The Perfect Functional Smoothie Formula With Soaring Free Superfoods

Food is medicine. Allow your body to be nurtured by nature – eat more of the clean super plants that are nutrient-dense, and which serve a specific purpose in your body.
Every meal is an opportunity to enhance your body’s functioning and it’s as simple as adding some superfood boosters, as supplements, to your daily eating habits.

Functional smoothies have been designed to optimise your protein intake whilst delivering well-balanced nutrition as an easy biohack to transform your body.

The perfect functional smoothie formula

Smoothies are quick, easy to make and you can easily get all your daily nutrients (phytonutrients, micros and macros) in just one cup. That’s why we love them!

Here’s a simple formula you can apply to make just about any smoothie taste great, keep you fuller for longer, and optimised with nutrients:

Functional superfood boosters

Try these optional boosters with any smoothies or meal.

½ tsp Ashwagandha powder: an adaptogen that finds and restores stress imbalances
1 tsp Black Maca powder: enhances stamina and sexual virility
1 tsp Yellow Maca powder: hormonal support and combats stress
1 tsp Spirulina powder: for complex vitamin and mineral boost of over 90 vitamins & minerals
1 tsp Camu Camu powder: for immune-boosting vitamin C
1tsp Baobab powder: gut-loving prebiotic and vitamin C to feed your gut immunity
4 capsules Release: mood-enhancing herbs for deep relaxation
4 capsules Euphoria: mood-enhancing herbs for an energetic uplift and emotional elevation

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