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Essentials for Sensational Summer Skin

Peel off those sweatpants and stow away your UGG boots until next June – it’s summertime! The weather is getting warmer and your skin doesn’t have to suffer the low humidity of winter that causes it to dry out. But this season brings skin irritations of its own; heat rashes, sweat related acne and breakouts, melasma and of course sunburn. To make sure you look as good as you feel this summer, take note of the suggestions we’ve included below:


Whether you’re planning on spending a day lounging around the pool, or if you’re just popping out, your skin needs to be protected from UV rays. Wearing sunscreen is so important as it not only prevents the premature ageing of your skin as well evening out your skin tone, but it lowers the risk of skin cancer as well.

The easiest way to ensure you apply sunscreen is by purchasing an SPF face cream. Most moisturisers only have an SPF of 25, so you’ll have to add another layer of protection if you plan on spending more than half an hour in the sun.

Note: natural sunscreen is the ideal choice as chemicals and toxins used in synthetic sunscreen can be extremely damaging to your skin.


What we mean is drink water and moisturise your skin to make sure it doesn’t get tight and flaky. Water is effective with hydration and cleansing. By making sure to drink your recommended two litres of H2O a day, your body is being cleaned of toxins that affect your skin. Once you start drinking water regularly (and eating less oily, fatty and sugar-dense food), you’ll notice that you’ll suffer fewer breakouts.

Remember, when we say ‘hydrate’ we mean your body over, so don’t forget to give your lips some love too. NEVER lick your lips when they are dry as saliva has the opposite effect.

Same can be said for your hands, not about not licking them (obviously don’t) but they need to be moisturised too.


A rejuvenating turmeric mask will give your skin a radiant glow, while the antioxidants in this spice will fight acne and even diminish scarring on your skin. Ginger is an effective anti-ageing root that can also be used to rejuvenate the skin and balance your complexion. Full body scrubs remove dead skin cells and gently exfoliate your skin to keep it smooth for when you want to slip into your swimsuit and head to the beach. The added benefits of a good body scrub is that, through application, you facilitate the blood flow to your thighs and butt which is a great way of getting rid of cellulite. A thorough body scrub will also drain your lymph nodes which attacks water retention and promotes healthy skin.


Each bite of a watermelon contains 92% water. This summer snack is a great way to hydrate from the inside out. Don’t spit out the seeds; watermelon and grape seeds form part of the chia, flax and pumpkin seed group packed with skin rejuvenating properties. Grape seeds are full of flavonoids, which will improve your skin’s texture and reduce the signs of ageing. The Omega-3 fatty acids in flax seeds help your skin excrete more oil, keeping them moisturised all day long while chia seeds protect your skin against infection. Meals with Vitamin C and E rich foods like carrots, oranges, pomegranates and almonds, have the potential to protect you from sun damage. Great to keep that in mind when fixing your next breakfast smoothie bowl.

Summer skincare is simple but so important. If you remember to give your skin a little attention throughout the day, it’ll reciprocate with a most youthful glow all season.




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