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Skin Creamery The Everyday Cream - Refill

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Skin Creamery The Everyday Cream - Refill
Skin Creamery The Everyday Cream - Refill
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  • 200ml
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Thirsty skin will just slurp up this delicious all-over body cream, made with vanilla, coconut, jojoba and baobab oils. This is a luxurious head-to-toe moisturiser, formulated to leave your skin with a gorgeous natural glow. Skin Creamery body care goodies are made with real organic ingredients to nourish and protect your skin, without any of those harsh synthetic fragrances or greasy pore-blocking mineral oils. Pamper yourself with this luscious creation from Skin Creamery, and feel just how special organic skin care can be. 

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • Rich & nourishing but lightweight
  • Easily absorbed into the skin
  • Restores the skin’s natural moisture
  • Made with organic Ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic; won’t cause irritation
  • Non-greasy, won’t clog pores
  • Fragrance composed of 100% natural oils
  • Packaged in recyclable, reusable frosted glass
  • Handy pump-lid bottle for ease of use

Benefits of key ingredients:

  • Coconut Oil is rich in lauric acid & other essential fatty acids, which nourish & rejuvenate your skin
  • Jojoba Oil is richly nourishing & protective
  • Shea Butter is just loaded with vitamins A & E, which fight free radicals to keep skin looking young & healthy
  • Baobab oil has a softening effect & helps to improve skin’s elasticity
  • Skin Creamery is a Cape Town-based skincare company founded by a skincare therapist with a passion for pure organic products. Skin Creamery products are formulated without parabens, preservatives and harsh synthetic fragrances



  • Available in: 100ml, 200ml Bottle & Refill


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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 141 reviews

135 out of 141 people would recommend this product

21/10/2023, By Jian
Absolutely love this cream. Smells is fantastic, it is non greasy and feels great. It is the 4th time that I am purchasing this cream. I mainly use it as a facial cream. I love the fact that it comes in refills as well.
17/10/2023, By Kate
This is my favourite cream hands down. I bought The Everyday Cream for the first time when I was having an adverse reaction to some acids in another product and wanted to use something natural until my skin recovered. However, I've continued to buy it for over a year because it's so thick and moisturising and gives me lasting hydration. I am a 55-year-old woman with normal to dry skin. I use it on my face, neck, and chest.
26/09/2023, By Mon
I've tried so many natural skin products and this is my forever cream! I use it on my face, neck and chest and it's a good base for makeup. It lasts very well too - bonus!
04/10/2022, By Carolyn
This is my absolute favourite body cream and being a swimmer means that my skin gets really dry from all the chemicals which this cream soothes very quickly.

However is it really expensive and when you use it daily it doesn't last long at all even if you do buy the refills.
15/07/2022, By Sanet
Very good product for dry skin.
15/07/2022, By H
So lovely. Use it on my face, not oily, leave skin satin smooth and soft. Am going to stick with this one from now. Uses very little at a time, will last long.
15/07/2022, By Rosie
Light on the skin, but very nourishing. Has a subtle smell, which took me a while to get used to, but now I absolutely adore it - fresh and natural. It is costly, but it does go a long way. I appreciate the fact that the ingredients actually feed the skin, while there are no chemical additives.
15/07/2022, By Hilary
Lovely cream, easily absorbed.
15/07/2022, By Hilary
Lovely cream, easily absorbed.
15/07/2022, By Shamani
I really love this cream. I use it as an all over body cream, it is SUPER nourishing. I have quite a dry skin and used to moisturize daily and my skin would still feel dry after a shower. With this cream I only moisturize every second to third day and the hydrating effect it has on my skin is not temporary which is awesome.

It also smells fantastic.

I do however not enjoy the 200ml pump bottle, the cream is thick and I struggle to get it out when it gets low, the 100ml tub / jar works much better for me. Wish it would be available in a bigger size.
15/07/2022, By Catherine
Feels very luxurious
15/07/2022, By Michelle
Incredibly moisturizing, smooth, and just what my skin needs. I've just started using The Creamery products and absolutely love them!
15/07/2022, By Kirsten
Such an amazing smell and soaks into the skin well. Love the packaging!
15/07/2022, By Hilary
A great product, Goes on very smoothly and goes a long way.
15/07/2022, By Debs
Definitely soaks into my skin.
First time user and didn't cause a breakout.
15/07/2022, By Alishea
It is like a lovely pot of deliciousness with the most amazing texture. I also appreciate the aesthetically pleasing packaging, its really beautiful.
15/07/2022, By jen
This is my one big pampering gift to myself. It smells great, absorbs well and it's gentle on my skin.
15/07/2022, By Marike
The smell of this cream leaves me feel loved, but I also appreciate the texture for the cream absorbs beautifully.
15/07/2022, By Mich
So far so good, i only use it at night as it is a very nourishing cream but my skin in the morning feels divine. It smells great as well!
15/07/2022, By Danielle
Smells divine! Works great on my sensitive skin. Feels like I am pampering myself every time I use it.
15/07/2022, By Liz
Skin Creamery is my favourite range right now - this Everyday cream is one of the very few that retains the moisture on my skin - I think it could be the baobab oil which I have come to love. I love the scent of this cream and this size jar is a good one for travelling - I use it on my face and body so a perfect two-in-one.
15/07/2022, By Mau
Great product.
Have been using for sometime now and really happy.
15/07/2022, By Carey
Don't know how I will ever use anything else.
15/07/2022, By JP
Luxurious and creamy. Took a while for my skin to adapt
15/07/2022, By Joy
Soothing ,refreshing and wonderful aroma-easily absorbed without leaving a greasy film on skin
15/07/2022, By Joy
Soothing ,refreshing and wonderful aroma-easily absorbed without leaving a greasy film on skin
15/07/2022, By Sarah
I'm always nervous of trying new brands and new creams, but am really happy that I tried this one! It's so rich and creamy, and my skin feels hydrated for most of the day. It feels nourishing on my super dry skin while also not being too thick to use in summer.
15/07/2022, By Sarah
I have used this moisteriser on and off for 2 years probably. I keep going back to it. It's so light and the ingredients are simple.
15/07/2022, By Chantal
I only use this for hands, as it's very rich and soaks in quickly. Have bought multiple times
15/07/2022, By Di
Smelt and felt like a dream upon application. Develops an unpleasant smell in clothing unfortunately, so best to put straight into the washing machine with a sufficient amount of detergent.
15/07/2022, By Clair
What a treat! Luxurious with a gentle fragrance on my skin.
15/07/2022, By Jill
Faithful to nature always provide best product
15/07/2022, By Kelly
Didn’t cause breakout or leave an oily film on my skin as natural oil based creams all too often do. Very happy. Definitely continuing to use this beautiful brands products!
15/07/2022, By Genevieve
Great product.
I really like Skin Creamery. It's natural and glides on easily. Out of my price range but I do enjoy spoiling myself now ad then and the packaging (in glass), is rather pretty and simplistic. Overall, very nice moisturiser.
15/07/2022, By Frances
Love the texture - overall a good moisturizer for a reasonable price.
15/07/2022, By Frances
Love the texture - overall a good moisturizer for a reasonable price.
15/07/2022, By Frances
Love the texture - overall a good moisturizer for a reasonable price.
15/07/2022, By Amy
Rich and creamy moisturizer, well priced too. Smell is slightly too intense though, the minty scent can get a bit over-powering.
15/07/2022, By Elsie
The scent is heavenly (even for boys!) and it works well for face and body.
15/07/2022, By Emma-Lisa
Makes my skin feel amazing and soft
15/07/2022, By Anita
I love this cream! The smell is great and it leaves my skin feeling nourished. My skin doesn't feel dried out by mid day like with most creams and I have noticed that my skin looks and feels smoother especially in areas prone to dryness such as my elbows and knees.
Unfortunately I feel the refill sachet is a bit of a waste since you loose some cream in the transfer and it's such a hack to try and transfer the cream into the bottle without messing. JUST BUY ANOTHER BOTTLE, at least you can re-use the empty bottles for other lotions or soaps while the refill comes in a plastic sachet which defeats the point of a refill to prevent waste.
15/07/2022, By Sonja
Works really well on face and body and good for sensitive skin. Love the texture and not oily and penetrates well.
15/07/2022, By Jade
I love how it feels on my face. It's not oily and my face doesn't feel dry an hour later either. It soaks in easily and its great under makeup and sunscreen. It also has a lovely scent yet not overpowering, so works well with perfumes too.
15/07/2022, By Marise
This is my second time ordering this product, first time using natural products on my face. I will never go back. Love these products.
15/07/2022, By Therita
I am sold on the Skin Creamery range, so it makes sense to use the face cream. It is quite rich, so I only use it at night. My very sensitive skin seems to like it (prone to breakouts), so I will keep using it. The only issue I have is with the smell - it's quite sickly sweet, so it took me a while to get used to it. Now, I don't really notice it.
15/07/2022, By Anni
I love this cream. Many natural moisturisers don't really penetrate my skin, but this one keeps my skin silky, is absorbed easily and good to use all over, making skin care simple and easy. The perfect minimalist skin care product!
15/07/2022, By Michaela
Was so chuffed after reading the reviews on this product, but unfortunately for me it sucked my skin dry and so I had to stop using it:-(
Still love the scent though:-)
15/07/2022, By Mohato
I love this cream so much that I am definitely sticking with it. I love the smell and texture. It is totally worth the price
15/07/2022, By Nikita
I love the smell and texture of this lotion! Definitely worth the price :)
15/07/2022, By Roux
Has me testing my willpower not to break my budget every time. This is like the fine cuisine of face creams.
15/07/2022, By Rachel
Rich and creamy, with a wonderfully subtle scent (not too strong). Leaves my face feeling fresh and moisturized every day.
15/07/2022, By Danielle
Very moisturizing and leavesx my skin feeling very soft!
15/07/2022, By Shenaaz
I LOVE IT! It's really expensive. But so worth it.
15/07/2022, By Jess
I started using it and it gave me a massive breakout throughout my whole entire face and neck. I stopped using it for 5 months and my skin healed quite quickly. Reintroduced it again a few days ago and BOOM - my face/neck is covered in pimples once again. :(
Although I’m using the rest on my legs after shaving and it gives me a cool feeling which I like
15/07/2022, By Jay-Dee
I love the smell (smells like those pink pills sweeties), but not hydrating enough for my skin. Tried it after using Skoon's phyto light moisturiser. This one is thicker, but definitely not as moisturising.
15/07/2022, By Caterina
My husband is very picky about his face cream, and he really likes this one. It's rich and nourishing, smells great and we love supporting local. So it's a win-win!
15/07/2022, By Barbara
I cannot get enough of this cream. Having used salon products for a long time, this outshines by far!!
15/07/2022, By Carolien
I am addicted to this cream! Not only is the packaging stunning but the cream is perfect!
15/07/2022, By First born
Yes to this
15/07/2022, By Asia
Perfect day and night cream, my skin is left very soft and moisturized after use. Would definitely recommend!
15/07/2022, By Vera
I love the whole range of skin creamery products and it is proudly South African as well
15/07/2022, By Michelle
Love it! Not heavy but moisturizes and absorbs well, smells great!!
15/07/2022, By L
This is the only lotion I uses on my face.
15/07/2022, By Maria
Took me a while to get used to the scent, it was initially very over powering but over the past two weeks I’ve come to love it and how it makes my skin feel. A little does a lot.
15/07/2022, By Sands
This cream smells like paint!
15/07/2022, By Sands
It's ok, thought it would smell better than it does.
15/07/2022, By Elaine
Leaves you feeling nice
15/07/2022, By Katie
This is one of my absolute favourite products - been using it for years. Feels super indulgent to use all over my body, but it is so worth it.
15/07/2022, By Sarah-Leigh
Wow the smell of this cream is so divine... I wish they made a perfume like this! I would buy it. Very lovely luxurious rich cream. A little goes a long way. Easily absorbed.
15/07/2022, By Kasia
Skin Creamery has some of the finest natural skincare products available in South Africa. Adore this cream to infinity and beyond. Nothing but pure love for all the pure ingredients.
15/07/2022, By Heila
This is a class product. It makes my skin feel so good.
I would never change this product for another.
15/07/2022, By Zahra
Love the packaging really cute.
Secondly the feeling of this cream is silky and smooth.. the scent isn't over powering and it's got this soft scent which is long lasting
15/07/2022, By Connect
Excellent combination of oils
15/07/2022, By Shan
Smells great. Is moisturizing and so gentle on the skin! I love it.
15/07/2022, By Melissa
Such a wonderful product! The smell is different at first (definitely a natural smell but I am used to Oh Lief aqueous cream) but then you get used to it and it is lovely! Skin doesn't react and feels so moisturized! Use on my face after cleansing with the oil-milk cleanser followed by rose water.
15/07/2022, By Ash
This is my all time favourite moisturizer, great for both my face and body. I use it all year round for super soft moisturized skin. Love!!
15/07/2022, By N
It's just okay. Not as hydrating as expected. Cute packaging though
15/07/2022, By Shané
I absolutely love the moisturiser. Have been using it for just over two weeks, and my usually dry and sensitive skin is feeling soft and happy :-) It helps that it is also fantastic value for money, and all-natural. Can't wait to try the other Skin Creamery products!
15/07/2022, By Michaela
Leaving a second review as I’ve now been using this cream for more or less two months and I’ll never go back. A few nights ago I used my old trusty environ moisturiser and I broke out completely within 24 hours. After one use of the SK everyday cream my skin began to improve and that just sealed the deal for me. This is an AMAZING product and super economical as its a big bottle that is only half way finished after over a months use. I have combination skin and this doesn't leave my T zone feeling too oily at all. Honestly, the other SK products don’t compare to this one.
15/07/2022, By Michelle
Love this product. It has a delicate smell and is thick and creamy but does not leave my skin oily. The packaging is beautiful!
15/07/2022, By Amy K
I use this cream for body only, as it's a bit to rich for my face. It is absorbed well & although rich, not greasy and smells lovely. Very nice on my dry, sensitive skin. However, I think it is too expensive given that I find it doesn't last me long. I find the pump bottle very frustrating, as both times I have had this product it stops pumping at about 2/3 down the bottle & then I struggle so much to get the cream out. Very wasteful.
15/07/2022, By Mariette
Personally I think the forumla is too thick, even for winter. I find that on my face it leaves some areas almost sweaty, while on my body, it takes a while to absorb. Won't be reordering.
15/07/2022, By Katlego
I've been using the product for a month now and have mixed feelings:
- I need to apply it twice for my face to feel really moisturised and for the product to absorb well into my skin. Otherwise, my skin feels a bit tight after just 1 application.
- The cream makes my nose sweat quite a bit within a few minutes of application, which is weird.
- I sometimes apply it on my hands, and it works very well for that.
- It's got an "interesting" scent that takes some getting used to, especially if you're used to fragrant-free cosmetics or those that have a very mild scent.
I think it just isn't for me. Will finish the bottle and keep searching for another moisturiser.
15/07/2022, By Buttons
Love this product. It's very moisturising and if you have combo or more oily skin then a little goes a long way. Just wish it had UV protection.
15/07/2022, By Michaela
A beautiful moisturiser, probably best suited for the evenings. I have very combo skin and LOVE the feel of this cream on my cheeks but it can leave my t-zone feeling slightly greasy in the day time. I use it sparingly (half a pump) and a little goes a long way. I think I prefer it as a night time cream to lock in moisture on top of the facial oil. The scent is neither appealing nor off-putting for me. Worth the $$$ as it is a big bottle and, like I said, I only need half a pump for my face and neck! Love
15/07/2022, By Lisa
I’ve been using this wonderful Everyday Cream for a while now and it’s without a doubt one of the best products I have ever used. My fine, mature skin is perfectly nourished and looks really good. I love the consistency, it’s easily absorbed and smells good too. The fact that it’s organic and South African are two more reasons for not being able to recommend it highly enough!
15/07/2022, By Elisabeth
Very strong scent. Almost a "chai" type of scent. Lovely product though if you don't mind scented creams. Works well under makeup as well.
15/07/2022, By Tracy
Ive been using this cream for months on my face, morning and night. What a lovely result. My skin never felt better. The whole skin creamery range is great. Try all the products!
15/07/2022, By Sonja
This lotion has a lovely texture and scent. It resulted in a rash on my face and neck, which I think may be due to the alcohol in it. Please note that I have super sensitive skin though. It works well on the rest of my body, but I'm not sure if I can justify using it purely as a body lotion for the price.
15/07/2022, By bh
Beautiful product. Love that it is great for both face and body. Smells amazing.
15/07/2022, By Lauren
This product leaves my skin feeling smooth; soft and smells great. I use this as a face moisturiser and it leaves my very dry skin well hydrated!
15/07/2022, By Jenny
I bought this cream to use on my face at night. Just one pump is enough so it lasts me over 3 months.
I love this cream; it is an absolute treat to use at the end of my day. It smells lovely, feels luxurious, and leaves my skin silky soft.
15/07/2022, By Jen
I've tried a lot of local, natural skincare ranges and Skin Creamery comes out top. This is by far my favourite staple in the range. Feels beautiful and smells heavenly. Not to mention the added bonus of gorgeous packaging!
15/07/2022, By GJ
When I first applied the cream, the smell was bit weird,but after it absorbed into my skin, I smelled lovely! I use it all over my body and my skin is hydrated. Will see in the winter if it still gives the same hydration. Loving this range though!
15/07/2022, By Michelle
I love this product - it glides on smoothly, smells wonderful and feels glorious.
15/07/2022, By Am
I was a Clarins girl before making the switch to natural and healthy skin care products.
I have now been using Skin Creamery for over a year and I love all of their products! The face wash removes all make up and dirt without drying out my already dry skin.
The exfoliator is gentle, but still manages to remove any dry or dead skin.
I absolutely love mixing the oil (which smells AMAZING) with the every day face and body cream, to create a smooth foundation to apply my make up.
The tonic is probably the best one I have used yet, it makes my face feel so fresh and smooth.
The whole range is amazing and smells DIVINE!

15/07/2022, By Kathy
This is a lovely body cream, light but leaves the skin feeling very smooth. It's a bit 'smelly' for my liking, but not unpleasant and the smell does not linger for too long.
15/07/2022, By Ginny
A lovely day cream, and love the smell
15/07/2022, By Verena
Love this product and use it mainly as a facial moisturiser. Smell is a bit strange
15/07/2022, By Nadia
Okay, here's my update. I've had cystic acne along my jaw for years. It just sits there without developing a head. They got a bit angry when I started using this (which I took as a good sign). Now I'm finally able to get them out! Old stubborn blackheads are also coming to the surface and overall my skin looks fresher and 'cleaner'. My boyfriend also noticed the difference. So happy with this product.
15/07/2022, By Corinne
Love the fact that I can use it from top to toe, but I do feel my face needs a little extra.
15/07/2022, By Nadia
I received a sample of this and liked it so much I've just ordered the bottle. Skin feels softer than it has in a long time.
15/07/2022, By Steph
Wow! I received a sample of this moisturizer and I love it! Only applied it to my face, neck and chest and I am so impressed. Absorbed quickly, left my skin feeling soft, smooth and glowy. I like its subtle, natural scent. Will definitely be ordering a bottle soon!
15/07/2022, By Megan
This is possibly one of my favourite skincare products of all time. I never want to run out of it. I thought it would be thicker, but it is super light, easily absorbs and is non-greasy.

One bottle lasts about 2 months of near daily all-over use. I highly recommend!
15/07/2022, By GenPot
I decided to spoil myself with a bottle of this the other day, and I'm so glad that did! The texture is great and the bottle is super convenient... not to mention the gorgeous packaging (which I converted into a book mark)! Win-Win.
15/07/2022, By Tracey
These sample are going to be the end of me:) This cream is amazing for travel as it saves space. Use it on your face and body. Thank you.
15/07/2022, By Michelle
I am obsessed with this cream!!!!!!! I could scream it from the roof tops :)

I have very sensitive, acne prone skin and have been looking for a good quality natural cream. I am so glad I found this brand. It will transform your skin.

I wish this product was around during my teens when I had horrible acne - any moms out there, give this a try on your teens skin!
15/07/2022, By Elsie
One of the best FACIAL moisturisers I have tried so far. The smell and formulation are both fantastic. The males in the house also use this when they need facial moisture - and that says a lot!
This is a repeat buy for me and a must-have.
15/07/2022, By Meagan
The scent of this cream is not as subtle as expected. I am not fond of scented creams. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I am quickly put off by creams with a scent to it, because in the past my skin would break out. This cream did not do this. It's easily absorbed, causing no skin irritation and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Because it absorbs so quickly, I find that I use a lot more than other creams I have used. I will still continue using it and purchase it again. If the scent was a little more subtle, I would rate it a 5.
15/07/2022, By Hayley
Really great cream! I have very dry skin and have been using this cream for a while now and have seen an amazing difference in my skin! If you use for face only will last for months!!!
15/07/2022, By Rachel
Initially I was concerned when looking at the ingredients as there were several that I did not recognize- but since using this product my skin has noticeably improved. I also have oily skin but this cream works wonders. Impressed so far.
15/07/2022, By Nabeela
Its so lovely. Smells amazing, super moisturizing and lovely to look at.
15/07/2022, By Sarah
Wow. This everyday cream is so worth it . The price is reasonable as you only use a little everyday. It is light but still very moisturizing.
15/07/2022, By Ginny
Great product, although I prefer this in summer. I have very dry skin and dont find it heavy enough for my older skin
15/07/2022, By NIta
This entire product range is amazing! The scent is light and earthy and the cream moisturizes and is absorbed by the skin quickly. Your skin feels moisturized without the oily residue
15/07/2022, By Cristina
Have bought this many times. Only downside is that it doesn't come in larger containers. The price on Faithful is also cheaper than on Skin Creamery's own site across the entire range. Would be great if Faithful would start stocking the refill too. Great smell and absorbs quickly. Also used as face cream and works well.
15/07/2022, By Nicola
Use this day and night, and my husband stopped complaining about heavy scented night creams! Win-win!
15/07/2022, By Jenna
Looks good, smells good, nice for a general soothing body cream but not super hydrating or skin-softening.
15/07/2022, By Melanie-ann
This is the Rolls Royce of body creams!

Beautifully packaged and the contents don disappoint either. Soft and delicately scented it leaves my skin absolutely glowing. I cannot recommend this cream enough.
15/07/2022, By Asha
This is probably the most luxurious cream on Faithful to Nature. I love everything about it from the packaging, the scent, the texture. It is a bit on the pricey side though so I don use it daily...perfect for a splurge when its bonus month!
15/07/2022, By Robyn
Skin Creamery is currently my number one choice of gift for my girlfriends. It comes so stylishly packaged and the product’s efficacy is truly world-class. It absorbs well, has a subtle neutral scent and really makes your skin feel amazing.
15/07/2022, By Menoka
Just love the silky texture which is non-greasy and smells wonderful!
My skin feels amazing.
15/07/2022, By C Joyce
I am not a fan of the smell. I love citrus-y scents and this one is too sweet for me. The texture is great and it does sink in right away which is great for winter. It does leave the skin smooth, really smooth.
15/07/2022, By Ethne
This product is amazing. I love the natural neutral smell. I have very very sensitive skin and this works perfectly. Definitely recommend it
15/07/2022, By Elana
I absolutely love this cream - can get enough of it. It has a wonderful smell and texture and best of all Im so happy with the organic ingredients it contains.
15/07/2022, By Melanie
This cream is perfect for normal skin. It smells good but isn overpowering. It soaks in well and the whole family can use it from my Baby to my Husband. That said it shouldn be confused for an all general cream as it really is a luxury product filled with super ingredients and expertly crafted.
15/07/2022, By Louise
Ordered this after receiving a sample. It is quickly absorbed and leaves my face feeling fresh and not sticky.I have a combination skin and it is perfect.
15/07/2022, By Vivien N
I first got this as a sample, in the middle of winter. I get Psoriasis patches on my face when its dry. This summer has been almost as dry as winter and so far not only has this cream given me the smoothest skin Ive had in a while, its also keeping my psoriasis at bay.
I would love to use this all over, but the price is a little high for body lotion.
The packaging is very pretty but probably also contributes to the high price.
Never the less, this has become a staple in my beauty regimen.
15/07/2022, By Lindy
This is a lovely light yet moisturizing cream. Smells divine too ! Just wish there were more in this product line available.
15/07/2022, By Tammy
Received this as a sample and was very impressed! I have quite sensitive skin and suffer from eczema, especially on my hands, and this cream didn aggravate at all! Smells great too.
15/07/2022, By Tammy
Im so greatful for receiving a sample of this delicious cream as now I can live without it! I have been trying different face creams for YEARS, always searching for one that was gentle, effective and and without any chemicals. My search is over! It smells SO delicious, vanilla, patchouli, spearmint, so delicate, good enough to eat! It really is a top to toe cream, escpecially for face and hands. I use it as both a day and night cream. Happy days!
15/07/2022, By Thavashni
Bought this a few weeks ago and we love it. My whole family uses it and it works brilliantly on dry skin.
15/07/2022, By Kate
I got a sample and I have to agree with the other reviews that this stuff is amazing. A bit pricey, but maybe if youve been very good and need to treat yourself...?
15/07/2022, By Habeebat A
Oh my. .....I got it as a sample and I tried it immediately after shower. I loved the smell,the softness and most of all my skin felt soft,supple and moisturised all day without the greasy feel. Im definitely addicted
15/07/2022, By Gabrielle
I just love this product and will continue to buy again and again. I just love the subtle, delicious scent and how incredibly gentle and nourishing it is on my skin. Leaves skin feeling super soft.
15/07/2022, By sam
Thanks to the 2 reviews I decided to give this a try.
Due to some treatment my face was cracking peeling dry extremely sensitive. My high end moisturizer was just not doing the job. I tried this and wow! Immediately my skin felt nourished relaxed n comfortable. No cracking pulling or peeling. It was such a relief and my skin is improving each day. I recommend this without hesitation. #127775;
15/07/2022, By Zac
After using Dermalogica for many years, I wanted to move to more organic and natural products on my skin. After reading about Skin Creamery I decided to give it a go. I have combination skin, so my cheeks are generally dry, this cream is perfect for my skin, it smells wonderful, goes on so silkily on my skin and leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. Skin have a customer for life. Thank you for a wonderful product :) *big thumbs up*
15/07/2022, By Alouette
I absolutely love this cream! Ive struggled to find an all natural facial cream that is nourishing and non-comedogenic for my sensitive skin. Skin Creamery has made THE most perfect cream I have come across: in terms of texture, how moisturising it is, the smell and the bottle! I hope they will be very successful with this product! Theyve got me hooked!
15/07/2022, By Sia
Amazing moisturiser and smells heavenly
15/07/2022, By Nicole
This product smells amazing and is super moisturising.
It does leave me looking a little oily, even though I have dry skin. So I stick to applying it at night
15/07/2022, By Cat
OMG what a luxurious feeling cream. Just love the smell and they way your skin feels after application. I’m in heaven ????

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