Natural Pet Care Tips for Winter

Natural Pet Care Tips for Winter

When you’re taking care of your family’s winter healthcare needs, don’t forget your furry, four-legged friends. Just like you and your kids, your pets need special care in winter to stay healthy; and of course the natural way is always the best way to do this. Check out a few of our top natural pet care tips for winter, and show your wonderful animal companions some extra love.


During the winter months, your pet’s body needs extra nutrition to function at its peak – without adding empty calories. A balanced, preferably organic diet of food made without pesticides, preservatives, flavourings or colourants is always best. Like people, pets are more likely to pick up illnesses and infections during winter, when their immunity is lowered. Up your pet’s daily nutritional intake with a natural immune-boosting supplement.

Don’t forget the occasional treat for your furry friend – like a biscuit made with organic health-giving ingredients. Some of our favourites: Vondis Spirulin


It’s important for your pets to stay active during the winter, so be sure to get that daily walk in as often as you can; and play indoors when you can’t. This is a great tome to stock up on some eco-friendly pet toys for indoor rainy-day fun. Rest is also very important during the colder months, so your pet can build up and store the extra energy they needed to keep warm. Just as with humans, a good balance of play and rest is ideal.


Walking on the cold wet ground can make your dog’s or cat’s paw pads sore and irritated, and that leads to licking, itching and scratching. Wipe you pet’s paws after they’ve been outdoors, to remove irritants and prevent little cuts and cracks. If your pet’s paws do get irritated, dip them in warm water, dry them gently and then apply a little natural moisturising ointment, or a natural pet wound healer for cuts or cracks. And to combat itchy skin from the inside out, add a little natural omega supplement to their meals. Two products that work wonders are Vondis Buchua Moisturising Oil and Crede Flax Oil for Animals.


Proper brushing and good grooming helps to boost circulation, which improves your pet’s ability to keep warm. If your dog (or cat) enjoys swimming or gets caught in the rain, be sure to towel-dry them, or very gently blow-dry their coat on a low heat. Only wash your pets when necessary; washing too often will disrupt the balance of natural oils on their skin. Wait for a sunny day before giving your pet a bath, and be sure to use only natural, pet-friendly shampoos and soaps.


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