The Case for Green Cleaning Products

Top Reasons to Green Your Cleaning Routine

If you are serious about having a clean, healthy home; be sure that you are not covering your home in “dirty” cleaning ingredients. It really is time for us to consider why our cleaning cupboard is often the most toxic and dangerous area of our home.

Most non-organic cleaning products contain chemicals associated with eye, skin, or respiratory irritation, or other human health issues. Additionally, the concentrated forms of some commercial cleaning products are classified as hazardous, creating potential handling, storage, and disposal issues for users. This is not even to touch on the environmental damage of cleaning products.

Our drains are not these magic holes that toxic ingredients disappear down – they come back to haunt us in our water and our soils in which we grow our food. On the plus side, the affordability, efficacy and choice of organic cleaning products is attractive. I do beg the question – given how expensive and life-draining poor health is; and how precious our natural eco-system is; why would one not give natural cleaning products a chance? In homes with younger children or animals that have more sensitive systems, it is particularly a no-brainer.

Do think about it please. The fact that those who use organic cleaning products maintain that they could never revert back to toxic alternatives speaks volumes.

Top Reasons to Green Your Cleaning Routine

Here are a few great reasons to switch to green cleaning products – if you haven’t been convinced already!

1. Every time you use a cleaning product, the ingredients in that product end up going into our natural environment (sprays and aerosols into the air, and detergents, soaps etc into the waterways). That means our precious plants and wildlife are feeling the negative effects of nasties like ammonia, petrochemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). By making a small change, you can play a big role in reducing the toxic emissions into our environment.

2. Many conventional cleaning products are highly specialised, meaning they’re formulated for one specific purpose (toilet cleaner, tile cleaner, window cleaner etc). However because they are toxin-free and so gentle, many natural and organic cleaning products can be used as multi-purpose cleaning agents in several areas of your home – saving you a great deal of money in the long run. Imagine being able to replace 6 or 7 nasty chemical cleaners with one multi-purpose natural detergent!

3. You might be surprised to know that in the past 70 years, around 85 000 new chemicals have been introduced to the mainstream market; and many of them are not approved by the SPA (Environmental Protection Agency). That means there is a large amount of unregulated and possibly harmful chemicals present in your innocent-looking household cleaning products.

4. By following a green cleaning routine, you’ll also be dramatically reducing your family’s exposure to harsh toxic chemicals. This means a safer, healthier environment for you and your loved ones – and really, isn’t that what cleaning your home is all about?

Our Top Ten Green Cleaning Picks

Find out what our Faithful greenies have to say about some of our best-selling cleaning products.

Pure Simple Castile Liquid Cleaner


“I have used other earth friendly laundry soap etc before. This is one the best I have used so far. I also have these white uniforms that are very expensive and they get dull after a few washes. With this soap I am impressed with how much cleaner they look and even brighter!” – Susan

“I wash ALL my laundry with Pure Simple, after a long and difficult battle to find a product compatible with my chronic allergy to perfume.” – Karen

“Awesome product! I make my own doggie shampoo and all purpose cleaner using this liquid soap and its the best ever. Cost effective and safe enough for my dog who now has the whitest coat ever.” – Bronwin

Triple Orange Bio-Detergent


“We use triple orange for almost everything in our household – from washing dishes, laundry, spot and stain removal (just rub directly onto the stain and leave a few minutes), to washing floors, counters, etc. I also like the feeling one has on ones hands after washing dishes as it is nowhere near as harsh as ordinary dishwashing soap.” – Joanne

“The Bio-det Orange laundry liquid works a dream, especially with our gym/ running clothes which can pose a smelly challenge!” – Romy

“I use this product to handwash all my underclothes. It does not leave an irritating powder residue if not rinsed thoroughly – a plus for those with skin allergies – and it has the most amazing scent which remains in your clean laundry. It also goes a long way.” – Anita

Earthsap Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner


“I am very sensitive to the smells of chemicals in generic cleaning supplies, so I was so thankful to find this website and gain access to natural products. I have been very impressed with the Earthsap products that I have tried so far. I have been using the Dishwashing Liquid every day for several months now, as well as the All Purpose Cleaner. Both work just as well as the generic brands, without all the harsh chemicals.” – Christin

“On the first day of using this product, was the day my cleaning lady came in (she comes in once a week). She somehow got this product and my laundry liquid mixed up, and washed our laundry with this! I can safely say that this product is so awesome, it even cleaned our clothes, leaving them smelling great and soft 🙂 very gentle cleaning product!” – Anja

“Wow, wow, wow is all I can say. I have never liked handyandy or any other chemical multi purpose cleaner. This product blew me right off my feet. It is so strong and smells so good!!!! Thank you!” – Tanja

Londa Bio Bleach


“I love this product and am so glad that you guys now stock the 5kg bag because I use it for all aspects of household cleaning and was flying through the smaller bags. I am so glad to find an environmental and animal friendly alternative to Vanish and it works just as well, if not better, for stain removal and keeping my whites and colours bright and stain free and the fact that its septic tank friendly is one huge added bonus! Love it!!!” – Sue

“I have a problem with curry stains on clothes, kitchen surfaces and dish cloths. Nothing gets these out as well and as completely as bio bleach. My husband gets stains on his work shirts regularly and if the base colour wasn’t white I was stumped. Yay……for this wonderful product. Thank you so much faithful to nature for sending me the sample. Will definitely be ordering some in the future.” – Trish

“We had a glass of red wine drop on our tiles recently which stained the grouting purple! I made a paste left it overnight it completely absorbed the stain, unbelievable! I swept it up afterwards as it was dried out again re-used it in the shower. Amazing stuff.” – Debbie

Greenman Toilet & Bathroom Gel Cleaner


“Great value for a super product. The lavender smell is extremely subtle, it does not over-foam, rinses easily and cleans well. Super for everyday cleaning.” – Eloise

Better Earth Dishwasher Gel


“Love it. It’s very economical, as it lasts for ages. The smell is lovely and it cleans just as well as anything else I have used.” – Harriet

“Just fab! We were very sceptical but we put it through the lasagne dish test and it passed with flying colours!” – Sylvia

Bloublommetjies Soapwort Laundry Liquid


“The Bloublommetjies laundry liquid and fabric softener are some of my favourite products to purchase from you guys. As effective as any commercial laundry detergent while also extremely cost effective lasting our household of 4 over a month.” – Imraan

“This product works so well, clothes are soft and non-static. I also like that the fragrance doesn’t overpower.” – Ingrid

Mother Nature Netted Stain Stick


“The best stain remover I have found to date! Tried everything else, and this one comes out tops every time. Very effective and so easy to use. LOVE it.” – Santie


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