Keep Endangered Wildlife Off The Shopping List

Since it’s formation Black Friday has taken the world by storm. And, like it or not, it is something we all get lulled into, one way or another. Black Friday is a chance to grab the hottest new tech or snag a deal on that dress you’ve been waiting for. We all tell ourselves that we don’t participate like everyone else does, that we, in fact, do it “our own way”. But do we really? 

So maybe Black Friday should be a time for reflection? 

Here’s the real “deal”; thousands of endangered animals are being mindlessly traded daily for human consumption. And we need to ask ourselves the questions that affect our future, and the future of the planet we all share: What shouldn’t be on the shopping list? 

Illegal wildlife trade is the second-biggest direct threat to species survival. And we believe that you have the right to make your money advocate for more than just the things you need and want in life. The things we buy shouldn’t include these exotic and rare creatures, and without even knowing it or thinking about it – they do. Not only is everything you buy on the Faithful To Nature website backed by a world-class ingredient policy, but this year we’ll be donating a percentage of our profits throughout our #Black5Day sale towards the Wildlife In Trade programme run by the Endangered Wildlife Trust. Join us in putting our wallets where our mouths are; choose to buy products that are as good for you as they are for the earth, and ensure that your spending during this time will help us to achieve our goal of protecting our planet’s future.

Over the last two years Faithful to Nature has managed to raise over R150 000 for Organisations during their #Black5Day sale. Your spending doesn’t have to cost the earth, and in fact, with a little more thought and reflection, your spending can actually help it. 

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Meet The Makers: A Fish Named Faithful

A 4.5m-long by 2.5m-high wire and plastic sculpture of A Fish Named Faithful has been unveiled at the V&A Waterfront to highlight the impact of plastic waste on marine life. But what is the story behind Faithful and who brought it to life?

A Fish Named Faithful was designed and created by Our Workshop, a Langa-based non-profit headed by internationally acclaimed designer Heath Nash.

Created from upcycled plastic and re-purposed materials and a first in South Africa, the unique sculpture, located on the V&A’s Flagpole Terrace overlooking quay 5, is interactive in that the public are invited to throw plastic waste into the fish’s mouth, filling its belly while highlighting how much of our plastic waste ends up in the bellies of marine life.

Every year up to 12 million metric tons of plastic lands up in our oceans. Participating in feeding Faithful plastic is a tangible, fun tool to educate and drive awareness around plastic’s negative effect on ocean life. Public participation means each person can be instrumental in raising awareness and inspiring others into action.

Taking the lead on creating A Fish Named Faithful was Our Workshop’s Project Manager Richard Mandongwe.

He says, “Making a fish as huge as Faithful is always a challenge but I enjoyed it, especially knowing that I was doing it for a good cause. People do not pay attention to plastic’s impact on our environment but I hope through Faithful we are able to shed some light on where most plastic waste ends up and how to preserve nature.”

Adding to that Heath Nash says, “We all need to start caring more about what we throw away, what we buy and what our individual responsibility is for what lands up in the sea.”

Pioneering ethical retail across South Africa, Faithful to Nature is committed to providing access to products that respect nature, and endeavours to stock products with the least amount of plastic.

Retailers have a big role to play in reducing plastic packaging waste.

“Going plastic-free is asking for a complete paradigm shift but it is our duty to make the process easier for shoppers and inspire more careful shopping and packaging decisions.” – Katrien Grobler, Faithful To Nature CEO

A Fish Named Faithful is mobile and will be at the V&A Waterfront until Wednesday 31 July thereafter it will be moved to a new location to assist with the clean up of plastic and pollution. All the waste collected will be disposed of in the most effective and responsible way possible – further driving awareness around the creation of pollution and more effective ways to dispose of it.

Every less straw makes a difference, every bit helps. Let us come together to feed A Fish Named Faithful and add our voices to the plastic-free conversation.


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5 Body Positive South African Instagrammers You Should Follow

So, you’ve probably seen or heard the phrase “body positivity” floating around a lot lately. But what does it mean, and are you excluded if you aren’t ‘plus-size’? 

Body positivity is unlearning the idea that only certain bodies and physical appearances are worth acceptance and praise, and instead recognizing that all bodies are equally valuable. It’s about looking within and deciding what feels good and healthy for yourself. It’s about allowing others to do the same and understand that you deserve to live in your own body without prejudice from others. 

Listen: We’re all humans, and we’ve all been affected by the world around us. World media struggles with the concept & can often get it wrong, but it’s great to see magazines like Seventeen agree to stop airbrushing models and Women’s Health vow to ban “drop two sizes” and “bikini body” from its cover titles.

All you can do is try to be kind to yourself, recognise that the ideal of ‘perfection’ is unrealistic & that nobody can achieve it. If you’re feeling like you need a bit of a pick-me-up, we’ve rounded up our favourite South African Instagram babes who are rocking the body-positive messages.

1. Lesego “Thickleeyonce” Legobane

Thickleeyonce, who was one of the celebs who stripped down for the Marie Claire naked issue penned a letter about body positivity.

“Dear body, I cannot believe there was a time I disliked you and felt uncomfortable with how you looked…I cannot believe how I mistreated you and let society condition me into believing you were not worthy.”

Lesego has been a voice for ‘fat girls’ worldwide. Advocating complete self-love and standing up to the haters, making waves within the modelling world, walking the runway for Woolworths and working with international brands like Calvin Klein & more.


2. Kgothi “Iman” Dithebe

Embracing her African roots & a distinct birth mark, Iman is body positive #goals! Using her platform and modelling career, Iman is redefining beauty standards in South Africa. 

“Dear women… All shades are beautiful, your flaws, your imperfections, your scars. Beauty is not one shade! Or a fair skin. Never let society try to define you because by being yourself you are bringing something that was never there before! So next time you think of something beautiful don’t forget to count yourself?. #modelwithamark”



3. Alex Beazley

Alex’s relatable approach to getting healthier and more confident in your own abilities has helped many who were tired os saying “I’ll start on Monday”. She aims to help change the lives of women all over the world by creating a platform that is diverse, encouraging, informative, honest and mostly relatable.

“Chubby girls club ❤️? For those of you that don’t know, humans aren’t the only ones who struggle with their weight. My cat Maggie, sadly doesn’t have a ”I’m full” function ?? yes it’s funny and cute but far from healthy…it knocks off 3 years of their lives if it’s not sorted out quickly ? so here’s to getting fit and cute together ??? #lifesapeach”



4. Michelle Mosalakae

Breaking stigmatism attached to Albanism, rising star, Michelle is tearing down barriers in her industry becoming Revlon’s first ambassador with Albanism! Her partnership with Kotox and the #periodornotshecan campaign is empowering women across the country to embrace their feminine power & pride. 

“Never apologize for being phenomenal! We are mothers, teachers, CEO’s, artists, innovators, we are leaders, and every great leader has shed blood, there is no shame. There is no shame in being in pain (take care of yourself), there is no shame in needing to be alone, there is no shame in being a work of art!”



5. Claire Vögeli

Enjoying every aspect of life & loving herself for it, Claire shows us that we can love our bodies nomatter where we find ourselves. As a mentor with the South African College of Applied Psychology, we’re more than confident her influence will have a ripple effect.

“The way I see it, a woman’s body is not one of those cookie cutter, ginger bread man silhouettes. There is NO one size fits all. The way I see it, a woman’s body is a force of nature. A million seasons in one. Bumps and curves like a rough cut diamond. I see these “imperfections” as quirks and that your body is made to be 1 of a kind.”

Body positivity is about working toward a world where everyone can live in their bodies as they please while receiving the same respect, representation, and opportunities as everyone else. So explore why you feel the way you do about your body, decide based on those factors what the correct decisions are for you, and be kind and empathetic toward other bodies.