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Soaring Free Superfoods Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds

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Soaring Free Superfoods Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds

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Soaring Free Superfoods Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds
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Price From:

Regular Price: R189.00

Special Price R151.20

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Why Faithful to Nature loves it:
Get yourself the nutty-flavoured Soaring Free Superfoods Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds to boost the flavour of your smoothies, snack bars, soups or other savoury dishes. These natural, vegan friendly protein seeds assist with gut support and improve your digestive system’s function. We also love that they are organic certified and contain no sulfites, palm oil, GMOs or artificial additives. The Soaring Free alkalising protein-rich hemp seeds can provide essential liver support and also boost your overall immune system.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • Ideal for flavouring up your smoothies, snack bars, soups or other savoury dishes
  • Contains liver supporting lecithin and EFAs which minimise oxidative stress
  • May reduce inflammation
  • Helps to improve your overall immune system
  • Assist with tissue repair and building muscle
  • Can aid your gut and digestion
  • Kosher friendly - certified by the Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa
  • Certified EU and CERES Organic
  • Vegan friendly
  • GMO free
  • No sulphites or artificial flavouring and colouring
  • Palm Oil free
  • Free of Dairy, Wheat, Gluten, Rye and Tree Nuts


  • Mix it with your favourite smoothies, snack bars, soups or other savoury options.
  • Combine with hemp seeds, seaweed powders and salt as a salad sprinkle to upgrade your daily nutrition.
  • Make hemp milk, cream and cheese
  • Can be taken after an intensive exercise.
  • Recommended minimum of 50g daily.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place.


  • Available in: 200g, 500g & 1kg.


Typical Nutritional Information: per 10g serving

  • Energy (kJ): 2130
  • Protein (g): 31.5
  • Carbohydrate (g): 2
  • of which Total Sugar (g): 1.4
  • Total Fat (g): 37.5
  • of which Saturated Fat (g): 3.5
  • Dietary Fibre (g): 22.7
  • Sodium (mg): 9


  • This product was produced in a facility that may contain Wheat, Gluten, Rye and Tree Nuts.


  • Cardboard tube with tin top and bottom.

Country of Origin:

  • Made in South Africa with imported ingredients
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Overall Rating
4.9 out of 5 stars from 98 reviews

97 out of 98 people would recommend this product

09/04/2024, By Blanca
Great taste and healthy. Add this to my porridge. Love the bulk pack:)
14/03/2024, By Lisa
Love the taste of hemp seeds. I buy these, because they are organic. Just pretty expensive to buy monthly along with other healthy products. Wish the price was a little lower without compromising quality (if that's possible)
08/03/2024, By JJ
Love hemp seeds. But getting a bit pricey now.
31/10/2023, By Michaela
Rich, nutty flavour, works well as replacement for parmigiano in pasta as well on salads.
22/09/2023, By Catherine
Love Soaring Free Super Foods - looking forward to using these cacao nibs in baked goods
27/08/2023, By Flor
I love it
26/08/2023, By Blanca
Great taste, quality product. I add it to my granola/ smoothies. It's so versatile you can add it to just about anything or on its own. Love the bulk pack, lasts a good while &saves money.
25/08/2023, By Daphne
My first ever order of hemp seeds, and they're awesome! I love the nuttiness and how versatile they are. Have had them on bakes vegetables, in my breakfast smoothie, on rice and straight out of the packet. I'm hooked and will definitely order again
24/07/2023, By Natalie W
As a vegan, these seeds pack a nutritional punch! I bought this size pack as a gift for someone, as I buy the 1kg pack as I munch on them daily - On top of fruit, salads, in my smoothies - they are versatile and they're organic!
17/07/2023, By KJ
Love these. Perfect for making Hemp milk at home.
27/06/2022, By Catherine
Great vegan organic protein. Love that it comes in bulk size! Good brand.
31/10/2020, By Ari
Great product
28/10/2020, By Laetetia
Nutrient dense
12/06/2020, By Tash
I love this brand and I love hemp seeds! I add two teaspoons in my oats, Buddha bowls and smoothies. It has a great nutty flavour.
06/06/2020, By Alexandra
One of my kitchen cupboard staples, these hemp seeds are a tasty, crunchy and nutritious addition to salads, avocado on toast and breakfast oats.
05/06/2020, By Carolyn
These little gems are so nutritious and are a great addition to my morning oats or yoghurt.
03/06/2020, By Maureen
Use them in our muesli mix. Just a teaspoon a day. I buy on a regular basis.
28/05/2020, By Carolyn
I love these in my morning oats every morning. Great flavour and texture....
12/05/2020, By René
Using this to make hemp milk. Love it
03/05/2020, By Lisa
Ideal for smoothies and oats in the morning
29/04/2020, By Happy
Use sparingly
18/03/2020, By Heather
I use these on my steel cut oats in the morning. Very fresh and great quality
06/03/2020, By Nix
I love topping breakfast for my family with this, so subtle and nutty - and oh so healthy!
30/11/2019, By Berry
I'm using it to make hemp milk.
21/10/2019, By Dianne
I absolutely love sprinkling this on my salads or adding to smoothies, yum!
03/10/2019, By Jesica
Bought this product for the first time a few days ago and I'm already placing my next order for more. I absolutely love it!!
03/10/2019, By Jesica
Bought this product for the first time a few days ago and I'm already placing my next order for more. I absolutely love it!!
01/09/2019, By Elana
Delicious nutty flavor - endless possibilities to add to all types of food
Excellent company with excellent credentials so I know I’m eating a quality product
19/07/2019, By NEY
I absolutely love these hemp seeds. The taste is sooooo delicious. I either blend them with my smoothies or i just eat a spoon full of these seeds through out the day everyday.
16/07/2019, By Emma
They helped to keep me fuller for longer when sprinkled over food. Fantastic!
06/07/2019, By Mergan
A nice and healthy product, that tastes good on its own.
03/06/2019, By Lebo
Oh My Word,,,i must say i am very impressed with the service received from orders came in so fast wow!!!...nd also received a nice sample bottle as a sweet.thank u

I love the taste of this product and will be ordering it again soon...hope it really helps...
27/05/2019, By Tracey Joy
Delicious nutty taste
11/05/2019, By Jordana
Great nutty taste. I love how they add protein to dishes and how versatile they are. I add them into my oats and smoothies and even soups and salads.
09/05/2019, By Simone
A great addition to my salads and good to know that its super good for you
06/05/2019, By Mari
Excellent!couldnt be happier
12/04/2019, By Shirley
Lovely source of protein. Amazing product.
10/03/2019, By Kirsten
Delicious nutty flavour. Have this on our oats, but I am keen to try in a salad.
13/02/2019, By Kris
This is a must have product. I sprinkle a tablespoon over my oats in the morning for some healthy fats
28/01/2019, By Seabass
I'm not for cow's milk (we all know why it's a big nono) so I've been using this as my extra calcium supplement while I've been pregnant, easy to make hemp milk and delicious on its own.
27/01/2019, By Mergan
A good, nutty complement to muesli for that extra bit of protein and fats in your morning breakfast. Tastes good on its own as well.
25/01/2019, By Maureen
We add them to our home made muesli each morning and they are a great addition.
22/01/2019, By Annelies
Love hemp seeds, like adding it to salads, smoothies, and add it to home made spreads/pesto etc. Trustworthy brand, doesn't compromise on quality. Like that the packaging is 100% biodegradable.
21/01/2019, By Tracey
absolutely love these in a salad or mixed with coconut oil and Himalayan salt
16/01/2019, By Ingrid
As a vegetarian I love this as a protein alternative. I use it by adding a tablespoon to my yogurt and granola in the mornings.
11/01/2019, By Micah
So yum! I love the slightly oily texture of the seeds - I add them to avo snacks, vegetable dishes and rice. They add a lovely flavour and are quite filling
19/12/2018, By Tracey
I have been playing around with nut/seed milk and this was a winner by far:)
19/11/2018, By Sacha
Perfect sprinkle on home-made baked goods, oats or smoothies. Pure Protein Boost!
02/11/2018, By Leoni
I add this to smoothies and salads daily and it has greatly improved mental function. I cannot live without it
11/10/2018, By Roxanne
Great - love it in my smoothies!
And reusable bag which is great!
28/09/2018, By Micah
Super yum, nice addition to rice or veggie dishes when I don't want animal protein :)
12/09/2018, By Nicole
Best product ever! Use them in everything
10/09/2018, By rashida
love this product to nibble on
05/09/2018, By jade
I absolutely love the brand as well as the product. The hemp seeds are always fresh and tasty ,great for salads and even made hemp hummus! I love the peg that comes with it ,it is so thoughtful.
26/08/2018, By Elmar
Love the taste. I don’t like the powder version. This is nice, it adds a “ nutty” chew to your yoghurt if you sprinkle it on top. I sometimes use this in my smoothies as well.

Like the health benefits as well.
I do hope the price will go down in the future...
24/08/2018, By Linied
23/08/2018, By Barbra
Great product!
14/08/2018, By Maria
Delicious way to add on protein. I use them in salads, fruit bowls and anything! The nutty flavour is so nice.
24/07/2018, By Alisa
Good quality product - I use it in my jungle oats - adds a wonderful hint of nutty-ness.
12/07/2018, By Caddie
Nutty and crunchy - the perfect addition to your oats, soup, yoghurt etc
06/07/2018, By Lindsey
Great for adding in smoothies and oats (even over salads) adds a great nutty flavour!
20/06/2018, By Petro
Great great product .
07/06/2018, By Biancca
another staple in our pantry, add it to overnight oats and make chia pudding, my 3yr old loves it
03/06/2018, By Bronwen
I made some hemp milk last night and I was thrilled.
16/05/2018, By Ayesha
Overall great product. Adds bulk to overnight oats and smoothies. Good to top onto salads, sandwiches, or bowls of food.
Flavour is mild. Has a nutty crunch.
30/04/2018, By Loulou
Amazing taste and so versatile! I love sprinkling them over salads, popping them into smoothies and mixing with oats and fruits!
22/04/2018, By Sharyn
Fresh and wholesome
10/04/2018, By Rai
Fantastic tasty way to make sure your daily Omega 3 and Protein quota are taken care of!
A very tasty versatile product! Love the packaging too!
07/04/2018, By Abigail
Excellent quality product. Versatile. Easy to make milk from by blending with water (read FTN's blogpost on it) though it can be a bit gritty.
01/04/2018, By Anne
Great product, a household staple. I use it in salads, in smoothies and to make hemp milk. Trustworthy brand!
23/03/2018, By Carina
I always used to buy a different brand of hemp seeds that were rock hard and very unpleasant to eat. These are much better. The taste and texture is very nice.
05/03/2018, By nat
Delicious with stir fry or in salads, excellent source of omega 3 and a complete protein source!
For those of you who do not know: there is a difference in fiber content between the hemp seeds and the powder. That might impact your decision making between the two.
05/03/2018, By Julie
I like this product because it has texture and a nutty type feel. Great for smoothies but also sprinkling it on yogurt or even putting it on salads! Great source of protein.
19/02/2018, By Darleen
Such an awesome product.
01/02/2018, By Izaan
My favourite go to protein for salad at the moment!
Love that the packaging is all biodegradable / compostable (if I remember correctly)
26/01/2018, By Ash
Great product. Love adding a tablespoon to my morning smoothies! Look forward to making my own hemp milk as well!
29/11/2017, By Nicole
Easy to use in smoothies, juices and desserts. Great to be getting in protein ethically and sustainably.
09/11/2017, By Laura
Great product.
Great source of protein.
Great service from Faithful-to-Nature.
20/10/2017, By Lucia
A staple in our household. Use it on everything and in the shakes as well.
18/10/2017, By mbali
I leave on these seeds if I may say so , great in smoothies and salads
03/10/2017, By Amelia
A great, nutty taste and excellent addition to morning smoothie bowls, oats and avo toast!
25/08/2017, By Ane
Its my first time buying hemp seeds and I've used in sauces and its very nice !
18/08/2017, By Anel
Great taste & packed with protein. I use it sprinkled on fruit salads, oats, smoothie bowls, and add it to my seed sprinkle for my salads. Always have some in my home.
16/08/2017, By lLan or Lans
It's an excellent idea to write lofrc
14/08/2017, By Janine
When I have oats I usually have 5 tablespoons with a banana and then I'm still hungry. This morning I had 4 tablespoons of oats, banana and added 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds and I am full. Love that it adds a bit of protein to oats :-)
06/08/2017, By Vegan shmegan
Use these on smoothie bowls daily.
30/07/2017, By Stephnie
Very happy with this product - great taste and consistent quality. This has become a staple in my cupboard and is great in both sweeter dishes (like fruit smoothies, or sprinkled over cooked oats) as well as savoury dishes (especially yummy in quinoa salads!). I am also thrilled that the new packaging (outer box and inner bag) is fully compostable!
24/07/2017, By Janet
I love hemp seeds & throw them into my salads, smoothies and stirfry veggies. And it was a real bonus to get my last batch on special! :-)
21/07/2017, By Liezl
I am so happy that I discovered this product! You can make the best creamy (diary free) sauces with it and add protein to your meal all at once. And this is just one of its many uses.
08/06/2017, By Lara
A delightful way to up one's protein intake as a vegetarian who's in transition to becoming vegan.
21/06/2016, By Kaeyla
Im very happy to have found this product. Its delicious and slightly crunchy and I use it as a garnish over just about everything. The fact that its also good for you is a perfect bonus.
21/06/2016, By Monique
I love that i can use these to add extra nutrition to our meals, and whats nice is that it doesn really alter the taste of the food too much, so i can sneak them in almost anywhere, i like em in salads, smoothies and i can sprinkle them over just about any meal, you don even notice them.
17/05/2016, By Robyn
My son and I are vegetarian and so the high protein content of hemp makes it a prized superfood. But what I really love about hemp seeds are how easy it is for me to sneak them into my son’s food. I mix them in his breakfast; in his trail mix and I garnish all his cooked food with them. A total score for what I like to call “Clever Mommy Tricks”.
30/03/2016, By Adrienne
Thanks FTN for the sample! I mixed these in (raw) with brown rice, to add some protein to a vegan potato curry. They added great texture and flavour. I imagine they would taste great in salads too. I ordered a replacement the same day - can wait for delivery!
26/01/2016, By Lyn
I like the versatility of these seeds. They are soft with a mild flavour. I add them to just about everything I can, from smoothies, cereals, soups, stews, sprinkled on toast with nut butter. My kids dont mind the taste, they barely even notice them in their food and I love that they are getting an omega boost from them. I always keep them in my cupboard.
28/08/2015, By Lucia
First used these in 2014. Will continue to order. Great product and I especially appreciate that these are organic.
18/06/2015, By Maureen
Thought I would give them a try - add them to my cereal and they taste great. Can say i feel any different for eating them but I want to eat superfoods where I can. Also going to use them to make some muffins.
23/02/2015, By Tania
Brilliant in smoothies and has a lovely nutty flavour.

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