Author: Kerry Haarhoff

Robyn Shares Her Top 13 Faithful Finds

Faithful to Nature is celebrating its 13th birthday this October 2019! Yes, we’ve reached a cosmically historical number on our journey of growth. As we all know “ONE” is the first number of the number list. It represents birth, new beginnings and self-motivation. The number “THREE” is the number of creation and completion. It signifies the past, present and future with a sacred focus on harmony, wisdom and understanding. WOW. So incredible that we can get to 13 years and look at our past, present and future. The initial fears of stepping out and doing things differently and the hardships that we’ve to overcome; to...

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Meet The Makers: A Fish Named Faithful

A 4.5m-long by 2.5m-high wire and plastic sculpture of A Fish Named Faithful has been unveiled at the V&A Waterfront to highlight the impact of plastic waste on marine life. But what is the story behind Faithful and who brought it to life? A Fish Named Faithful was designed and created by Our Workshop, a Langa-based non-profit headed by internationally acclaimed designer Heath Nash. Created from upcycled plastic and re-purposed materials and a first in South Africa, the unique sculpture, located on the V&A’s Flagpole Terrace overlooking quay 5, is interactive in that the public are invited to throw plastic waste into the fish’s...

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5 Body Positive South African Instagrammers You Should Follow

So, you’ve probably seen or heard the phrase “body positivity” floating around a lot lately. But what does it mean, and are you excluded if you aren’t ‘plus-size’?  Body positivity is unlearning the idea that only certain bodies and physical appearances are worth acceptance and praise, and instead recognizing that all bodies are equally valuable. It’s about looking within and deciding what feels good and healthy for yourself. It’s about allowing others to do the same and understand that you deserve to live in your own body without prejudice from others.  Listen: We’re all humans, and we’ve all been...

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