Natural Health Trends For 2016

Being health conscious is an evolving journey as we discover, or rediscover the natural wisdom of our bodies. Banting has been all the craze, and it’s become common knowledge that sugary foods that spike our blood sugar aren’t a good idea and chemical toxins and GMO’s are best avoided. So where are we heading with natural health trends in 2106 as we navigate our way to more holistic, natural and effective ways to stay happy and healthy? Prevention is always better than cure.

Being holistic means that we take into account how things interact, that’s our Mother Earth does it, and it’s how our body’s do it too.


A major cause of disease is stress. When we are in a state of perpetual stress our entire sense of wellbeing can go out the window as our body’s coping mechanisms go into overdrive disrupting our hormonal system, which can have a host of repercussions in the long term. Adaptogens are fast becoming a simple, holistic way of balancing our entire system, instead of just focusing on one particular symptom.

An adaptogen is a plant that has the ability to help our bodies adapt to stress and give us an energy boost without giving us the jitters that a stimulant like coffee can. They have the effect of balancing stress hormones and creating a sense of wellbeing. More than that, they are filled with antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Many illnesses are a result of chronic inflammation and stress in our systems, so replacing your morning cup of coffee with a tea such as Yerba Mate, Tulsi or Green Tea, take a herbal supplement such as Rhodiola Rosea, Gotu Kola or ashwaganda, or add some powder such as Maca to your smoothie, adaptogens are a great way to support your adrenal glands and give your body a holistic health treatment.


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Rhodiola Rosea, also called golden root or Arctic root, is a Siberian plant known for its adaptogenic properties. A rhodiola supplement can help you to combat adrenal fatigue and everyday stress naturally. Viridian Rhodiola supports your adrenal glands, your heart and your immune system, while keeping your mood in a calm and balanced state.

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Natural Rhythms

There are ways we can support our body that don’t need us to take any pill. Our bodies have natural mechanisms for triggering hormone production and one of these is the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth. When the sun starts to go down, as the light changes, our bodies are signaled to start releasing hormones to prepare us for sleep and rejuvenation. One of these hormones is melatonin, crucial for a proper deep sleep and also important for our immune system functioning.

Staring at TV and computer screens which have a blue-toned light at night actually disrupts this natural process – we actually need orange-toned light at night. Avoiding this before you go to sleep can enhance your quality of sleep. Your body also needs to sleep in as dark a room as possible to encourage melatonin production so making sure your room is properly darkened also helps.


Our connection to the earth is vital when considering holistic health and one important way we connect with the earth is through our electromagnetic field. When we are surrounded by electronic gadgets all day and don’t come into contact with the earth it is possible to become sick and ungrounded as we lose touch with her magnetic field.

A simple and free way to support your body’s health is to walk barefoot on the earth. It not only stimulates the reflexology points on your feet, but also literally grounds and stabilizes your electromagnetic field.

Traditional Food

There is a move back to preparing foods in traditional ways and it’s not just nostalgia. There is a recognition that many time-honoured techniques of preparing foods evolved along with us so that we could get the maximum nutritional and medicinal benefit from our food. Properly fermented and cultured foods are gaining popularity and even better, there is a move back to homemade that creates a sense of empowerment, satisfaction and connection to our food that is holistic.

Fermented foods play an important role in our gut, creating a healthy gut ecology which is crucial for our wellbeing. A healthy gut means you can absorb nutrients properly and that you won’t get toxic and constipated. So whether you’re fermenting some sauerkraut, or making your own Kombucha or yoghurt, you’re eating food that is delicious, healthy and functional too.


This clever home-brewing kit has everything you need to make your very own batch of this tasty and nourishing fermented drink.The Theonista DIY kit includes raw cane sugar, a custom tea blend (for 2 batches) and SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast) that can be used for virtually infinite brewing!

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Natural Function

Along the lines of colon health, there is a move towards working with our body’s natural elimination process. Did you know that it is the natural way to have a bowel movement squatting rather than seated on a toilet? This is what we mean by working with our body’s natural functions. Squatting aligns your body in the right way so that you can eliminate smoothly and easily, helping you to fully empty your colon and your bladder, preventing the build-up of toxins and giving you easy relief from constipation and haemorrhoids.


The revolutionary Squatty Potty is an ergonomic footstool that fits under your toilet, and helps you mimic the natural squatting position for better “toilet posture” and fast, easy elimination.



Another holistic trend is to blend your food instead of juicing. That way you are getting in all of the nutritional benefit of the food, including the valuable fibre. This helps your digestion work properly and also contributes to staying fuller for longer and stabilizing your blood sugar, as nourishment is absorbed more slowly.



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Intimate Hygeine

There is a growing awareness that there are alternatives for feminine hygiene that allow for a more natural flow in your body, as well as help you avoid toxins in your most intimate and vulnerable place.

Menstrual cups and washable, reusable sanitary pads are not only more eco-friendly and create less waste, but are healthier for your body. There is a new generation of feminine hygiene products now that mean that the alternatives are streamlined and convenient and really worth considering.


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Being in the moment and appreciating whatever it is you are doing is an ancient technique that has many psychological health benefits that in turn benefit your physical health. Finding something you enjoy and doing it with simple, mindful intent allows you to go into a meditative creative space. Whether you love knitting, cooking or the colouring in some beautiful pictures, mindfulness is becoming a popular way to improve our wellbeing.


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