5 Reasons Why Yoni Eggs are Your New Best Friend

Yoni, the Sanskrit word for vagina, literally means sacred temple. A lovely way to think of it isn’t it? It’s the temple of our feminine power. As we reawaken the goddess in our world, there are so many ancient practises that at certain times in our society may have seemed a little risqué or taboo that are in fact beautiful and sacred and can enhance and heal our feminine power and lead to amazing sex too!

Yoni eggs are one of those ancient secrets that aren’t new, but as we rediscover and heal the goddess, these precious little gems that bring the power of the earth into your sacred temple are really a girl’s new best friend when it comes to awakening so many aspects of our femininity and sexuality. They were considered such a potent secret to blissful sexuality and radiant longevity in ancient china that they were a closely guarded secret that only royalty and their concubines knew about!

What are they?

Yoni eggs are small smooth eggs in various sizes usually made of Jade, so they’re also often called Jade Eggs. Jade has a revered place in the east as it has such powerful healing and balancing properties. Its high vibration brings an added dimension to yoni egg practise and it was known as the Semen of Dragon – a very apt choice for a yoni egg! They can also be made of other beautiful crystals such as rose quartz, adding another dimension to their healing power with the added healing qualities of the chosen crystal.

You place these eggs in your yoni to do various exercises that can have some amazing benefits (don’t worry they can’t get stuck there, and its worth it):

1. Balance & Banish Hormonal Blues

Your vaginal walls have so many sensitive nerves and reflex points that you can’t exactly have an acupuncture session for. Yoni eggs massage these points that connect to organs in your body, such as your heart, lungs, spleen, liver and kidneys and, of course, your sexual organs, stimulating and balancing them and helping to release blockages.

This balancing effect is particularly useful for feminine issues such as PMS, menopause and cramping and improving fertility and hormone balance. It also grounds nervous energy so is also wonderful for relieving stress and uplifting your mood.

2. Heal Trauma & Release Pain

If you have had sexual trauma or are holding pain in your sex organs, yoni eggs are a gentle, private way to release blockages that you can do in your own time. The crystal energy along with the gentle stimulation activates your cellular memory and brings a safe, nurturing energy into your womb that doesn’t need to involve sex with a partner. Releasing this energy and working with it can help shift emotional patterns and fears you may have about sex and your sexuality.

3. Experience Orgasmic Bliss

Jade eggs are a perfect way connect fully with your sensual self that can lead to full orgasmic bliss for you and your partner during sex. Surprise your partner with your amazing new skills! Yoni egg exercises tone and tighten your pelvic floor and vagina muscles, and wake up your ability to experience vaginal, cervical, and uterine orgasms.

They also help your yoni lubricate better, even after menopause, and increase your libido, keeping you sexy and youthful for longer. Once you are comfortable with your yoni egg you can consider bringing it into your sexual play with your beloved.

4. Feminine Beauty & Vitality

Yoni eggs awaken your feminine energy on many levels and create a powerful physical/spiritual interplay as your life force or ‘chi’ is activated and intensified, raising your spiritual awareness too. This awakens and cultivates divine feminine energy that can blossom into radiant, vital beauty and a renewed creative passion for life.

This enhanced awareness can also connect you to nature and the earth – rhythms and wisdom that are so intricately part of being a woman. Jade is very effective at safely awakening the sacred kundalini energy in a balanced way, clearing blocked energies and allowing a healthy, natural flow. Harnessing this sacred sexual power can give you vitality and health to keep you youthful, strong and beautiful.

5. Prepare for & Recover from Childbirth

Yoni egg exercises not only enhance your fertility so can be a valuable aid if you’re trying to fall pregnant, they strengthen and tone your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles in preparation for an easier natural birthing experience. They are also said to be an amazing tool for making your Kegel exercises more effective. Not only that, but post-birth they can be used to restore tone and elasticity that can even surpass what is was before!

Yoni Eggs set of 3 – R795


This divine set of yoni eggs are made from either Xiuyan Jade or Serpentine Jade and comes with one of each 3 sizes:

  • Small (3.1 x 2.4cm), Medium (4.1 x 2.9cm) and Large (5 x 3.2cm)
  • Held in a purple gift pouch
  • Full instruction booklet included

They’ve been sideways drilled through the narrow end of each egg so you can thread dental floss through them for ease of use (floss not included).

The 3 different sizes allow you to start with the largest egg first, then work your way up to the smallest egg over time as your muscles become stronger. Many women find that the mediun sized egg works just fine for them though, and you can also get a single medium size option.

If these tantalising benefits are anything to go by, your Yoni egg may be a new best friend you become incredibly attached to!


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    Thank you for such an informative article! I definitely want one 🙂
    Would you recommend a Jade or Rose Quartz one though?

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