Introducing Faithful Five: our insider shares for March

As the leaves begin to drop and the plush flora of summer gives way to a barer side of nature, we’ve been doing some of our own reflection on transparency. We love to know our customers and truly value your feedback and in honouring your honesty, we wanted to reflect some of autumn’s inspired transparency back to you. Herewith – our monthly Faithful 5 series – a little monthly collection of some personal favourites from 5 of the hearts and smiles that make up our great, green team. We hope they bring you trusted insight and help you get to know us all a little better.


My favourite product is the Matunas Organic Surf Wax, because the product symbolises all of the following to me. Connection – because through surfing, I connect with Mother Nature on a level that is different from almost any other activities. Gratitude – because I feel extremely privileged and lucky that I am able to surf (health, wealth, access etc.). Potential – because while this product is imported from the States, I know for a fact we can manufacture products like this in South Africa with the same quality or higher, and thus bring the value chain onto our turf (jobs etc.).


My faithful product is definitely the Victorian Garden Rosemary Shampoo and Argan/Vanilla Conditioner.

As a girl my hair needs to be a statement and well looked after. I find the Rosemary Shampoo has helped my hair grow faster and the Argan/Vanilla conditioner just smells like cake batter and works incredibly well, as it contains Argan oil, which is also a must have in my hand bag, so the fact that it is in my conditioner just rocks.


I discovered this wonder cream when looking for a product to help my husband’s seasonal eczema.  It worked a treat.  I then decided to try it for a multitude of other issues like stiff muscles, pimples, minor burns, bites even as a lip balm, and it has really worked for everything!  I love that it absorbs quickly, smells fresh and herby, and lasts a long time. It has become a regular feature in my bathroom cabinet.


I am an avid baker but unfortunately this does not go well with my clumsiness! Every time I step into the kitchen the thought of burning myself with hot water, or the oven, or stove is inevitable. I used to suffer from burns taking ages to heal or even just for the burning sensation to go away. After discovering the Down to Earth Clear Skin Gel I now have no more fear of cutting or burning myself. Even though I am still cautious, this has been the one effective relief for burns and cuts that do still happen from time to time, and even insect bites and general itches! One gel that I will now never be without.


The ever-busy hustle and bustle of married life can leave one with no time to ‘self-care’ as one would like. I got my wife the Reydiant Microbial foot scrub that has now become our very special bonding time. I give a very nice foot scrub and the product works wonders but more than that it gives us time to bond and do what a lot of couples do less and less these days – TALK. It is such a joy to use leaving us feeling closer to each other and also to mother nature. Ps: kids are lovin-it as well.

That’s it from us for March. Be kind to yourselves as the colder months role in, taking care of those immune systems and summer sun soaked skins!

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