Keep Endangered Wildlife Off The Shopping List

Since it’s formation Black Friday has taken the world by storm. And, like it or not, it is something we all get lulled into, one way or another. Black Friday is a chance to grab the hottest new tech or snag a deal on that dress you’ve been waiting for. We all tell ourselves that we don’t participate like everyone else does, that we, in fact, do it “our own way”. But do we really? 

So maybe Black Friday should be a time for reflection? 

Here’s the real “deal”; thousands of endangered animals are being mindlessly traded daily for human consumption. And we need to ask ourselves the questions that affect our future, and the future of the planet we all share: What shouldn’t be on the shopping list? 

Illegal wildlife trade is the second-biggest direct threat to species survival. And we believe that you have the right to make your money advocate for more than just the things you need and want in life. The things we buy shouldn’t include these exotic and rare creatures, and without even knowing it or thinking about it – they do. Not only is everything you buy on the Faithful To Nature website backed by a world-class ingredient policy, but this year we’ll be donating a percentage of our profits throughout our #Black5Day sale towards the Wildlife In Trade programme run by the Endangered Wildlife Trust. Join us in putting our wallets where our mouths are; choose to buy products that are as good for you as they are for the earth, and ensure that your spending during this time will help us to achieve our goal of protecting our planet’s future.

Over the last two years Faithful to Nature has managed to raise over R150 000 for Organisations during their #Black5Day sale. Your spending doesn’t have to cost the earth, and in fact, with a little more thought and reflection, your spending can actually help it. 

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