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Silicate Minerals


Other Name(s):

CI 77019 - White; CAS# 12001-26-2; Titanium Dioxide; Muscovite Mica

Mica is gathered from muscovite mineral deposits as muscovite is the most common mineral source of mica. Muscovite is often found close to the surface of the Earth and this makes it relatively easy to mine.

Is Mica Faithful to Nature?


Mica is a naturally occurring mineral which adds wow-factor to a wide range of natural cosmetics. It’s a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic glitters and can be mined safely without exposing vulnerable workers to unnecessary harm. We require our suppliers to provide us with proof that the mica they use is mined in unsustainable ways and is not exploit people or the environment.

Benefits: Why is Mica Used?

Natural Sparkle

Mica adds shimmer and sparkle to cosmetics.

Precision Colouring

Mica is a white pigment, allowing formulators precise control over colour shades.

Organically Certified Igredient

Natural mica is approved by organic certification bodies.

Shimmery Crafts

Mica is used in paints and varnishes for craft purposes to naturally give them a shiny finish.

Mica is a mineral pigment which lends glitter and glow to foundations, bases, bronzers, bb-creams, concealers, eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes and more.

Mica powder, as it’s used in cosmetics, is simply ground raw mica. Milliners can grind the raw mica into powders of varying fineness or coarseness depending on what formulators desire. The fineness of the powder determines the type of glitter. The finer the powder, the more subtle the shine.

Natural mica is not to be confused with synthetic mica! Synthetic mica is made using a furnace where the raw materials are heated to 1200°C, whereas natural mica is simply gathered from muscovite deposits.

Mica is extensively used to form parts of factory, mass produced housing materials such as drywall (especially in the United States).

Mixing mica with iron oxide pigments give formulators full control over the final colour of the cosmetic products, allowing for perfect skin tone colour matches.

Notice: The information provided here is not intended as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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