A note from our CEO regarding increasing COVID-19 awareness

Dear Faithful Family,

As it stands, the number of COVID-19 positive cases in SA has increased to 17. We have seen an increase in customer queries around the virus and we’d like to take the opportunity to share the steps that we’re taking to do our part as a retailer.

At Faithful to Nature, we will continue to make the health, wellness and safety of our customers a number one priority. Over a time of increased demand, we’re trying to ensure that we progressively build our inventory in key product categories: personal hygieneimmune supporthousehold disinfectantpantry staples and stress & anxiety.

That being said, the demand for these key items has increased beyond anyone’s expectations and we can’t guarantee that every item will remain in stock. However, we are doing everything we can to keep the most important healthy essentials available, and are committed to honest trading – we will not raise our prices on high-demand products during this period, and are pushing our suppliers to ensure they do the same.

We are working around the clock to deliver your orders as fast as possible, while also maintaining our quality standards and fair working conditions for our warehouse team, who have already been working incredibly hard to ensure orders make their way to you, even throughout load-shedding.

More broadly, the message from health experts is consistent, starting with: Don’t panic! Most patients will experience at worst only mild symptoms. The virus is, however, more serious for a small number of patients, including the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. We are all responsible for minimising the risk to all around us, by:

  • Minimising social contact where possible, for example by reducing handshaking and avoiding large groups of people;
  • Washing your hands regularly, for which basic and natural soap is at least as effective as artificial hand sanitiser;
  • Self-isolating if you have been in contact with a possibly ill person or have the symptoms of a dry cough, fever and shortness of breath; and
  • Making sure that you don’t excessively “panic buy” products and leave nothing available for those who need them the most.

We want you to continue to treat Faithful to Nature as your trusted online health and wellness store, and we will continue to communicate and update everyone in the coming weeks.

Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Paul Cook
CEO, Faithful to Nature

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  • Eugene Gordon
    Posted at 22:15h, 16 March Reply

    Dear Paul Cook,

    This is the first time I am visiting your company page. I came here while researching propolis supply in South Africa for a client in Europe. I have to say that you have displayed a high degree of respect for your fellow South African and I can see you run your company with high moral standards. Your staff I can only imagine, enjoy working with a leader such as you. I take my hat off to you for being an honourable man in times when some people are simply going out there to make a buck and hiking prices in times of a human crisis.

    This country needs more people like you!


    Eugene Gordon

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