How To Make Healthy Popcorn – A Nutritious Anytime Snack

In the great, dark realm of all things we tend to crave when it comes to eating and being satisfied without actually having to do the labour intensive stuff of cooking, popcorn is potentially the least evil snack.

Or, shall I say – it could be.

Because there’s something about that cheesey, chivey, butter-salted moreishness that does make us want to shove entire, unencumbered handfuls into our faces, smushing it from side to side until every last kernel has found its way into our mouths. We all do it – don’t laugh! Popcorn turns us into gremlins. No, correction – the MSG-laden flavourings in your movie house or store-bought popcorn turn you into those snack-mongering monsters. So, you do the honourable thing and just make it with some healthy salt for lazy movie-night meals, right?

My mother is a prime example, often responding to my did-you-eat-something-healthy-for-dinner questions, with a proud “Yes, I had popcorn,”(daughter slaps head with palm). So imagine my delight when I discovered the true miracle addition to popcorn that really would make this a pretty nutritious meal for the vegetarian parental: nutritional yeast.

Why is nutritional yeast such a fabulous popcorn pal?

Nutritional yeast is best described as a dry, flaked condiment made from dried out, deactivated yeast. Here’s why people are raving about it:

  • Because it’s dried yeast it won’t bloat you up like the yeast in breads you’re working so hard to avoid.
  • Highly rich in B vitamins and folic acid – a winner for vegans and veggies who struggle to get in sufficient quantities of these
  • High in fiber – great for gut health if you do suffer from tummy issues
  • High in protein and folic acid – another win for veggies
  • Delicious salty, cheesy flavour is super addictive

I’ll admit I was sceptical at first. I thought this must be another one of those things vegans raved about but upon tasting it you realise with a shoulder-sinking slump that it too falls into camp-cardboard. Well, I’m pleased to say nutritional yeast is a glorious discovery and should be added to your pantry, pronto.

I was going to provide a recipe but there’s so little to it, you literally sprinkle the flakes on top once the popcorn has popped. But if you’re not convinced, Bon Appetit have an easy nutritional yeast popcorn recipe video for you.

Other ways to make sure you’re eating the healthiest popcorn

Just a few of my super popcorn favourites:

  • Buy only non-GMO corn – Goodness Me Popcorn even comes in fully biodegradable packaging
  • Nutritional yeast for cheesy flavouring (Health Connection and Nature’s Choice both make great brands)
  • Use good salt of the earth – Oryx fine salt sticks better and doesn’t leave you with a tub full of toppings at the end along with all those renegade kernels that refuse to pop
  • Quality olive oil so the toppings stick – Prince Albert is just my best

Happy movie nights and cheat Sunday suppers all.

  • Jo
    Posted at 10:09h, 08 March Reply

    You state that Nutritional Yeast is “Highly rich in B vitamins, particularly B12 – mostly obtained from meat – so this is a winner for vegans, veggies or anyone wanting to reduce their meat intake”. However nutritional yeast will only contain vitamin B12 if it is fortified, and neither of the brands listed, Nature’s Choice and Health Connection, list vitamin B12 as an ingredient. This information regarding Vitamin B12 is misleading.

    • Andrea Fedder
      Posted at 13:29h, 13 April Reply

      Right you are – we double checked our facts and had made an oversight. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a comment!

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