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Zinc Oxide

Inorganic Compound

Zinc Oxide

Other Name(s):

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide; Zinc Oxide (>100nm); CI 77947; CAS# 1314-13-2

Zinc Oxide is found in high concentrations in zincite crystal formations. But this crystal is somewhat rare and most commercial zinc oxide is made in factories using metallic zinc.

Is Zinc Oxide Faithful to Nature?


Zinc oxide is a natural, mineral-based ingredient with a wide range of useful applications. It can be manufactured responsibly and is an important source of nutrition for many people around the world.

Benefits: Why is Zinc Oxide Used?

Natural Pigment

Zinc oxide is a very pale pigment, allowing formulators total control for skin tone colour matching. It also has a matte finish for shine-free foundations and base layers.

Sun Protection

Non-nano zinc oxide particles are too large to penetrate, or be absorbed through the skin, making it a very effective natural sunblock ingredient.

Ocean Friendly

Non-nano zinc oxide is used in reef-safe sunscreen products.

Personal Care

Zinc oxide effectively controls odour causing bacteria in underarm products.

Zinc oxide is used in body, beauty, food and nutritional supplement products. You’ll find it in deodorants, sunscreen lotions and foundations. In your pantry and medicine cabinet you’ll likely find it in fortified foods like breakfast cereals and multi-mineral tablets.

Most commercially available zinc oxide is made from the high-temperature oxidation of metallic zinc, refined from zinc ores.

Research funded by the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Korea Cosmetics Industry Institute concluded that zinc oxide was safe to use in sunscreen products up to a concentration of 25%.

Research published in the journal, Environmental Toxicological Chemistry suggests that titanium dioxide (a compound used extensively in sunscreen products) may lead to coral reef bleaching and degradation.

Notice: The information provided here is not intended as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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