Faithful 5: Our insider shares for April

April’s pages have all but been written, a month that saw not only plenty family connection and celebration of that which we hold dear, but proud South Africans speaking up for change. In another edition of Faithful 5, our team speak up about some of their favourite pantry, beauty and environmental finds. One member may surprise you, but really, it shouldn’t at all. Here’s to a month of connection through change.

This product is a must-have because it is super inexpensive and works wonders in the body, both internally and externally. This beautiful oil helps my hair grow fast, makes my bushy, curly hair more manageable and has stopped my split ends. It also helps me with insomnia. Rub a little on your feet and you will have the best sleep.  I also use it as a digestive healing oil. It may be a bit sticky to use but it’s totally worth it because it’s completely natural and plant-based.

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My best product is the Black Mamba Cayenne Chilli Sauce. It’s the first chilli sauce I have ever tasted or come across that has the perfect level of spice and flavour combo. I can’t, or rather refuse to eat a meal or even a sandwich without it!

My favourite product is the Down to Earth Revive MoisturiserIt gives my face the natural look I enjoy. It has also helped a lot to even out my skin tone.


Naturally I have many favourite products, but my favourite in terms of impact has definitely been the Mooncup. It is an absolute game changer. Menstrual pains have all but disappeared, the regular and annoying repeat purchases of expensive sanitary products is a distant memory. My favourite perk is that my cycle no longer has any impact – on nature’s landfill resources or on my lifestyle. Long full day or weekend hikes, active yoga sessions or hours in the ocean – it’s not even an issue anymore. Making the change is an empowering feeling towards reducing your personal footprint. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


My favourite product is really just our whole range of cleaning substances, ranging from dish washing liquids to clothing detergents.

The reasons why I love them are manifold. While a few humans are already well acquainted with the reasons, many are still ignorant to the fact that the detergents supplied to them from their local retail outlets have harmful chemicals that are bad for my health. My only cure, once contaminated, is for me to run through Earth Soil, which filters out these harmful chemicals. However, this process drains Earth of her vital nutrients that support plant life and end up leaving her barren, where only a few weeds can be seen growing.

My only other option to cleanse myself is to run into the Ocean, and hopefully we all know the effects this has on our ocean life.

That’s us for April. Until next time.

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