Himalayan Crystal Salt

The Mineral Miracle Of Himalayan Salt

It’s more than just pretty, Himalayan Crystal Salt has many properties that are far superior to your average commercial table salt, that can put you happily in the pink. Our bodies are made up of a complex treasure of minerals that are continuously keeping a balance as they flow through our blood. Salt plays a crucial role in this, we need a healthy balance of mineral salts in our bodies to thrive and survive. Not all salt provides us with the same necessary balance though.

Commercial Table Salt

The usual white stuff you pick up at the supermarket has been treated perhaps more than you realise. It has been processed to the point where most of its mineral wealth has been depleted, leaving behind just sodium and chloride. There is meant to be more to salt than that.

Heated to high temperatures, chemically cleaned and bleached table salt has also often had anti-caking agents added to it to prevent it from clumping and absorbing water. This means that we also can’t absorb it properly so it accumulates in our organs. Even the added iodine is often a synthetic version. In the end, it creates more burden than benefit for our bodies and especially, our hard working kidneys. So we need salt, and processed table salt doesn’t fit the bill. That’s where Himalayan Crystal Salt comes in.

Himalayan Salt

One of the purest forms of salt on earth (or rather, under it) is known as pink halite, or Himalayan Crystal Salt. As the name suggests, these pink salt crystals are found naturally deep within the Himalayan mountains, in pristine conditions that have kept them rich in trace minerals and free of contaminants.

Himalayan Salt does a few crucial things for your body that can have enormous health benefits.


The thing about salt is that our bodies use it to communicate and spark electrical impulses through our nerves and muscles. Think of that. Your heart uses electricity! We also use salts to transfer nutrients between our cells and remove toxins. Some salts are positively charged, and some negative. That is how they keep the dance going. If the electrical charge in our bodies is weak, we feel weak. That’s why we need to have enough salt in our bodies. Without salt we wouldn’t be able to lift finger. That’s why when you sweat a lot of salts out when you exercise you need to replace electrolytes in your body so you don’t feel faint afterwards. An electrolyte deficiency or imbalance can lead to muscle weakness and cramping and poor blood pressure control.

Happy Water

Happy Water

So you can see how keeping this electrical balance in your body is crucial to your health. And that also means a balance of the right salts, as certain ones are used for certain functions. That is a complex calculation you can leave to your body though, all you have to do is give it some of the right stuff to work with! And Himalayan salt has lots of that to round.

Trace Mineral Tonic

This pink wonder is so rich in trace minerals, it makes a perfect electrolyte balancer and elixir for replenishing your body, giving your blood a full spectrum of mineral wealth to work with.


Over-acidity is a major cause of many health problems and our diets and modern lifestyles these days often mean our bodies are too acidic. Himalayan Salt makes a great tonic for balancing out the pH in your body. Use it as a remedy for over acidic problems such as arthritis, gout and acid reflux.


Himalayan salt has a very purifying effect, not just taken internally, but to bathe in and even on air quality. The alkalizing mineral content is so natural and easy for our bodies to absorb, bathing in it makes the most soothing and healing detox spa bath treatment. Its negative ions bind to toxic positive ions and remove them, clearing away toxins from whatever it contacts, whether in your body, or in the air.


By providing your body with all the minerals it needs to communicate properly, your blood can flow and circulate more easily.

Salt Sole

A simple way to enjoy the many benefits of Himalayan Salt is to make yourself something called a Salt Sole:

How to make Salt Sole:
• Fill a jar a quarter full with Himalayan salt
• Top it up with purified water
• Cover it (don’t use a metal lid as it can be corroded by the salt and water to release toxic metals)
• Give it a good shake
• Make sure there is a little undissolved salt left as this means that the liquid is saturated
• First thing in the mornings take a teaspoon of salt sole in a cup of room temperature water (again, don’t use metal)
• You can keep topping up your sole as long as you like, making sure there is always a little extra undissolved salt.

Please note: if you suffer from high blood pressure, check with health practitioner first before consuming high amounts of salt as it can affect your blood pressure.

Blissful Baths with Himalayan Salt

Simply pop one of these pretty pink salt crystals into your warm bathwater, sit back and relax as the negative ions wash away stress and strain. The salt will cleanse and refresh your skin, and leave your spirit feeling uplifted too.

Pure Bliss!

Himalayan Salt Deodorant

Who would have thought something as simple as salt could be such a powerful, effective way of replacing ordinary commercial deodorants? Because the salt is naturally antibacterial, it kills the bacteria that cause odours – rather than preventing you from sweating like antiperspirants do. With no alcohol, no aluminium and no synthetic perfume, this deodorant bar is so kind to your skin – plus it’s non-greasy, non-staining and won’t clog your pores. It also alkalises the skin and makes a wonderful head-to-toe cleanser with gentle exfoliating action.

Himalayan Salt Lamps & Candle Holders

At first glance, you might think these lamps and tealight holders are designed simply to make your home look pretty. But there’s so much more to them than meets the eye! Made from pure Himalayan salt, these beauties start to release negative ions as they warm up, thanks to the heat of a candle flame or light bulb. These negative ions have a wealth of positive effects!

Keeping a Himalayan salt light in your home has the following benefits for body and mind:

• Neutralise the effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by household appliances like computers
• Freshen and purify the surrounding air, removing dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke & other allergens
• Provide relief from allergies, hayfever, sinus irritation and even asthma symptoms
• Boost respiratory function and improve the oxygen uptake of your blood
• Balance serotonin levels, uplifting the mood and calming the mind
• Promote healthy sleep patterns and improve the quality of sleep

Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Wait, what? That’s right, simply breathing in the goodness of natural salt can help to heal your body as well! (Just think of how good it feels when you take a deep breath of that sea breeze!) Our innovative new salt inhaler helps to moisturise dry mucous membranes and clear the air you’re breathing of impurities and allergens. That means it can help to ease coughs, congestion and even snoring.

And of course don’t forget – Himalayan salt is really tasty too. This mineral-packed salt is free of impurities, and makes the perfect sprinkle for seasoning savoury dishes! A healthy alternative to ordinary refined table salt.

Have fun and dip into the miracle pink of this healing mineral treasure trove!


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