Coffee Add-In Hacks That Make You Feel And Look Better

Coffee seems to be the wunderkind when it comes to ever-evolving beverages. Where aesthetic is concerned, extraordinary artwork at the hands of flexible-wristed baristas and their marvellously smooth microfoam seemed just the beginning. A bevvy of colour infused rainbow designs took the visual appeal to an almost unicorn status and just when you thought no more could be done to reinvent the regular cuppa joe, some clever chap served espresso shots in dark chocolate coated ice cream cones. Now it seems that what’s inside is getting all the attention – the era of coffee add-in hacks to up your health has arrived. So, if you’re looking for your coffee to be more than just therapy, here are the latest superfoods you may want to try in your next brew.

Coffee that boosts your mood

Here are some additions sneaking into our coffees that go beyond the shortlived caffeine-kicking upper.

Chaga – Chaga powder, the rough, woody fungus that grows on birch wood trees, is a highly underrated health booster. Rich in enzymes, amino acids, minerals, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and sought after stress-fighting B vitamins, chaga can be added to your coffee afterwards or during the brewing process. It naturally supports the adrenal system in charge of managing the body’s hormonal response to stress. This means it enhances your body’s ability to cope with anxiety as well as ward off fatigue in a slow and gentle way. For those who experience a slump when the coffee kick wears off, this addition can regulate the comedown.

Try making your very own Chagachino

Cinnamon – Adding a hint of spicey flavour to your coffee brings warmth to an otherwise earthy drink. Enter cinnamon, one of the most beneficial spices in your kitchen (right after turmeric, that is). The cinnamaldehyde, cinnamic acid, and cinnamate compounds in this spice provide the body with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-diabetic properties making it a great blood sugar stabiliser and immune booster. If you love all things holly and jolly – this coffee addition tastes like Christmas in a cup.

Raw Cocoa – If you’re not adverse to adding a little mocha flavour to your coffee, a teaspoon of raw cacao offers high anti-oxidant properties. Another mineral that makes its way into your coffee via cacao powder is the highly underrated magnesium. It not only contributes to heart health but also the reduction of symptoms associated with chronic pain and ageing related diseases. On top of that cacao is an anti-depressant and diminishes one’s appetite making quality cacao quite the natural slimmer to add to your java.

Coffee that replaces your day at the spa

These add-ins actually have lasting beauty benefits, everything from skin toning to body slimming.

Collagen – No, it’s not just the stuff that makes your lips puffy. As a primary building block in the body, collagen is responsible for regenerating much of the connective tissue in the body. It can aid in reducing joint stiffness as well as providing elasticity to the skin. It also stimulates the growth hormones that help the body recover post exercise so this is a good coffee add-in to have after your morning work-out. After several weeks of taking this, many people have reported far more supple, youthful skin.

MCTs – These are the medium chain triglycerides known for aiding in weight loss. They achieve this because these fatty acids bypass the digestive system, meaning they’re converted into pure energy. Both the banting and paleo diets popularised adding this into your coffee via a good scoop of butter or coconut oil, concocting the famed bullet coffees. The result is enhanced performance and increased fat burning. But if you’re not a fan of a piña colada flavour to your morning brew thanks to the coconut oil, you can reap the same benefits by adding in pure MCT oil.

There you have it. Who knows what will be next for the regular cup of coffee. But for now, these coffee add-in hacks sure seem to be elevating the status of the world’s favourite beverage.

What are you top coffee hacks? Share your tips below for the ultimate cuppa.

  • Lav
    Posted at 08:50h, 20 August Reply


    Love the blog!

    Thanks for all the coffee hacks. One that I like to do is to add a few cardamom seeds to the inside of the kettle. As the water boils it releases the spice, and then the water is slightly infused with a lovely, spicey, Exotic cardamom flavour.

    This just enriches the coffee and even in tea gives is a bit of an Exotic flavour.

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