Raw Chocolate Caramel Dip for a Fruit Fondue

Raw Chocolate Caramel Dip for a Fruit Fondue

Kids and sweets are an inseparable combo. No matter how hard you try you won’t be able to completely protect them from exposure to sugary nasties. The best thing to do is develop their taste buds early on so they prefer the good kind of sweets over the bad ones. And thankfully, is so easy to make the most amazing sweet tasting delicacies for your little ones that are actually healthy – in other words, sweets that you want to encourage your kids to eat – even for breakfast. Like this raw chocolate dip – full of goodness!




  • Blend the cashews, half of the coconut milk, and honey until creamy and smooth.
  • Add in the vanilla, salt, and cocoa, using more coconut milk (a teaspoon at a time) until you reach a lovely thick consistency.
  • Dip away your preferred fruit – apples; pineapple; strawberries – we particularly love coating our organic dried mangoes in the chocolate sauce. I also like to set the chocolate on the fruit in the fridge before eating but this is totally up to you!

On mornings or special occasions when your tiny humans need an extra special treat – this one will go down in the books!


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