Moon Sand: The Easiest DIY Kinetic Sand to Keep Kids Happy for Hours

Sand from the moon? Well, no. But as astronomically cool and totally dreamy to play with? Yes! This astronomical craft has a tactile softness, the ability to hold form and then also crumble apart easily, the array of colours and the addition of essential oils make it a highly engaging, creative activity. One of the best things about it – it’s a non-toxic way to provide hours of entertainment for the little ones! This DIY kinetic “sand” or playdough used to be made with baby oil – but the coconut oil version is as effective, and minuses the petroleum.

You can make a batch in less than ten minutes to keep the kids busy while you do your own creative project – sun printing perhaps?




  • Essential oils for stimulating smells (remember this is for kiddies so use kinder, soothing scents like lavender or citronella versus more complex scents)
  • A few drops of food colouring


  1. Melt the coconut oil in a pot over the stove.
  2. Add your choice of essential oil. Give the little ones a whiff first to find out which ones they like.
  3. Add your choice of food colouring. If you want to go all-natural try vegetable dye. I boiled a hand full of blueberries and added just the water to give mine a gentle, purple-grey tinge.
  4. Add the oil, colouring and essential oil mixture to the two cups of flour.
  5. Mix together using your hands until an even consistency forms. It should be slightly crumbly but hold when balled in the palm of your hand or pinched with fingers.

Your moon sand is now ready for the kids to play with. A large baking tray works best to keep it from going everywhere. To give them even more stimulation, give them shells and seed pods and cookie cutters. These can be used for making impressions and patterns into the moon sand.

When they’re all done with the moon sand, pack it into a container with a lid and store on a shelf, no refrigeration required.


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