt like the feel on their skin. I found it very hydrating.
04/02/2021, By HM
VGreat on all the dry areas
29/01/2021, By Eliza
Fine lines slowly fading. Can’t wait for the results in a few weeks
27/01/2021, By Emma
I wish I had known how overpowering the scent of this serum would be. It's so strong that it makes my nose sting. I don't think natural products should contain so much fragrance. It irritated my skin.
26/01/2021, By Ronel
My mom loves it
26/01/2021, By Reinette
Glowing skin! After months of looking at this serum I bought it and love it. My skin is glowing!
20/01/2021, By Joy
Nice product-easily absorbed .

20/01/2021, By Joy
Nice product-easily absorbed .

19/01/2021, By Brigitte
17/01/2021, By Anna
This is definitely liquid gold. I suffer from extreme dry skin due to medical condition. I use this from head to toe.
08/01/2021, By Aurelie
I love this, got it as a gift for a friend and she loves it too :)
04/01/2021, By Duané
Would def buy again, thanks!
17/12/2020, By Natalie
My husband has stolen this from me - he says it "feels like it works"......
16/12/2020, By Taryn
Beautiful smell and applies really well before applying my make up.
16/12/2020, By Taryn
Beautiful smell and applies really well before applying my make up.
11/12/2020, By Cat
i give 4 stars, because this oil feels so good on your skin BUT, im prone to breakouts, and not working for me, so sad. might be the carrot seed oil, it is 3-4 on the scale for comedogenic oils
10/12/2020, By August
Absolute LOVE this product, makes my skin feel supple, soft and glowing, and my granddaughter confirmed that nana's skin is glowing :-)
10/12/2020, By Marlena
The oil smells incredible and absorbs really well. My skin feels soft and rejuvenated every time I use it. Truly a product I would buy as gifts as well.
09/12/2020, By Marlena
For the contents, 5*. For the packaging 1*. Lovely serum, the best ever, but totally spoilt by the cheap packaging which is NOT AT ALL according to the image, nor previous purchases. Nasty white screw cap instead of the golden slender cap. NO SPRAY as previously, thus extremely wasteful. I am very disappointed in the packaging!
09/12/2020, By romy
I absolutely LOVE this product, by far the BEST serum I have ever used!! HIGHLY recommend:)
05/12/2020, By Taryn
Applies well, smells nice and adds a glow. However it feels greasy to me. Love that its a natural product.
02/12/2020, By Emma
Although it says it contains no perfume, the essential oil smell is a little on the strong side, so I'm hoping it doesn't irritate my skin.
29/11/2020, By Marlena
The serum receives 5* rating from me, but when I received my new stock, packaging was not at all according to photo of product on website. Used to have spray action with beautiful, golden top, now ordinary bottle with ugly white screw on cap! Extremely wasteful and I am VERY disappointed, considering how the price has also escalated over the past more than a year!
29/11/2020, By Romy
Love in a bottle
29/11/2020, By Marlena
I just LOVE this face serum. I am never without it. However, received my new bottle today, but extremely disappointed in the "new" packaging. No spray, no golden top as in the advert and has always been. Only a nasty white screw on top. Will be very wasteful. The packaging makes it look CHEAP ! Really disappointed!
27/11/2020, By Nombongo
How do I get a sample please???
24/11/2020, By Marianne
I love this serum, I got it as a sample with a previous purchase. I loved it so much that I decided to buy a bottle. The serum has a lovely smell and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. I also love the fact that it is made of natural ingredients.
14/11/2020, By Roshan
12/11/2020, By Eden
10/11/2020, By Lilah
Gold standard in face care. Leaves my skin feeling loved. Great for under make up
04/11/2020, By Umm Yusuf
The smell of this serum is just absolutely amazing! So calming. My skin feels well-nourished! Thanks for the sample.
01/11/2020, By Karen
Got a little sample in m delivery box. Makes my skin feel super soft and I love the fragrance.
29/10/2020, By Care Bear
What a gorgeous product, am loving the fragrance and it feels amazing on my skin
27/10/2020, By Thasmine
26/10/2020, By Not A Robot
Works for me
25/10/2020, By Orm
25/10/2020, By Adrienne
25/10/2020, By Mien
Works amazing
24/10/2020, By Tommy
Liquid gold!
23/10/2020, By Samuel
Liquid gold indeed. It works so well on my skin. Very hydrating
23/10/2020, By Sam
Works well
23/10/2020, By Tanja
22/10/2020, By Gabrielle
love the smell. love the product. It is not oily. Just moisturising. I have purchased it over and over. The price is a bit steep, however it does last long.
20/10/2020, By Alex
19/10/2020, By Diane
This really great for mature skin. Use it every day my skin loves it.
17/10/2020, By Lynne
Love it
08/10/2020, By Lorna
Absolute liquid gold. I'm obsessed
07/10/2020, By MK
This is amazing. My mom introduced me to it. We have dry skin and this really helps. I use it every day.
06/10/2020, By Caitlyn Rae
I'm on my second bottle and I use it on everything from my face, to my cuticles and even my hair at night. One issue is that when its cold, the liquid tends to solidify but in my opinion that's a small price to pay for having a 100% natural and contains no nasties! Oh and the smell is also unreal, I wish they would bring out a perfume like it, would buy it in a heartbeat.
29/09/2020, By Shera
Absolutely in love with this face oil. I use it every evening and every morning! It smells great and it really has helped improve redness in my skin. (it even helped clear up my an eczma patch on my face. I will buy this again and again.
24/09/2020, By Anna
For one the aroma is delicious! I live this product and use it intermittently with my other products as a treat
19/09/2020, By Licia
Really enjoying the product and have seen an improvement in skin clarity and Complexion
15/09/2020, By Debbie
Early days but so far so good. Feels delightful on my skin. I'm excited to see results.
29/08/2020, By Zet
This is fabulous value for money. The product is very oily at first, which can make your hair or clothes a bit oily But the skin does absorb it after a few minutes and then it doesn’t feel greasy..
24/08/2020, By Ta
24/08/2020, By BERYL
I love this product and it lasts so long. Does everything it says it will do!!
21/08/2020, By Nita
This is most defnitely the BEST product ever !! I have used some very expensive products but nothing compares to this. I can see the difference within days. Star product.
17/08/2020, By Petra
Amazing product
06/08/2020, By Greenie
24/07/2020, By Monica
The product is amazing - thanks for keeping such quality items, my skin feels better as it gets badly damaged every winter.
23/06/2020, By Sayi
This product marks the beginning of my ongoing love affair with this brand! It's only my third bottle. It would be my 10th but this stuff lasts foreeeeever! great value for the quality and quantity! I can't quite put into words what this does for the skin. it's like magic. It hydrates very deeply, smoothens, removes flareups, evens.It's like a 'baby skin' photoshop filter in a bottle. Try it. You won't regret this!
12/06/2020, By TazzyD
I love this serum. I haven't been able to find a serum that doesnt make my face oily or breakout. Its winter now and my skin is super dry. This does the trick and absorbs right in. I love it!!!
11/06/2020, By Claire
This is still my favourite product for nourishing my skin. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis which renders my skin like paper. The Liquid Gold Serum really makes a difference to my skin and I usually apply it at night so it can nourish my skin overnight.
23/05/2020, By Nabeelah
Bees to the rescue once again
20/05/2020, By Sam
Absolutely amazing! However, I do feel that with so many oils, it should be in a dark bottle to prevent rancidity
18/05/2020, By Fransch
not liquid gold its very cloudy in bottle
16/05/2020, By Hlengiwe
Bought for my mom for mother's day and she loves it.
11/05/2020, By Claire
ESSENTIAL OILS ARE AN IRRITANT. If only the product came without the added essential oils..
11/05/2020, By Vic
Oily and smells badly. Particles swimming inside and blocking the spray pump.
08/05/2020, By Ness
I love this face serum. It really is liquid gold. Goes on smoothly and is absorbed beatufully.
12/04/2020, By sandy
love it
01/04/2020, By Jarel
01/04/2020, By Celeste
This is a lovely product, I was pleasantly surprised. It absorbs well into the skin and doesn't make it oily, but rather well hydrated. My skin tone looks better and wrinkles are looking much better too. I'm definitely getting one for my mom too.
20/03/2020, By Lauren
Very nice serum. Absorbs into the skin well and didn't cause any breakouts on my problamatic skin. Love the smell
18/03/2020, By Lisa
I love, love, love this serum. I dont think I will ever be without it. My skin feels like silk the following morning, and glows like a highlighter once applied. After years of suffering from perioral dermatitis and having doctor after doctor prescribe steroid creams, this serum has totally taken it away!
17/03/2020, By Liz
Packaging needs reconsidering as it had leaked during transit. The spray bottle pumps only a large amount so I rub the excess into my hands and arms.
A bit too oily - made me breakout on my chin after day 4.
Having said ALL that It is an incredibly nourishing oil which the rest of my dry skin enjoys. Apply a little otherwise the oil sits on your skin. Has a lovely soft scent.
I use this 3x a week as a treatment at night. I Alternate it with Bee Natural Rich Moisturising Balm which is also my daily moisturiser.
11/03/2020, By Margaret
I treat it like gold.I only use a tiny bit.I can feel when I havent used it.
I love this product.Thank you Bees ,
17/02/2020, By Kerry
The honey smell is far too potent.
16/02/2020, By Liz
Smells great and makes my skin feel really smooth and nourished.
14/02/2020, By Altoosie
Love this product - get lots of compliments from friends about my skin
09/01/2020, By Corinne
My skin feels lovely and hydrated. Will see the effect in the long run
03/01/2020, By Caitlyn Rae
Such a lovely product. I apply it before bed and not only go to bed with my face smelling amazing but wake up with my skin feeling more hydrated than ever before. Even sometimes use it on my cuticles and it works a treat!
28/12/2019, By Helper
18/12/2019, By Samantha
I received a sample of this product and really loved it. It feels like it is really working on my skin. My face definitely feels soft and clean after use and a little goes a long way. Unfortunately, a bit too pricey for me but if I can, I will buy.
08/12/2019, By Mox
Waited a little to see if it really works. I love the product it absorbs well into the skin and changes the texture. I finish it off with a Jade facial massage roller... works even better!
23/11/2019, By Kay
This serum has changed my life. My face has a golden glow, my skin is smoother and appears healthier. Bee Natural Liquid Gold Serum is effective and stunning. little goes a long way. one bottle lasts me 9 months with two times a day use.
21/11/2019, By charmagne
My skin feels soft and supple.Excellent price.
19/11/2019, By Nads
Love the Bee Natural range and this product is no exception. The scent and texture is amazing, but I do think it would be better suited for winter.
14/11/2019, By Kathryn
I love this product. What a treat. I can only use it as a part of my evening face care routine because it takes a while to seep into my skin but the morning after my skin feels smoother and luxurious and the dark circles under eyes and uneven skin tone has reduced. The smell is a plus as it relaxes and soothes in the evening before I go to sleep.
13/11/2019, By Kirstin
This product is amazing! It's deeply nourished my dry skin and has made an improvement to my acne scarring. Would highly recommend!
12/11/2019, By Dave
My wife uses this and raves about it all the time!
08/11/2019, By li
Im 22 so I don’t have mature skin, but I prefer a chemical exfoliator to a physical scrub (avoiding micro-tears) Also definitely made my serums / actives / moisturizer seep into my skin better. AHA’s are what promote collagen (anti-aging) and helps with breakouts. so I’m happy with this, it’s been so far.
28/10/2019, By Heather
This has been a fantastic find! I am battling with pregnancy hormones and started using this serum on Thursday. My skin is looking phenomenal just a few days on! Yay for local products that are as kind to the environment as to me!
27/10/2019, By Kate
I really love this product! I use it every evening before creaming my face and it’s leaves my skin feeling so hydrated. The smell is fine and very natural. I don’t mind the smell at all. My skin is definitely looking better and brighter!
24/10/2019, By Vanessa
Really nice face oil which I use for my nightly routine. Absorbs well into the skin.
24/10/2019, By Niki
Love the way my skin feels after applying it and love the smell that lingers for a while even on my hands. Feels super luxurious. It's been a couple of weeks so early days still but very happy so far.
24/10/2019, By Eve
Best Serum and an excellent price. Noticeable difference in my skin, more supply and smooth. Dark circles under eyes are diminishing. Will buy again
23/10/2019, By Wezi
Used this serum for only a week and I already see the difference!my skin is smooth and velvety,even offered the other bottle i bought on special to a friend of mine and she is loving it!
22/10/2019, By Amanda
The best serum I have ever used, Lasts ages,Smells great and great value for money.
22/10/2019, By Chantelle
Second time purchasing this product . Lovely scent , makes my skin supple , and gives a healthy glow .
21/10/2019, By Amali
Love this product and it is excellent under any product. I use it day and night. I recommend that you buy at least two - one for home and one for your handbag.
21/10/2019, By s.j
Smells nice, it's greasy though, NB if you apply eyeliner it's going to smudge, because the greasiness ends up everywhere , better as a night treatment
21/10/2019, By s.j
Smells nice, it's greasy though, NB if you apply eyeliner it's going to smudge, because the greasiness ends up everywhere , better as a night treatment
21/10/2019, By lisa
I am totally in love with this product have been using it for 2 weeks and my skin looks amazing.
It's Radiant and has a healthy glow it also doesn't feel/look dehydrated.

I only use it at night, gently massage it on to my damp skin enjoying the fragrance, a little really goes a long way.....NB. avoid eye area.

If you like the smell on Neroli you will love it.
Will get one for my mom.....
21/10/2019, By saamiyah
It does look like liquid gold in the summer heat. I love the beautiful fragrance. Using daily even on decollete. Will feedback on effectiveness after more usage.
20/10/2019, By Anon
Had a nice smell and felt good on my skin but every time I wore it my eyes were burning the whole day and I didnt put it near them. Also gave me the most horrible headache each time... not sure if I'm allergic to something in there but had the same reaction to the skoon white cloud facial oil.
16/10/2019, By Cait
A really really lovely product that I would definitely recommend! Made from all natural ingredients, smells amazing and beautiful packaging.
15/10/2019, By Natalie
Love the feel and smell of the Bee Natural Face Serum Liquid Gold. A little goes a long way. Skin feels smoothed and nourished. Bonus was buying it on the 2 for 1 special.
10/10/2019, By S.j
Greasy, makes my face red, takes over half hour to be absorbed, I think if you have dry skin or very mature skin then this product will be good for you.
09/10/2019, By Laetetia
Its got good ingredients that will benefit your skin. I only require one spritz of this oil as a little goes a long way. I use a little more if I give myself a facial message. The smell may be a bit overbearing for some people, but I love the smell because its the way its suppose to smell.
08/10/2019, By Cath
Awesome product. Love the smell and my skin feels so smooth! This coming from someone who has problem skin (rosacea and adult acne).
03/10/2019, By Nadine
Fantastic anti-wrinkle product. Light on your skin and love the smell of Neroli. Definitely a product I'll continue to buy.
02/10/2019, By Mys
My sister is in her 40's and has an incredibly sensitive skin. I bought this as a gift a while back and she is in love with it. She recently suffered a severe reaction to something and she couldn't use anything on her face except the Liquid Gold Serum. Its anti-wrinkle properties are great, but it's also very soothing. A little goes a long way, so you get a lot of use from a bottle, and we love the smell!
30/09/2019, By Toni
Wow, I think I have at last found my answer. Just started this about 2 weeks ago which I am applying morning and night. Using it with the remainder of a previous product from FTN which has not been fulfilling me needs. What a difference this Liquid Gold has contributed to these existing skin care products. I just know that it will work even better when I start my Simply Bee
19/09/2019, By Prince
I have not used it but it sounds good for my akin
18/09/2019, By Samantha
Skin improves almost immediately but does have a weird smell
17/09/2019, By Guinevere
AMAZING!!! I have rosacea and very sensitive, dry/combi skin. I apply at night after Witch Hazel toner, and my skin feels like silk. Lasts FOREVER. A little goes a very long way. Very good price for a night treatment. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!
14/09/2019, By Barbara
Unfortunately, I never had a sample sent to me or I would not have bought it. But there were so many good reviews that I just had to buy it. It has the most horrid smell, no way can I use this on my face. and it is horridly cloudly and has to be shaken all the time. I think it is old. but there is a label that says this cloudiness is normal . anyhow i cant throw it away and would not give it to anyone so am using it as a body oil. Very disappointed.
14/09/2019, By Barbara
Unfortunately, I never had a sample sent to me or I would not have bought it. But there were so many good reviews that I just had to buy it. It has the most horrid smell, no way can I use this on my face. and it is horridly cloudly and has to be shaken all the time. I think it is old. but there is a label that says this cloudiness is normal . anyhow i cant throw it away and would not give it to anyone so am using it as a body oil. Very disappointed.
12/09/2019, By Rskl
The gold standard of serum in my opinion. Huge improvement in hydration and appearance of fine lines. A must for my facial routine.
Love it
12/09/2019, By Peta
Just love this product - absorbs easily and no residue is left - not the best smell but rather that than too many perfumes. My face feels nourished and hydrated ♡♡♡♡♡♡
03/09/2019, By Suna
Smells delightful and keeps my skin nice and soft feeling.
29/08/2019, By Yve
I am using the Bee Natural Liquid Gold Serum for about a month now and I am really satisfied with this product - I can definitely feel and see an improvement. The only issue is that the spray-pump mechanism did never worked properly.
23/08/2019, By Rachel
No change whatsoever. Very disappointing.
20/08/2019, By Sasha
I haven't used this product long enough to see results yet, but have really enjoyed using it so far. It smells beautiful (love neroli!) and feels like a lovely, light oil on the skin. My only issue is that the spray pump doesn't work and doesn't look like good quality. The packaging overall just needs to be redone as the cap doesn't fit quite right either and there isn't much information on the label (it comes with a tag with some info which you have to remove when you open the bottle).
18/08/2019, By Jennifer
This is my second order of this serum as the first one disappeared too quickly after my husband discovered it. He insisted I order another. He said that it has cleared his skin and that it is one of the most effective natural products that he has used of mine. He also loves the smell.
12/08/2019, By Venessa R
Real Liquid Gold!
This serum is so good, that I introduced my entire family to it, and there are 5 other family members now using it ass well. My sister from China, has bought 4 bottles for take with her for the winter. I am on my 6th bottle and loving every bit of it.
10/08/2019, By Lee
I have been using this product for a few months now- by applying a generous amount to the fact at night on its own. Initially I was highly impressed by the product, it absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling moisturized, but after a few months of consistent use, I have noticed that it does not deliver enough on its own and I have developed more fine lines due to this new routine. I have now decided to use this as a “serum” by layering over another night moisturizer and it now seems to be reversing the fine lines. So I would only recommend this product in combination of a daily moisturizer.
(I have dry to sensitive skin)
08/08/2019, By Redbow
I received a sample and been using it in the evenings on my dry skin for the past 2 weeks. Skin looks noticeably smooth and scarring has reduced. Just purchased a bottle on special, extra bonus. Just LOVE the Bee Natural range.
06/08/2019, By CHWAYITA
06/08/2019, By Miss C
Best thing I ever came across . I received a sample and I did not use it for about two weeks but the day I started using it I never looked back . I ordered my bottle last week this is my new friend stays in my bag I take it everywhere , just a tip do not throw away that small sample container I just refilled it and I take it everywhere with me
06/08/2019, By Miss C
Best thing I ever came across . I received a sample and I did not use it for about to weeks but the daty I started using it I never looked back . I ordered my bottle last week this is my new friend stays in my bag I take it everywhere , just a tip do not throw away that small sample container I just refilled it and I take it everywhere with me
06/08/2019, By al
Love this product - moisturises my face without leaving it greasy. Don't have to use a lot so the bottle is well priced
01/08/2019, By Nonjabulo
Just received my bottle today and was very excited. First impression is that it is so moisturising, a little goes a long way and I want to use it on my stretch marks as well. Will come back for another review.
18/07/2019, By People=sh!t
The spray pump that came with the product does not work, making it a really messy affair to get it from the bottle onto my face. The product itself seems to help my oily, dehydrated skin to balance out a bit more. I don't have sensitive skin, but the strong essential oils do make my cheeks red - so those who do have sensitive skin should steer clear of this product.
12/07/2019, By P#3
I've been using this product for the 2nd year now. Will forever be great full for discovering it. It worked wonders for facial markings and my skin is smooth and soft.
11/07/2019, By Ushmi
Purchased this product after using a sample version that was sent with a previous order from FTN. That tiny sample lasted almost a full month. And I believe that this bottle will last a long time. So it's well worth the price paid. I love that it makes my skin feel pampered naturally.
08/07/2019, By Josephine
So last week I ordered new liquid gold face serum and still having half a bottle left I started putting some on my terrible 3 year post pregnancy stretch marks on my stomach without thinking it is really going to make much of a difference because nothing really works for stretch marks, but to my shock my stretch marks are dispersing at a remarkable rate. The thick dark ones are light and much thinner and the ones on the edge are almost gone and hardly visible, I want to cry out of gratitude. Unfortunately I do not have before and after pictures, but you should stop marketing this as a face treatment and start marketing it as a stretch mark treatment.
08/07/2019, By Josephine
So last week I ordered new liquid gold face serum and still having half a bottle left I started putting some on my terrible 3 year post pregnancy stretch marks on my stomach without thinking it is really going to make much of a difference because nothing really works for stretch marks, but to my shock my stretch marks are dispersing at a remarkable rate. The thick dark ones are light and much thinner and the ones on the edge are almost gone and hardly visible, I want to cry out of gratitude. Unfortunately I do not have before and after pictures, but you should stop marketing this as a face treatment and start marketing it as a stretch mark treatment.
08/07/2019, By Stephanie
Thanks for the free sample in my last buy. I've been using this serum for the last month. Im so happy to have tried this. My skin looks radiant, blemishes are reduced. I will definitely be buying this in my next purchase.
07/07/2019, By Umm Amar
After years of using my moisturiser my skin started feeling oily afterwards. An FTN sample arrived just in time and within a week of using it my skin was looking so good, almost glowing!
04/07/2019, By Paulee
Love the smell. Nourishes and softens skin and fine lines.. Will recommend for all.
04/07/2019, By Bev
Excellent product. I noticed an improvement in acne scars and pigmentation after only 1 week of use.
26/06/2019, By Without paying the price of gold
Makes your skin super soft and it smells absolutely amazing.
19/06/2019, By Candles
It really makes your skin feel like silk. I only use it at night time, as I find my skin is a little too oily if I use it in the morning under my make up.
16/06/2019, By RaeesaB
Love this serum. Use it on my face after cleansing at night. Its moisturising and has improved my skin
14/06/2019, By Nicola
Absolutely love this product!!! Cannot recommend enough! 5 stars :)
06/06/2019, By Tasha
Loving this serum. Bought it last year November & I still have some left. Feels great on my skin. Super moisturising.
29/05/2019, By Chantal
Amazing stuff - so glad for my sample, I'll be buying more! I don't need face cream after application, it's super moisturizing.
27/05/2019, By AVD
I will definitely recommend this to anyone. I received a sample and saw that a little goes a long way. As soon as it is absorbed, my skin feels great. Had to get used to the smell, but love it now.
24/05/2019, By Tandy
I received a sample of this product and have been using it for about 2 weeks. Within a week my face looked and felt radiant and I looked younger! People even commented! My face is smooth and silky soft, blemishes are lightening and there is a more even tone to my olive complexion; although the product is oily, it is absorbed over night and there is no sticky or oily residue when I wake in the morning. I literally use 3-4 drops at night after removing my makeup - after 2 weeks the 30ml bottle hardly has a dent! So a little definitely goes a long way! My makeup also seems to be looking much smoother upon application to my renewed skin! I will most certainly be buying the 100ml bottle which I estimate will last a year at least!
21/05/2019, By Fekrey
I buy this serum over and over again. It's my go-to skin treatment and is easily absorbable.
20/05/2019, By MrsBell
This is a great product, not too oily on my combination skin and the smell feels pampering. My complaint and why it did not receive 5/5 is on the packaging. My mother showed me hers before I bought it and her bottle came with a pump dispenser. Mine had no form of dispenser and only a lid. A dropper or a dropper insert would have been an appreciated addition if the dispensers are no longer being sold. Instead, I now worry that my expensive jar won't last very long as controlling the flow of oil out the bottle is tricky.
16/05/2019, By Mishka
Beware that this leaves a sticky residue on the skin. Very thin serum. Too expensive for a local product.
15/05/2019, By Candy
Wow !!! It really works. Will always be on my list to buy.
14/05/2019, By Marius
I've been using this product for some time and now my skin gets very unhappy when I don't use it.
I will highly recommend this product for men!
Reasonable priced as well.
20/04/2019, By Vrolike Vinkie
First of all - I have very oily skin, prone to blemishes, blackheads and on top of it, aging too.

Secondly - Thank you to Faithful to Nature for the sample in my previous order!!!!

I thought I would give the sample to my mom, as I am not fond of oils, especially on my face.

But WOW!!!! I tried the sample after a month and it is amazing! I use a small quantity every evening and morning before my moisturiser and my face is not shiny or oily, but looks healthy, hydrated and seems to glow (is that even possible?)

I don’t wear make-up, as I prefer to take good care of my skin.

This product has taken my skin care routine to the next level!

I will definitely purchase this and I would love to treat my Mom to a full bottle of this!

Thank you sooo much for the sample!!!
11/04/2019, By Mariba
My mom absolutely love this serum, she liked it the moment she was introduced to it.
08/04/2019, By Christie
I received it as a free sample and have been using it every evening for a few days now. What a wonderful product! It is fully absorbed by my normal skin in about an hour. In the morning I wake up with a glowing face. Absolutely worth the money.
29/03/2019, By Ariami
Absolutely love the luxurious feeling. great product
20/03/2019, By Sylma
Love, love, love it!
20/03/2019, By Sylma
Easy to use and smells nice.
20/03/2019, By Sylma
Best ever! My first bottle arrived having leaked but they made sure the next one didn't by sending the dispensing squirt separate which I though was clever. I put this on every night - in love with this product.
19/03/2019, By Yolandé
My husband and my favorite new serum! Seems a bit oily, but it is all absorbed in a while. So so so soft on your skin! I have a very sensitive skin, and this seems to have calmed, especially around my neck area
19/03/2019, By Claire
Right now, this is the only product I am using on my skin. I have Hashimotot's Thyroiditis which makes my skin super dry and this is the only product that I can find that makes my skin feel remotely normal and plumped up. I absolutely love it. I use it twice a day and won't change to anything else.
17/03/2019, By Medea
Like others, I find that this takes a little too long to sink in. That being said, it’s cleared up one or two very stubborn blemishes and my pores seem... clearer? Strange but true.
13/03/2019, By Poritaz
Hi, I've been using this product for a few days now and have been pleasantly surprised. Its leaves my skin feeling nourished and glowing. The gorgeous fragrance is an added bonus.
09/03/2019, By Zenande
Got this as a sample the first time. So I thought why not try it out to see of it gives the results they say it does....well....IT'S BRILLIANT! My skin is soft and it glows. The fine lines around my lips and on my forehead are not as visible as before. It's a great product indeed.
18/02/2019, By Michaela
Unsure about this one... it's claims are virtually impossible unless you are blessed with naturally radiant skin. I have tried many samples of this and have enjoyed using all of them - it is an amazingly nourishing product made from high quality naturally derived ingredients. Then again, I love the smell of neroli, which is very potent in this serum so if you don't like neroli you won't like this. Worth a try if you can afford it. Its lovely to use all over your body
16/02/2019, By Rosh
I love this serum so, so much. It’s like miracle food for my face. I’ve gotten my mum to buy it ... Next up, converting everyone else I know ;)
07/02/2019, By Anni
Such an amazing product I use it both at night and in the morning underneath my sunscreen and makeup and makes my makeup last longer doesn’t leave my skin oily doesn’t melt leaves my skin feeling so soft
01/02/2019, By Lané
Wow! I was amazed by this product. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a 100ml bottle because I anticipated a 30ml bottle. This serum is divine! It is not too rich for my acne prone skin, but adds enough moisture to my dry skin. It will probably last 6 months, if not more. I am obsessed with all the natural ingredients and everyone loves the smell thereof.
28/01/2019, By Leanne
Really really nice. One of my all time favourites.
25/01/2019, By zim
my skin feels so soft. totally in love with this serum
22/01/2019, By Heidi
Have only been using it for a week, but no complaints. It really does the trick and keeps my dry skin moisturised.
Looking forward to seeing the results of long term use.
18/01/2019, By S A
Totally obsessed my skin is glowing.
17/01/2019, By Beatrice
I love the smell and it leaves my skin soft and moisturized. The only drawback is that I can't put it anywhere close to my eyes or they will water all day long.
15/01/2019, By Olwen
Great product - use it as part of my night time routine. Skin is beautifully moisturized in the morning. Absorbs well
30/12/2018, By Lisa
I always make sure I have a bottle on hand - love using it.
12/12/2018, By Amanda
I've been using this product for 2 weeks now:
It comes in a generous size bottle.
You only need one spray for your face and one for the neck area-so it's good value for money.
I wake up to glowing,silky skin every morning.
The downside, it takes really long to absorb, with me- 2Hrs, so I suggest you apply it at night straight after coming home from work to let it settle and absorb into your skin.
10/12/2018, By Nikki
Love this product!
08/12/2018, By Evadne
Best face serum ever. Only problem is the oily effect on my hair.
06/12/2018, By Shelby
Is a really lovely oil that is wonderfully nourishing for the skin
06/12/2018, By Shelby
Is a really lovely oil that is wonderfully nourishing for the skin
06/12/2018, By Riana
I bought this recently on recommendation of my sister. I put it on as thinly as possible (in the evening), but still it took awfully long to absorb properly. By the next morning it still felt a bit oily, so I'll try to use it during the day rather, since I don't fancy the oil rubbing of onto my pillow. My skin is (naturally) neither dry, nor oily. Although I doubt whether I'll buy it again (because of the oiliness), I must admit that it did make my face feel well-nourished, and soft. Perhaps my view may change over time if I see myself becoming younger ... :-)
04/12/2018, By Marinda
Highly recommended if you want to turn back the clock.
04/12/2018, By Verena
Love this product!!. Smells divine and very smooth on skin.
04/12/2018, By Zanmari
First time purchasing this - and I really love this product!!
Leaving my skin looking healthy and moisturized.
Will keep on using this product as it is important for me to have a healthy skin.
04/12/2018, By Jenna
This stuff is really amazing - once you get used to the smell you actually look forward to putting it on. I use it at night & wake up with a smooth silky soft skin. I have bought this repeatedley - always come back to it. Really an execptional product.
03/12/2018, By Gilly
What a wonderful, natural serum. I have very dry and sensitive skin and am usually wary of products with essential oils as my skin is very reactive. There were a couple of reviews mentioning the strong smell which initially put me off but after trying a free sample which I received with an order I was completely sold.

The smell is clearly a subjective thing as to me it has a wonderful smell and the serum sinks right into my skin. I use it at night and wake up with tighter pores, lovely moisturised skin and a brighter complexion. A little goes a long way, so well worth the price.

03/12/2018, By Ashlyn
Three years ago when we decided to go chemical free I stopped using any and all beauty products and so as a result my skin suffered a lot. I finally decided to bite the bullet and try some natural products.
OMW! I'm totally blown away!!! My skin feels so soft and amazing and beautifully rehydrated after such a long dry period.
I would suggest that you give it time to penetrate before bed or before makeup because it is oily and does take a while to soak in.
This works perfect for me because my mornings aren't rushed but if you're rushing to get to the office this should be kept for your evening routine.
02/12/2018, By Rebiditswe
I’ve been using this for 4 days now and I’m sold! I’ve finally found the perfect serum for my face after years of trying many different brands. It doesn’t irritate my eyes like many serums/oils do. My skin is glowing and my makeup looks much nicer since I’ve started using this product. It’s just perfect!
02/12/2018, By Yvette
Great product which will last a long time as I use only a few drops at a time. I have a very dry skin and this product leaves my face very smooth and comfortable
02/12/2018, By Gizelle
I love it and the smell is heavenly.
01/12/2018, By Lena
Lovely fragranced liquid gold
30/11/2018, By Amanda
Tried it for the first time yesterday.
Great size-will last for ages.
Amazing smell.
Woke up this morning to silky smooth skin.
Can't wait to see the more results.
26/11/2018, By Gabrielle
lovely fragrance and does the moisturiser job perfectly
23/11/2018, By Julz
I recently purchased this and a few hours after using it, my skin glowed like it's never done before!! It was like the beautiful result one gets after exfoliation, only triple that. My skin also feels so smooth and it looks healthier. It's only been three applications of the product and I can't believe it's already doing so much for me! It's also great under makeup. A little really does go a long way with this product, although I just want to bathe in it, it's so good!!! Will definitely be buying this again.
19/11/2018, By Kirsten
Love this serum. Use it at night and wake up with soft nourished skin. It really is a wonderful product. The bottle goes a long way.
13/11/2018, By Alice
I've been using this for about a year by now. It nourishes my skin and a little goes a long way. I love its smell too. It's expensive, but a bottle will last you several months. I use this serum before my African potato cream. Great combination!
I have a combination skin, but it doesn't make it shiny. I was sold already when they sent me the sample.
12/11/2018, By Lara
I apply it overnight and wake up to beautiful skin. Two thumbs up
09/11/2018, By Sandesh Elaine
Lovely oil. I spray a little in hands to warm up and apply on face. It's amazing when used at night. U wake up with beautiful skin. It really is liquid gold. Been using for almost 9 months daily and the bottle is only half way threw so a little goes a long way and totally worth the price
01/11/2018, By Anonymous
Really smells anazing. Smells like a spa. Lovely oils
31/10/2018, By Melissa
This is definitely a big boost for women that is struggling with skin that feels dead or dull.
Bought a bottle for my 62 year old super Mum as well, as she has very dark marks on her face due to cancer.She loves it.
The lavender smell also seems to help with (when applied to night face routine) sleeping at night.
31/10/2018, By Chee
The product in itself is good, I liked the ingredients and the moisturizing qualities but the smell is unbearable. My boyfriend asked me not to use it :(
28/10/2018, By Vanessa
What a lovely all in one product. Perfect all round
28/10/2018, By Busi
Bought the product less than a month ago. My skin loves this product. It smells great and keeps it hydrated.
25/10/2018, By Candice
At first I thought this product was pricey for some oil, but boy I'm glad I got it, makes your skin feel amazing and will last super long, I would say way over 6 months to a year!!
25/10/2018, By Marlena
A brilliant product for any skin type. It lasts a long time and your skin really feels hydrated without being left oily. Just love the smell of it.
24/10/2018, By Sally
Great product for older and dryer skin.
It really does seem to soak in.
22/10/2018, By Katie
I have severely dry skin (especially around my hairline and temples)- I can notice an immediate difference after applying this serum. I did get a few spots on my chin/neck so am just avoiding those areas on my face now.
Highly recommend it for those who suffer from dry skin
21/10/2018, By Elisabeth
Brilliant oil that really treats your skin. Easy to use no fuss packaging. Lovely aroma too
18/10/2018, By Melanie
After reading all the reviews, I really wanted this product to work and It Did! I don't have wrinkles yet and I'm hoping that with continued use of this serum I won't have that many in years to come! The product is a oil based so be careful to use just a tiny drop. It leaves my skin feeling soft as a baby's bottom. I love the way my skin feels. The only downside is the strong smell which I've gotten used to now
18/10/2018, By Lor
I'm on my second bottle and loving it. I found the smell a little off putting when I first started using the product but now it just smells "right". It absorbs quicky and doesn't leave an oily feeling. I also use it on my neck, chest and the back of my hands. Will definitely be using this product indefinitely.
15/10/2018, By Claire
I absolutely love this product. I use it every day and love how it feels on my skin not to mention the gorgeous fragrance of all the natural oils. I honesty feel it gives me the moisture I need and keeps me looking younger.
15/10/2018, By KAREN
This is an excellent product! Very nourishing, absorbs quickly, no oily residue! Definitely a winner!
15/10/2018, By Kelly
Not greasy at all. Really smoothes my skin and no skin irritations or blemishes. Really lovely serum. I also use it on my chest and tops of hands if I have a chance. Only been using it for 2 weeks so cannot really give feedback on anti-wrinkle claims.
15/10/2018, By Laura
Best oil ever miracle worker. not only has it made my skin look younger it is also fading away my hyperpigmentation marks.... I am amazed, have tried it all, but this is the best yet.
15/10/2018, By Margaret
Its magical.I love everything about it.My grandaughter has been telling me for years to tryit.I bought 1 and got the 1 free.Thought it will last for ages.My daughter saw 2 bottles and said oh is 1 for me.!
15/10/2018, By Madelein
What can I say, as usual you came up with another wonderful all natural product. First of all I LOVE the smell, it absorbs quickly and my skin feel so soft. I'm all for natural products and this one immediately caught my eye when I read the list of ingredients it contains. Love it!
Thank you Faithfull to Nature!
14/10/2018, By Laurie
I find this a bit oily and takes time to absorb on my skin. I'm not mad about the smell. But I've only been using it a short time
14/10/2018, By Alfie
Wonderfully comforting and nourishing - I prefer this consistency to the balm (too thick & sticky)
14/10/2018, By Muscles
One week of using this product and it feels so good on my skin.
14/10/2018, By Kirst
What a beautiful product that absorbs into my skin perfectly. It makes my skin feel smoother and has helped with my acne marks :)
14/10/2018, By Muscles
Love it!! Smell is perfectly fine. Enjoy knowing that I am putting a clean product on my skin. The bottle did leak during transport for delivery, as it was not kept upright. Sad to have lost some ml out the bottle.
13/10/2018, By Stacy
Works wonders on my skin!
13/10/2018, By Stacy
Works wonders on my skin!
12/10/2018, By Pearlene
The smell is a bit overwhelming, but it nourishes the skin so well
08/10/2018, By Hamida
Got it on promotion!

Makes me feel taken care of, love it!

I have normal skin ( i think) and use it over a SPF 30 and get all the protection, and moisture I need!
06/10/2018, By Kristina
Very moisturizing, however the smell is too strong for my liking.
02/10/2018, By Anette
This is really pure gold in a bottle. It gives my skin that soft, well hydrated feeling as well as help with the wrinkles. Really something every women has to have.
02/10/2018, By Janine
My mom has extremely sensitive skin and can't handle a lot of essential oils but this works for her and she continues to keep purchasing it.
27/09/2018, By Love the smell
I broke out in fine pimples I have sensitive skin
24/09/2018, By Ilse
My favourite spice. This is a good one, the real thing (ceylon cinnamon)
24/09/2018, By Ilse
I absolutely love this serum. Nourishes my skin and gives a nice healthy glow. I use it during the day or sometimes also instead of a night cream. One bottle lasts very long.
11/09/2018, By Zuleikha
Love the product. Been using it for 2 months now. I had really sensitive and dry skin. It makes my skin feel amazing.
27/08/2018, By Venessa R
Wonderful! This is an amazing oil that transforms your skin over time leaving it glowing and clear of most marks and blemish scars.
A definite buy again for me!
26/08/2018, By Nicky
This product is fantastic for people with dry or sensitive skin. It does tend to partially solidify but that is not an issue for me but may be for others
22/08/2018, By Dan
thumbs up! so reasonably priced
17/08/2018, By Taz
I have been using it for less than 24hrs. I have used it twice. I am 36yrs old. Started getting acne the past 8 month and this stuff in less than a day inflammation gone. Pimples less!!! This stuff is fantastic!!! I have used some of the top brands for my face and it hasn't worked. Love
16/08/2018, By Zuleikha
Amazing products. Makes my skin so soft.
16/08/2018, By Dominique
I use this serum every night instead of a night cream, have been using it for ages. It is lovely and is absorbed easily, it is not greasy at all.I also use their rehydrating cream during the day. Love this range!
06/08/2018, By Leanne
I have seriously problematic skin, with eczema and acne everywhere, and bad reactions to all other products I've ever tried. These products have been life-changing. This one smells amazing, and I use it everywhere, not only on my face. My skin is the clearest and most comfortable it's ever been, and I can even wear a little make-up now and then without too many bad consequences.
04/08/2018, By Zoa
Great product indeed. I tried a sample of this and my dark mark from under the eyes is going away.
03/08/2018, By Ange
I absolutely love Bee Natural Liquid Gold Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum! I use it instead of a night cream and sometimes even as a day cream. There is no oily residue and my skin feels really hydrated. It is way better than any other oil I have ever used. I highly recommend it!
20/07/2018, By Mollize
You know it's a good product when clients ask you; "how do you keep on getting younger?"
18/07/2018, By Loveleen
I love this and will order again, I use it as a night cream alternative and my skin has been breaking out less.
06/07/2018, By Liesl
I got a tiny little sample of this product with an order... and I absolutely love it!! it works GREAT on pimples - if I see a pimple coming out, I just dab a little on there and tomorrow morning its sooooo much better or even gone! I am on here right now to order a bottle because my sample is finished... a little goes a LONG way! and the smell is really NOT BAD - i like it!
05/07/2018, By Tanya
Your skin feels amazing after using this product for a few days.
10/06/2018, By Tania
A bit too oily, even for my dry sensitive skin on my face. I have however started using this serum as a base oil (as protective layer) before putting on Kalahari Melon & Rosemary Shaving Gel Cleanser to shave, these two products together are shaving heaven!
08/06/2018, By Megan
This is the best serum. I use it day and night on my sensitive, oily skin instead of a moisturiser and eye cream. It has really made a difference and my skin looks and feels plumper.
06/06/2018, By Christine
Love this for face & neck, has a strong but pleasant fragrance, absorbs quickly with healthy shine. It shows real results over time
22/05/2018, By Lerentia
Love this product! For my skin it is perfect, making it smooth and supple. (The strong smell quickly disappears.)
21/05/2018, By Carien
Awesome Product! Love the Range... will definitely buy again. Thank you!
11/05/2018, By Giulia
This is by far one of the best products I have used on my skin in my life. I made my mom try it in and had to leave it to her because she absolutely loved it. The smell is wonderful.
30/04/2018, By Chantelle
Great product, my skin loves this serum! I use it as a night moisturiser, its light and is absorbed beautifully.
No more chemicals for my skin!
29/04/2018, By Melanie
I just started using this, but really enjoying the product. I have very dry skin and thus the reason for buying this product. So far so good. Nice and hydrating.
23/04/2018, By Ilse
I have been using this for a year or more and I will never use anything else ever again. It makes my skin feel great, I love the smell and I think it actually works in keeping the skin younger for longer.
16/04/2018, By Francesca
I have been using this for a few weeks now and love it. Smells so nice and relaxes me. My skin feels hydrated, silky soft and doesn't cause breakouts which I was worried about. Have bought this for my mom and sister.
15/04/2018, By Linda
Feels wonderful on my skin. Would definitely recommend it and will purchase again.
08/04/2018, By Jay
My skin loves this oil. It is easily absorbed after a few minutes, non greasy and feels great. I love this product. My skin feels soft and hydrated.
05/04/2018, By Winnie
What an incredible product. Its smells nice and my skin is loving it.
27/03/2018, By Marinda
This is such a great product. Although I haven't been using it for very long, the results I've seen thus far is really worth it. It smells good and my skin loves it. I find that my skin can become a bit oily, but then I just skip a day and everything is back to normal. The pump-mechanism can use some refining. Since a little goes a long way, the pump should be 'smoother' or more controllable.
26/03/2018, By chantelly
cant wait for it to be on sale again
26/03/2018, By Megan
I received a sample of this & HAD TO HAVE IT. I adore this product - it smells incredible & leaves my skin looking smooth and plump in the morning. I would definitely recommend letting it absorb a while before getting into bed, as I find it takes a long time to truly absorb & might get all over your pillow. I put it on straight after my skincare routine, well before bed time & it works great!
13/03/2018, By Evelyn
just love this product, has made a noticeable difference to a recent scar after just 2 weeks of use. Easily absorbed and is great for anything. Love it so much.
13/03/2018, By Sam
amazing product. Light on my skin and absorbed beautifully Sam
13/03/2018, By Co
The only thing that works in dry highveld winters. Extremely rich, but absorbs pretty well if not overapplied. A little goes a long way. Gorgeous subtle smell.
07/03/2018, By Rio
When I initially tried this product I did feel the smell to be a bit much. However I've got to say it's grown on me & I love it! Skin looks brighter & glows!
03/03/2018, By Annie
This serum is soothing and makes my skin glow. I apply it under moisturiser and it give my skin a smooth texture.
03/03/2018, By Tesh
This product and wonderful reviews and I was really keen on trying it. Unfortunately it did not live up to expectations for me. Although it smells lovely it applies really thick and does feel quite oily on the skin. I did notice my skin did feel slightly more plump but I did not feel that it. Will not be ordering this again. I do however recommend the Bee natural skin tonic which I think is A Cut Above this serum.
28/02/2018, By T
The anti wrinkle oil is not really aimed at my age bracket (20s) but I bought it anyway because I'm a junkie. It works so well for reducing pore size which was unexpected. I only use it at night. Sometimes I mix it with the Skoon Skin Sips and apply moisturizer over it.
28/02/2018, By Lize
I highly recommend this product. A little goes a long way and smells amazing. Your skin feels like silk. Love the product.
08/02/2018, By Lynn
THIS IS PURE GOLD! Within a week of using it my husband said, 'What have you done, you look 10 years younger!'
08/02/2018, By Zakz
So I've seen reviews here that have complaints of the smell. Don't let that put you off – it really doesn't smell bad, I promise!
08/02/2018, By Zakz
This feels so good on my skin. It's more of an oil than a serum though (comparing it to other serums I've used). I use it every night. Have yet to see results in terms of my skin looking good, but so far I can tell my skin feels more hydrated.
07/02/2018, By Cecile
Like everyone else I think this truly is a good product! I had a very dehydrated skin and nothing seemed to help, after about 10 days of using this my skin feels plump and moist. I use it with the Simply Bee night cream, and am definitely buying the day cream next!
05/02/2018, By Ntombi
best ever, i look very beautiful this days, thank you
05/02/2018, By Colleen
I have dry to normal (combination) skin, and my skin has been dehydrated, so along with lots of water and this serum, my skin is soaking it all in. It absorbs easily, I don't have any dry patches. I use it after i cleanse and moisturise after few min. Also, I love applying my makeup after this is done, leaves a nice dewy finish. I've shared this on Instagram so I definitely recommend this serum. Great product!!
05/02/2018, By Tenille
So luxurious, and cost effective
02/02/2018, By Marilyn
It’s quite strong smelling, which takes some time getting used to. But it is a wonderful product. Makes my skin feel incredibly soft and is the only serum that doesn’t make my skin sweat. Such a wonderful range, and very good value for money. My husband loves it so much he asked for his own bottle!
02/02/2018, By Silma
I'm not sure how to edit my earlier review, so adding a follow-up. For the first month or so the product was great and made my skin feel soft and supple, but I have stopped using it as it now makes my skin feel greasy, even with just a small amount used. I would still recommend the product for on/off use throughout the year.
30/01/2018, By Michelle
This product leaves my skin feeling gorgeous, but I can't use it often as the scent makes me feel a little queasy.
29/01/2018, By Keren
I received a sample of this. I love bee products and so wanted to love this. The serum itself is lovely, but I find the scent overpowering from the essential oils in it. I am very sensitive to smell, and I just find it too much.
15/01/2018, By Carlyn
As with all their products, this is wonderful.
I will NEVER use anything else again!
I'm so happy I found this range.
07/01/2018, By Robyn
Fantastic product, will definitely buy this again
03/01/2018, By Yolandi
Love this product. On my second bottle already.
I use the full Bee Natural rage now and Hubby recently commented that I look younger, so I guess it must be working.
21/12/2017, By Claudette
Love the way this serum makes my skin feel - great product!
15/12/2017, By Judy
Got this as a gift from my hubby. Love this product!! I love the smell, does wonders to my skin. a little goes a long way :-)
13/12/2017, By Tania
I'm loving this serum, will most definitely be buying it again! I'm getting so many comments on how beautiful my skin is!
11/12/2017, By Angiedm
A great product. Made my skin glow within days of using it, also gave my skin a more even appearance. It is initially a little oily but absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy texture. I am VERY happy to use something that actually makes my skin look nice as opposed to just saying it will on the box and that I know is not filling me full of toxic chemicals.
06/12/2017, By Lauren
I love this product. It makes my skin soft and supple and really glow. Highly recommend!
05/12/2017, By Justine
Not sure if I love or hate the smell of it, but it is doing wonders for my skin!
05/12/2017, By Claire
This has got to be one of my favourite products. I love it!!!! I use it everyday and sometimes twice a day, specially in the evening before I go to bed. It leaves my skin feeling youthful and fresh and it also seems to help me sleep at night. It goes into the skin really easily. My skin is fairly dry and this product helps it to feel plumped up and healthy. I absolutely love it!
05/12/2017, By Silma
I've only been using this for a few days. So far I love it. It absorbs quickly and doesn't give my skin that greasy feeling that most oils do. It smells nice too, and makes my skin feel great. I would caution other users not to push the pump down too fast as too much product will come out. You just need a small amount.
04/12/2017, By Kate
Love this product, use it before my moisturiser. Leaves skin smooth and glowing. The Lavender smell is quite strong.
01/12/2017, By Casey
I have been using this for a week and can already see and feel a difference, it is an absolutely wonderful product!
01/12/2017, By Tandy
Amazing, smells like a perfume and makes your skin glow!
01/12/2017, By Penny
I really like this serum, absorbs easily and smells divine.
01/12/2017, By Chantilly
Love this face serum . It was my lucky day when I got it on discount , so I bought two. My daughter loves it too. It is non greasy , and smooths my fine lines around my eyes perfectly ...I use it under my regular day moisturiser. Value for money , it will last me a while .
27/11/2017, By chantel
I will definitely purchase this again. good product. rate it 5!
22/11/2017, By Giulia
I've tried this in a sample first, and then HAD to get it again. Its name is the perfect description.
22/11/2017, By Alice
I looove it! Tried the sample and now I bought it with a 45% off (Black Friday special). Leaves my skin smooth and looking great.
11/11/2017, By Hijinx
I absolutely love this product. It smells divine, it really works beautifully on my skin and when I put it on at night and go to bed, it knocks me out.....must be the Lavender. It's really fantastic!
11/11/2017, By Lily
This serum is magic. I've used it for 5 days and yesterday my hubby said "Your face is glowing and beautiful" ....something that I've noticed myself.
02/11/2017, By Tania
Smell is exquisite, very luxurious and improves hydration of my skin through the night, love it!
24/10/2017, By N
Once again a great product. Good price for a 100ml facial oil.
13/10/2017, By Lynn
Love this product and have been using for a couple of years now. It is super hydrating - use every night and I add a few drops to my regular day cream in the morning for a bit of extra nourishment. Makes the day cream go further and my skins loves me for it.
06/10/2017, By k
The name says it all
06/10/2017, By Tracey
I keep coming back to this. I love the smell.
05/10/2017, By Elsie
Will last you a while. Great smell. Also good for skin repair where you have dry patches. I use mine at night.
27/09/2017, By BUTTON
I got a tiny sample - it's on my list for my next order. Fantastic stuff.
25/09/2017, By Greer
I got a free sample on this, I used it twice on my face and it really felt amazing afterwards. Would recommend this, but just a bit expensive.
20/09/2017, By Sandra
Brilliant.... really is liquid gold
17/09/2017, By Rika
Love everything about this serum - the smell, my skin, ease of use, my skin. This is my new default gift for friends and family.
17/09/2017, By Hayley
A wonderful hydrating serum, which can be used on its own or under a moisturiser. Perfect for dry and aging skin.
16/09/2017, By Tanz
Hydrating and skin firming. It also helps with fine lines. I'm 44 and think this product is a must have for my skin. I first received it as a sample then bought it for my mother and myself and we are both do happy with this product. We both love this complete range and use it. Fantastic range of products.
15/09/2017, By chantel
this serum smells amazing, not too heavy on the skin, makes your skin feel soft and supple. some people are put off by the smell, but I think its great. well worth it. used it when I received a sample, but plan to buy it.
08/09/2017, By Sandra
Brililant... really is liquid gold. I use it before my day cream and my skin is very happy
28/08/2017, By jools
Love it. Perfect after a hot shower. Have a very sensitive skin and been using it for long with no negative effects.
21/08/2017, By Jones
Very efficient service. Great product.
04/08/2017, By Nettie
Like this serum very much! My face feels well hydrated and it smells wonderful. This is now my must have for my face!
04/08/2017, By Carlyn
this is the best face serum I have used. I would recommend their entire skincare range, It truly is the best
04/08/2017, By Jenna
This is fantastic. I keep on coming back to this - the bees really pack a powerful punch !!!! I have tried various other serums but I really think this is the best - truly like liquid silk . Well done
01/08/2017, By Lindi
Incredible product! All natural and the best moisture this dehydrated 45 year old skin has come across! Wrinkles look less and people have told me I look absolutely radiant?!
22/07/2017, By Toni-Jordan
My partner & I make all our body products so I must add that this is the only product other than hair products we would purchase. I bought this item when it was on sale, because of the ingredients & reviews & was not disappointed one bit. In this case a little goes a long way. I use this product 3-4 times a week and have an oily-combination skin. This product did not make my skin oilier later on in the day like so many other good brands did. So in conjunction with our body soaps, this is all I use & am happy with the feel & look of my skin after using this product. I couldn't imagine the combination of these ingredients smelling terrible when I read some of these reviews, I breathe in & appreciate mother nature. SIMPLY a FANTASTIC PRODUCT!
21/07/2017, By Olivia
Absolutely liquid gold! 4 days of using this now and my skin is jusssssst ahhhmazing!!! I'm hooked!!
21/07/2017, By Vialli
I love this stuff.
I received this as a sample and I decided to try it on my face as it developed a dry itchy rash.
I'm so glad that I decided to try it because my rash cleared within 2days and my skin is soft as powder. Please do not discontinue this product.
19/07/2017, By Sandra
My skin has never been smoother or softer.
10/07/2017, By ZooMode
Wow! I received this serum as a sample and was amazed at how well it works. Yes the scent is powerful but very pleasant. I don't typically like the scent of geranium but this is evened out by the scents of propolis and neroli etc. These are all natural scents so if you aren't a lover of strong scents or even natural ones for that matter then it's probably not for you. For me personally this one is a keeper!
10/07/2017, By Elijah
Received a sample of this. Its not bad. My skin did feel good after applying it. But the smell is just too much for me!
07/07/2017, By SHDurban
My mum swears by this for her very dry skin. Also smells amazing.
28/06/2017, By Estie
I just received this as a sample with my order and used it twice. I absolutely love it! I can immediately feel the difference on my skin. I am recommending this to the ladies at work.
28/06/2017, By Ingrid
This is just the best facial serum I've ever tried. It not only smells delicious, but it leaves my skin feeling soft and plumped up with moisture without feeling oily.
12/06/2017, By Toni-Jordan
I have had this product for a while. I am a 29 year old female & have extremely sensitive skin. I am still trying to figure out what product to use as I cannot use any products that have any toxic chemicals in them.

I am quite happy with this product. My partner loves using it sometimes as a aftershave too.

It lasts too as you don't use it often. I usually use it it the evenings and the smell is totally bearable, it's hard to think some people don't like it.
06/06/2017, By Jay
i love it, so soft on my skin. absorbs well does not make you shiny. spray bottle makes it last and last and last as you only need a little at a time. cleared acne scars
06/06/2017, By Binta
This is a deliciously nutritious serum for my skin, leaving it plumped up and glowing. It really feels like liquid gold! Love the smell too.
03/06/2017, By Anne
Love this serum. Hydrates and gives my skin a beautiful glow. Like the smell of the essential oils. Will definitely keep using!
30/05/2017, By Pablo
Best product I've used for my face, great natural smell.
29/05/2017, By raeesa
Easy to apply serum, lightweight yet very hydrating. Results can be seen almost immediately
31/03/2017, By Leilani
This would be a lovely product, if it wasn for the terrible smell! So much for fragrance free. I literally had to get out of bed last night and wash my face and hands because I couldn sleep. Very strong smell, trust me if you do not like perfumey smells this is NOT for you.
04/02/2017, By Irmina
Had to stop using it at night as my boyfriend couldn stand the smell, Im also not a fan of it. It made my skin feel soft and nourished but only for the first week or two and then it seemed to have lost its effect. Definitely won be buying it again.
03/02/2017, By Paula
My first time getting this product and for sure not the last. My skin feels so good after applying this product every morning, smooth, moisture and with a natural glow.
11/01/2017, By Shari
Really love this product. Got this as a sample and it really is liquid gold in a bottle. It rejuvenates tired and dull skin and makes you look young and fresh again.
18/12/2016, By Anet
It made my dry skin feel soft and hydrated. Not a fan of the smell, though.
11/12/2016, By Clair
I use this product daily in winter, and twice a week in summer. It really helps to keep my skin radiant and moisturised, and is absorbed quickly. I use very little at a time so a bottle lasts for ever.
29/11/2016, By Petro
Got a sample of this oil and from the first application I could feel and see the difference!!!
16/11/2016, By Liz
This stuff is amazing! I got it as a sample in one of my orders, and Im hooked! Super affordable, amazing smell and feel on the skin, and you wouldn believe how long 100ml lasts! And it makes your skin glow without an oil slick!
04/11/2016, By Sharmila
Having hit my 40s my skin seems to be getting drier, to the extent that I have had flaky skin around my mouth. This product just soaks right in and my skin is loving it! No more tightness or itching.
01/11/2016, By Nicola
Awesome product, just love it. Makes your skin so soft and smooth and gives it a lovely glow :)
28/10/2016, By Rozalia
The smell is just divine! Leaves my skin feeling like silk and absorbs quickly.I got this product as a sample. Love it! Thanks!
27/10/2016, By Lisa
I recieved this product as a sample with previous purchase- when i put it on my face the first night i instintly loved it the feel and smell can be a bit overwhelming but as it absorbs it not as bad. But obviously i had to buy this peoduct! I love it! I have very dry skin and used bio oil etc on my skin and still dry patches! After my first sample use the dry patches was 100% better! You wont be disappointed with this product! Absolutely LOVE
26/10/2016, By colleen
My skin is looking so healthy. In fact, I am glowing. I truly love this product! :)
07/10/2016, By MIchelle
I love this product. It is a must-have for any ladys face routine, especially if you suffer from dry skin.
26/09/2016, By Selma
I cannot comment yet on the anti-wrinkle claim, but it feels lovely on my skin. Absorbs quickly and smells divine. I apply it to my neck and décolletage and it doubles as a perfume. Will keep buying.
23/09/2016, By lani
I love this product - the texture, the smell.... I cannot fault it at all. Im thinking of stockpiling. It feels so luxurious
18/09/2016, By Natalee
Lovely on the skin.
If you love the smell of essential oils and honey then this is wonderful!
02/09/2016, By Sharon
Ive used essential oils in a vegetable base for 30yrs and am always keen to experiment with similar products. Your serum packaging is fantastic and works incredibly well - no mess and controlled amounts . Secondly, the texture of the oil is really fabulous - thin, silky and absorbs well. i usually put my own mixture on top of yours - i prefer jojoba as a base for skin, together with evening primrose. So i guess Im getting a wide range of oils for my skin. The only slight hesitation I have is the strong Neroli smell, but it doesn last too long. so not a major criticism. I would definitely use this oil again. its a great product.
01/09/2016, By Jenna
I am loving this product - the smell took a bit of getting used to but now I look forward to applying this serum. Leaves your skin feeling like silk definitely improves the texture of ones skin. Would definitely recommend this product
31/08/2016, By Ruth
I reacted badly to this product...took days until the allergic reaction subsided
23/08/2016, By Samara
Very lovely smell, however I have been using it for a few weeks without any real obvious difference. Pro is that the bottle is very large and one only needs a few drops....will see if there are any improvements over continued use.
18/08/2016, By Lesley
Tried the product and at first was thrilled, skin felt nourished and then my skin reacted. I had the worst attack of eczema, stopped using the oil for awhile giving the skin a chance to heal.
Tried using the oil again and within just a few hours my skin started itching and become inflamed.
Has anyone else been effected this way.
12/08/2016, By Christine
Love this product, fantastic - love the results, texture, quick absorption, and amazing smell
08/08/2016, By Delani
I bought this product simply because it was on special and was pleasantly surprised by the size of the product, I think it will last quite a while. Been using it for almost 2 weeks now only at night and it is heavenly, my skin feels wonderful and the smell is divine. I will definitely continue using this!
05/08/2016, By Anel
I use this serum mostly at night, and a different product as a day cream. Its very effective in nourishing my dry skin. It also doubles as a perfume as it is quite a concentration of essential oils that smell divine. Despite it seeming a bit pricey, the bottle is quite large and you only use a small amount. Will definitely keep on buying this product.
14/07/2016, By Lyn
I really wanted to love this product. It is quickly absorbed, a little goes very far and it does feel lovely on your skin; it made my skin feel so smooth.
But the smell!
It is seriously strong and overpowering.
I have never been able to handle certain distinct smells, like incense or some very strong perfumes. I tend to get a headache and feel nauseated.
And the cloying sickly sweet smell of this product made me react in the same way.
And it wasn just that the smell was strong, it also lasted nearly the whole night. I could still smell it on my face for hours afterwards.
Although I had read the reviews and noticed that someone else had commented negatively on the smell, the majority of reviews on the smell and overall product were really good, so when I saw it on special I thought it was time to try it.
If you are not easily affected by the smell of your products, this might be worth a try. I think it would work well on most skins, even sensitive.
But if like me, you know that you might react badly when your products smell like a stick of incense, stay far away from this one!
08/03/2016, By Heather
I have a very dry mature skin and am moving towards using natural products because I do not like some of the chemicals used in most other serums. I have been using this face serum every night for about three weeks. I find it absorbs well, and does not leave a sticky residue. It works well under my moisturiser and makes my skin feel soft and smooth and has shrunk the size of my pores.

On the down side it does have a strong, although not unpleasant, smell which I think is from the essential oils (geranium?) which I have got used to.

I experienced a problem with the pump dispenser and it was replaced easily and very quickly.
12/02/2016, By Petra
Smells lovely and feels like a treat for the skin... even though its oil based, it doesn feel oily and absorbs quickly.
28/01/2016, By Janine
The smell is so addictive, its just divine. Leaves my skin feeling like silk
23/06/2015, By Wendy
I am enjoying using the Bee Natural Liquid Gold Serum and can already see a difference in my skin.
20/06/2015, By Yvette
I am so disappointed, the bottle says fragrance free and I thought just that! It must be the combination of the essential oils - but I put this on my face last night and find the smell unpleasant, overpowering and nauseating. I am so sorry I bought this product...
15/05/2015, By Carol Anne
Wow this is beautiful. Seldom does a skincare product live up to the manufacturers claims - this one exceeds them. Glides on like silk, smells simply divine and skin feels silky when it has absorbed. I put quite a lot on then do a facial massage with it. Try using their hydrating facial balm over it - stunning.
27/03/2015, By DrKnow
This is truly an amazing product! You only need a little bit as the oil spreads easily. It Works before your eyes! Been using it for a week or so and it has decreased bad, deep frown lines. Gives skin a healthy glow. Get unbelievable results from a product that keeps it promise! My elderly mom with paper (hypothyroidism) has been amazed at how it has rehydrate and decreased her skin!
22/01/2015, By Carissa
It has a lovely smell and absorbs quickly. Only have to use a little bit, this bottle will last for a long time. I love all Bee Naturals facial products.

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