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Back 2 Nature Active Zinc SPF 30 Sunblock - Fair

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Back 2 Nature Active Zinc SPF 30 Sunblock - Fair

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Back 2 Nature Active Zinc SPF 30 Sunblock - Fair
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  • 50g
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Back 2 Nature’s Active Zinc SPF30 Sunblock - Fair is for the earth-lovers who tread lightly because it’s safe for our oceans, and for your skin. It provides UVA, and B protection for up to two hours of fun in the sun. The sun-blocking zinc particles sit on top of the skin and provide a barrier against UV damage, without blocking pores, causing blemishes, or being absorbed. A must-have for eco-conscious surfers and sun-worshippers.

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Back 2 Nature Active Zinc SPF 30 Sunblock - Fair is a non nano zinc oxide based mineral sun shield. The combination of natural minerals, oils and waxes nourish and protect your skin whilst exposed to the sun and effectively reflect out harmful UVA & UVB rays. The uncoated, non nano zinc oxide acts as a mineral barrier against UV damage, without blocking pores & causing blemishes. The Active Zinc 'paste' like consistency creates a great water resistancy, made to stay on for long hours, ensuring its all ocean and outdoor adventurer's best friend.

The Active Zinc is to be applied to the face generously and reapplied when the sun shield’s natural skin tone appears to have faded.

Most sunscreens are extremely harmful to the oceans and your skin due to a variety of chemical Ingredients in the products such as oxybenzone, however Active Zinc contains no chemicals or parabens which may be harmful to the ocean or your skin,  ensuring you leave nothing but footprints & respect on our beach’s.

  • SPF 30
  • High Sun Protection
  • Shade: Fair Tone
  • Mostly for face application - apply a generous layer.
  • Reef safe
  • Vegan
  • Tested on surfers not animals.
  • Shelf Life - 2 years from manufacture date.

Did You Know? Back 2 Nature Active Zinc SPF 30 Sunblock has been approved by the CANSA SunSmart Association. 


  • Apply to your face at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Reapply after 2 hours of swimming or sun exposure.
  • Application is suitable for the face only.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool place


  • 50 ml
  • Shade: Fair Tone


Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Non-micronized Zinc Oxide forms a sun-protection barrier on top of the skin, and is not absorbed.
  • Pomegranate seed oil is rich in Vitamin C, and omega-5 fatty acids which have strong anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects.
  • Carnauba, and soy waxes are hypoallergenic and provide waterproofing.

Country of Origin:

  • Sustainably sourced from the indigenous country of origin where ever possible.
  • Product made in South Africa
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Overall Rating
4.3 out of 5 stars from 59 reviews

50 out of 59 people would recommend this product

27/08/2021, By Trixi
Lovely and effective however its difficult to apply and for that reason I would recommend using their mineral sun shield instead. Its hard texture that you need to dig into instead of just rubbing on like a lotion.
31/05/2021, By Leen
Bit difficult to get out of the pot, but it did protect my face from the sun and it didn't fee "heavy" on my face like some sunblock do
24/03/2021, By RS
This has become a must-have. Love that it is tinted so no issues with it causing white cast (as mineral sunscreens tend to do) and it also provides some complexion coverage for those who don't use foundation. It also has a matte finish rather than a greasy one, which is great for oily skin (I also live in a super humid climate!)
01/02/2021, By Kelly
I didn't realise it was tinted, but it is quite light so it's not bad at all (for a lighter skin). It is hard, and I would prefer it was in a roller/stick type packaging so you can apply directly to the face, rather than from finger to face. But works well, so that's great.
06/01/2021, By NP
I read all the good reviews and was convinced this would be a good product, but I find it impossible to apply, and even after trying to warm it up in the sun for a little while to soften it, it is still very very thick. unfortunately the tinting didn't match my skin in any way and left me with a strange mauve-y tone.
13/12/2020, By sun lover
The consistency is disappointing as it is very hard to apply. I am still not sure how it is supposed to be applied. I mixed some coconut oil and shea butter in to soften; it now it works great.

I love the tinted colour as it does not leave your skin like a ghost as other zinc-based sunscreens.
28/11/2020, By Pheladi
I love the product. It is great
14/11/2020, By Zainab
11/11/2020, By Jo
Have to heat it up somehow before using it
28/10/2020, By T
If you obsessed with the outdoors, the ocean, running etc.. This is your best friend! It works. It doesn't run into your eyes. It doesn't have a crazy, overpowering smell.. Its water and sweat proof! What more do you want!! :) Plus, its 100% natural and eco friendly :)
22/10/2020, By Colleen
Love B2N brand especially the zinc for sun protection
07/10/2020, By Connie
????Bought this the day before it went on sale!
Still worth the price, I love the thick matte consistency as the amount of product may last for over a year (or even longer). I believe I received the lighter shade and it was perfect for my warm but pale skin. I'm never buying foundation whilst I have this! AMAZING SUNSCREEN! SUPER EFFECTIVE COVERAGE!
18/09/2020, By Tiana
Difficult to apply, but easier when left in the sun for a while.
15/09/2020, By Jenny
This is so thick I have to use my nails to get it out of the tin. When I apply it I think I am going to see my skin tear. Not for me!
11/09/2020, By Tracey
Application was tricky, thick and sticky consistency.
29/08/2020, By Brenda
26/08/2020, By Ta
I love
01/07/2020, By Ali
This is my go-to face sunblock to make use of throughout the year.
It stays on and sticks even if I am in the ocean for hours. Fantastic that it is all natural.
I have tried a few others, but this one just works best.

In Winter it's solid so I have to heat it up with the car air conditioner,
but that's okay :)
26/06/2020, By Lili
Great to find a natural product that stays on and is safe for the ocean!
16/06/2020, By Jameson
Finally a sunblock that stays on hubbies face while surfing! Well done guys
10/05/2020, By Sandesh Elaine
05/05/2020, By Monique
This is by far the best sunscreen I have ever used. Not a big fan of sunscreen in general but fell inlove with this one. stays on for a long time and can double as a light cover up.
26/03/2020, By Julie
This product has suddenly become popular. I bought one tub despite it being pricey, because I can see it has good ingredients in it. It works beautifully, so nice not to have a white face and be protected. It does take a while to get it on if its not hot, but it works well. Would definitely recommend. Well done to the manufacturers!
16/03/2020, By Ina
Very good.
I use a mini wooden spoon to get it out, warm it a bit between my fingers, it then applies very easy.
24/02/2020, By Ida
Blocks well and has a really nice tone. Stays on during the whole surf session!
09/02/2020, By Orignal
Real stuff
23/01/2020, By Quest
Blocks well
17/01/2020, By Lauren
I love it. It's pretty thick and not that easy to apply straight away but once it warms up a bit, you can spread it easily. I love the fact that it is made from natural products and it lasts so long!
14/01/2020, By Shannon
One of the best zinc products used. Effective sunscreen, and has a nice tone to it. Also does not have a bad smell. Definitely recommend.
03/01/2020, By Marlene
Good sun protection, but feels gritty and greasy on my face when I wear it
07/12/2019, By Shana
CANNOT go to the beach without it! My all time favorite sunblock that I have ever used! Stays on the face all day, great skin tone colour, so it's not so obvious I am wearing Zinc.. Doesn't run in to the eyes and also doesn't have a potent smell that you can smell on yourself all day. LOVE IT!!! and of course WORKS!!
28/11/2019, By Jade
This is by far the best natural zinc type product my family has ever used. Especially good for water sports active people who spend long hours in the water. It doesn't burn your eyes, and comes off easily with a face cloth. Definitely good value for money
26/11/2019, By Deirdre
Effective sunscreen that sits on top of skin. A bit grainy and quite hard at the beginning. Needs to be warmed up with fingers before applying to "melt" onto skin.
14/11/2019, By Barbs
Excellent product. I send it to my surfer son in South East Asia.
31/10/2019, By Caitlin
Love this sunblock!! Cannot surf without it! Has to be applied generously, but it will stay on ALL day!. doesn't run into your eyes, doesnt dry out your skin or block your pores. its the best!!
Worth the investment :)
22/10/2019, By Amanda
This is my favourite sunblock, I love the mattifying effect it has on my skin and really, really protects well.
08/10/2019, By Liezel
Ek werk gereeld in die son en kry "adult acne". Die meeste sunblocks laat my vel uitslaan. Die produk het geensins dit gedoen nie. Dit werk goed vir my vel. Die "tint" kleur help ook met die redness van my gesig, lyk soos n ligte onderlaag. Al nadeel is, dit wend moeilik aan.
23/09/2019, By Tanah
BEST natural sunblock I have found amongst all my travels!! It lasts forever, blends in with my skin tone and feels so great on the skin. Haven't got sunburnt once.
25/06/2019, By Lauren
my daughter uses this for water polo, when they finished she's the only one that's face is still protected.
she never leaves home without her Surf Zinc
18/05/2019, By Anks
At first I thought I wasted my money, but the more I use it the more I love it. I have acne and I don't use make up because it irritates my skin. When I apply this product it not only protects me from sun damage it also minimises redness on my face, which I absolutely love.. Really the only issue is applying it because I don't want to pull on my face because its bad for you to be rough with your skin and it almost feel like an exfoliation which isn't always great if you use it daily. But that said I will continue to use it as I feel the benefits outweigh the drawbacks at this stage.
25/03/2019, By Swiggy
It was hard to apply, and felt grainy on my skin. And once it was on I looked pale. I then realized that it was meant to be applied thick like the cricketers do it. Not what I wanted.
11/03/2019, By Angie
It is very hard and difficult to apply. Mine started to create little "sandy grains" in the paste, I wonder if it is the Zinc Oxide grouping, if so then the protective factor is gone when I remove the granules. The colour is also very light, not suitable for people with more of an olive, tan skin tone.
14/01/2019, By Amanda
You will not burn,that I can guarantee you.
I walked in the sun for 6 hours, and did not burn at all.
It might be challenging to apply in the beginning as it is grainy and really, really hard-a really hard paste! but you will soon grow to love it like I have. I'm not looking back.
It leaves an excellent matte finish and feels great on skin.
I love it.
22/12/2018, By Ru
Very strange texture and a bit of a mission to apply, but it kept us from burning during quite a long hike. It does sit on your skin so I got sweaty quite fast and had to reapply quite often as I kept rubbing it off. It did a good job. Will see how it holds up in the water.
19/12/2018, By Kim
It takes a bit of work blending it in your skin. I like that it does not leave an oily residue and it has a slight tint which works well to cover redness on your face....and no break-outs.
14/11/2018, By Ella
It's great, looks lovely on the skin, not super shiny, and I love that it is not whitening but you do need to rub it in, and that is slightly uncommon for a sunscreen but doable.
13/11/2018, By Olivia
Works very well
27/10/2018, By Alex
I like it, Its quite hard, but softens to friction (heat of your finger). Tested it in the sun yesterday, seems to have done the job really well. Also, very nice tub that fits into any bag.
09/10/2018, By Danielle
Not easy to apply on the skin at all. So hard and crumbly, not sure if I am doing anything wrong, cause I just see good reviews, but I dont like this at all.
23/09/2018, By Shannon
I received this as a sample and will definitely buy it once its finished. It goes on smoothly, and because I am quite pale it blends in with my skin. My skin is pretty sensitive but this doesn't cause any reactions. It has also worked really well when in the sun. No burning as of yet. I look forward to trying it when scuba diving.
22/08/2018, By Angelique
Stand out product that protects well and smell great, easy for girls and guys alike to use! It really stays on and protects you!
31/07/2018, By J
Smells amazing I wanted to eat it ! Incredible product, lasts the whole day in the sea.
05/04/2018, By Ray
Bought this recently before going to Tankwa Karoo and I am so pleased with the coverage. Another thing I like about this product is that it is plastic free.
03/02/2018, By Suzie
Ordered this before a Summer trip to Mozambique and was so thrilled with the results.
Very thick, and certainly makes the skin look a quite ashy, but applied it to all areas that burn easier and found it to be incredibly effective.
We spent hours in the water each day and didn't burn.
31/01/2018, By Candice
A bit ashy but great coverage. will definitely buy it again.
13/07/2017, By Lara
Really effective sunblock! Does leave skin a bit grey, but that doesn't bother me.
02/05/2017, By Kaspar
Smells really good and 100% waterproof - in fact, sometimes it's even hard to wash it off after a surf-session!

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