Cramps Got You Down? Try These 4 Surefire Natural Remedies

Every month, the symptoms begin like clockwork. A surge of menstrual-related hormones might result in blemishes appearing along your chin and forehead. Some women complain about swollen joints while others experience extreme nausea. Food cravings and the fluctuation of emotions are universal.

Menstrual cramps are agonising. They will occur either just before your period begins or throughout the first hours or days of your cycle. The amount of pain experiences differs from woman to woman, and is never the same every single time. While some women take medication to manage the pain, there are various natural options you can consider to remedy your menstrual cramps: 


When something aches, the natural reaction is to rub the area to soothe it. Pair an abdominal massage with a few essential oils to make the most of their healing properties. Sesame oil has been used in traditional Indian alternative medicine, Ayurvedic, for centuries as it is an effective anti-inflammatory that will ease the pain of your cramps. Lavender is widely known for being a relaxing plant. Some use it to help with anxiety and insomnia. Consider it for your menstrual massage because it is sure to relax your cramping muscles.

After a 20 minute massage, isolated or full body, you will begin to feel the effects.


If you’re a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow and her lifestyle brand Goop, you’ll be familiar with the idea of a vaginal steam. This age-old practise is believed to cleanse both the vagina and uterus, ease menstrual cramps, and regulate a woman’s natural cycle. Some gynecologists warn against this form of PMS relief (especially at home, since some women have scalded and even burned themselves) but you can consult your femenine doctor before pursuing yoni steaming.

Air on the side of caution and purchase a premixed medley of restorative yoni steaming herbs. It’ll include detailed instructions on how to steam at home and consist of marigold and juniper berries, which act as an anti-inflammatory. They also assist in the healing of wounds and scars perhaps caused by childbirth. A plant called motherwort has been known to heal uterine fibroids, polyps and endometriosis, while increasing fertility.


After a tough day at work, we tend to soak in a warm bath right? That’s because heat has relaxing properties. It eases tension in overworked muscles, which is exactly what your lower back and abdomen are crying out for when you’re experiencing cramps. For obvious reasons, you can’t sleep in the bath. Thankfully, heating pads afford you the convenience of carrying a pain relief parcel with you wherever you go. Buy a ready-made heating pad, or make one yourself if you’re feeling particularly crafty and want to spare yourself a few cents.

Simply sew two pieces of fabric together, leaving a hole open to fill with rice. Once filled, sew the hole up and place in the microwave for roughly three minutes at a time so the rice doesn’t overheat and burn. 


You might not feel particularly active when you’re doubled over in discomfort, but cardio releases chemicals called endorphins which help reduce the perception of pain.

No one is saying you should lace up your sneakers and attempt a half marathon, if you can go for it gurl! A brisk walk for 10 – 15 minutes is enough to make you feel better. Some doctors suggest that if you are prone to excruciating menstrual cramps, exercising three times a week will help alleviate some of your pain.


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