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Up Your Water Intake – Make Your Own Delicious Infusions

Water – we couldn’t exist without it and it’s easy to convince yourself that as long as you are getting in enough liquids your water supply is adequately taken care of, but our bodies also need water that isn’t full of all sorts of sugars and solids, not matter how good they are for you.

Our bodies are made up of 60% water – it lubricates and facilitates every single function in our bodies, from digestion to flushing toxins and is even necessary for breathing! Blood plasma itself is made up of 91.5% water and our brains are 75% water. Good reason to make sure you get in plenty of this life-giving magic.

Designer water has become quite a fad and there are many different versions water on the shelves these days – but a closer look at the labels may reveal artificial sweeteners, preservatives and additives that seem counterintuitive to drinking water for your health.

You can make your own tasty water though – it’s as simple as making your own infusions with nature’s bounty – herbs, fruits, veggies and even a tiny touch of essential oils. You could take it a step further and add some vibrational support in the form of homeopathic remedies such as rescue remedy!

Water infusions have just that touch of delicate yummy flavor, and even some added health benefits, while still leaving the water pure enough to do its important hydrating work in your body without giving your kidneys loads of extra filtering to do.

What you can add to your water infusion

Remember – less is more with a water infusion, you are enhancing your water, not making a cocktail.

• Thinly sliced fruit & veggies such as lemons, oranges, strawberries cucumbers, berries, apples, celery, carrots
• Edible flowers such as rose petals, lavender, citrus blossoms, hibiscus, nasturtiums
• Fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, mint, basil, cilantro, parsley
• Spices such as cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, fresh ginger, cloves, vanilla bean
• Essential oils such as lemon, lime, ginger, peppermint, spearmint and grapefruit
• You can even add a touch of emotional therapy with a few drops of homeopathic flower remedies

• Make sure that the fruits, herbs and veggies you use are organic or at least thoroughly rinsed or even peeled
• Essential oils are extremely potent so use these with caution – only a drop or two in a jug and only safe oils. Always check which oils are not safe for internal use and especially which are a no-go for preggy moms (check with a doctor or midwife) and only go for organically produced oils that are therapeutic grade
• Be sure to use pure water, not tap water – use a good water filter or spring water
• Don’t squeeze the fruits and veggies juices into the water, the idea is to gently infuse the water, not add juice.


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How to
• Gather you ingredients – slice fruit and veggies finely
• Fill a large jug or bottle with pure water, leaving enough room for the volume of your fruits and veggies. If you use a bottle you will have to use smaller fruits such as blueberries or slice your pieces small enough to they can be pushed through the bottle neck
• Add your goodies to the water
• Leave it to infuse for a few hours – citrus infuses almost immediately, whereas berries can take a few hours
• Store it in the fridge to keep it fresh


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Infusion combos

• Cucumber slices and fresh mint sprigs
• Citrus slices (lemon or orange) and blueberries
• Pineapple slices and fresh mint sprigs
• Watermelon with fresh basil or rosemary sprigs
• Sliced strawberry fresh mint sprigs
• Blueberries with fresh lavender sprigs
• Grapes, kiwi slices, lemon essential oil
• Lemon slices with fresh cilantro
• Rosemary and grapefruit
• Raspberries, rose petals and vanilla
• Use the suggested oils singly to add flavour or combine them with your combos. The citrus oils are great for detoxing and antioxidants, and peppermint and ginger are good for digestion.


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Water taken to the next level, infused water can add that little bit of fun and variety to your water drinking experience and encourage you to up your water intake.







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