REC rest eat well & clean during flu season

Remember Your R.E.S: Rest, Eat-Well & Sanitise During Flu Season

As the nation’s attack on COVID19 intensifies, we simultaneously find ourselves entering the coldest season of Mother Nature’s calendar. We’re about to reinforce three things you’ve heard your whole life – but it’s good to be reminded of the reasons these three simple things help so much.


Your strategy is going to have to be both defensive and offensive when it comes to protecting your body against colds and flus. Your personal health and hygiene needs to be prioritised, so try your best to avoid going to clinics or doctors rooms as they are an epicentre of contagion. Offensively, you’re going to give your body the best chance to fight off any infection by feeding it good food and resting regularly. 

Getting sick exposes you to COVID19 because your immune system is already weakened. Anyone with an already compromised immunity – whether through diabetes, HIV/AIDS, asthma is going to have to take extra precautions.

1) Sanitisation

Taking regular showers is fundamental to your immune system. Not only does it feel good to be clean but it ensures dirt doesn’t collect, or bacteria gather that has the potential to make you sick. While it is important that we remain water-wise during this time, you must also be sure to shower regularly and wash your hands often. If we have been taught anything over the past seven weeks, it’s that we tend to touch dirty surfaces and our faces often. Taking 20 seconds to wash your hands with soap should be common practice long after we’ve made it through the epidemic as it will guard against us picking up any other infections in the future.

Cleanliness applies as much to your living/working space as it does to your body. Germs and bacteria grow in dirty, unhygienic places so kitchens, toilets and even laptop keyboards, phone screens and hairbrushes need to be clean.


Health begins at home, in the kitchen specifically. What you put into your body speaks to how equipped it will be to protect you against getting a cold, flu or even the Coronavirus. Food has natural healing powers. Fresh fruits and vegetables load your body with sustaining vitamins and minerals that benefit your body in various ways. Herbs and spices, themselves, have homeopathic properties. We should be mindful about what we are fuelling our bodies with year-round, but during flu season, you want to load up on Vitamin C. An orange with your breakfast or as an afternoon snack works. Adding as much chilli as your palette can allow to your stew or soup at dinner will also give you decent helping of Vitamin C. It’s wise to boost your system even further with natural Vitamin C supplements

Dairy products should be avoided when you’re sick as they agitate your throat and cause more phlegm. Here are a few dairy-free alternatives to suit your lifestyle. 


A rundown body is susceptible to infection – which is why you’ll often find yourself getting sick when you’re stressed out or overworking. We tend to overproduce the stress hormone, cortisol, at times of immense pressure. What then happens is that the hormone blocks our immune-protecting white blood cells from flowing through our bodies. Low immunity = heightened risk of infection. Seven – nine hours sleep is what a functioning adult needs to get through the day, children need more. Whether you do six hours at night and grab a nap during the day, or catch all your z’s when you’re laying down at the end of the day, it is incredibly important that you give your body the rest it needs. They say that insomnia has become a symptom of lock-down so forgive yourself if you’re struggling at night, natural anxiety and insomnia supplements can help. 

*The World Health Organisation advises that we take flu shots at the start of the colder months. Opinions vary about the need and safety of vaccines, so proceed with caution. It is just imperative that you do anything and everything you need to in order to protect yourself against getting sick.

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