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Victorian Garden Rejuvenating Eye Tissue Serum

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Victorian Garden Rejuvenating Eye Tissue Serum
Victorian Garden Rejuvenating Eye Tissue Serum
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  • 5ml
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This light softening natural serum nourishes the sensitive skin around your eyes, helping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin. The pure, concentrated blend of organic and cold pressed oils is packed with skin loving and anti-aging vitamins E and C, which together promote collagen and elastin production, preventing and plumping up wrinkles while protecting from damage with their potent antioxidant activity. Victorian Garden Rejuvenating Eye Tissue Serum also feeds your skin an abundance of essential fatty acids, hydrates and locks in moisture, while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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  • Improved moisturisation and elasticity
  • Extra nourishment which feeds the skin
  • Fatty acids strengthen the skin’s lipid layer
  • Helps to stabilise natural oil production
  • A radiant, glowing complexion
  • Plumper skin with smoothing of fine lines
  • Aromatherapy benefits of combined selected oils
  • Suitable for All Skin Types
  • Vegan-friendly with no animal by-products.
  • Victorian Garden are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free and also certified with NatureWatch UK
  • The Ingredients…

Essential oils rich in Vitamin C – prevents wrinkles by promoting healthy Collagen and elastin and protecting from sun damage with its antioxidant activity. Promotes the healing More Vitamin C = more Collagen = a younger-looking complexion.

Vitamin E - a fat-soluble antioxidant found in the skin – Vitamin E equal’s skin beauty. Prevents inflammation and damage while helping every aspect of skin health.

Jojoba - moisturises and hydrates without clogging pores, soothe inflammation and blemishes, very similar in composition to human sebum, making it wonderful for balancing skin sebum production. Antibacterial and antioxidant, protecting skin from infection, irritation and helping prevent further breakouts.

Hazelnut oil - good source of protein, Vitamin E and B, and a type of mono-unsaturated fat called “oleic acid” helps prevent water from evaporating. High Vitamin E content, high level of flavonoids, with antioxidants to fight aging. “Astringent” oil that feels smooth and toning on the skin. The astringent properties help absorb oils and shrink pores, while the antibacterial. Helps absorb and balance sebum (skin oil), it also has a lot of natural fats that help moisturize and condition skin, leaving it soft and plump, while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Because of all the nutrients, flavonoids, and antioxidants, hazelnut has a rejuvenating effect on skin cells. Over time, regular use will have an anti-aging effect, helping skin to appear more youthful and vibrant.


  • Gently apply 1-2 drops on the cheekbone, above the eyebrow and under eye after cleansing. 


  • 5 ml


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Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 232 reviews

220 out of 232 people would recommend this product

29/11/2021, By Wendy
I used to be a Estee Lauder Lady BUT they stopped Eye Zone! It took me years to find a product replace it!! I found it!! This product is as good as if not better than Eye Zone and I saved a fortune of money!! LOL
25/10/2021, By Yogashinee
Love it
12/10/2021, By Nicky
I use it every day - really like it.
02/08/2021, By Bon
I notice less puffiness under my eyes.
21/06/2021, By Elize
The area around my eyes felt hydrated and not dry at all - will buy again!
04/06/2021, By Debs
Doesn't irritate the eyes. Softening.
27/05/2021, By Vee
I bought this eye serum quite a few times but the last one I bought had a different smell. I just didn't enjoy it that much
18/05/2021, By Meis
I really love this serum! It's soothing and feels great to use
15/05/2021, By Mj
Really great eye serum. Nice texture and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. You only need to use a tiny bit of it and if it gets into the eyes it does sting. Otherwise great.
09/05/2021, By Fany
I like the smell and the texture.
24/03/2021, By Gifto
I am hooked. I love this eye serum
15/03/2021, By Megan
Great product at an affordable price
23/02/2021, By Lynn
My eyes are looking much better than before. Everyone at work thinks I’m glowing
09/02/2021, By Ally
Super affordable and an amazing product
05/02/2021, By Susy
Feels good on my sensitive and eczema prone skin around my eyes- thank you
29/01/2021, By Eliza
This product works wonders for my under eyes. I’ve seen so much improvement.
28/01/2021, By Moira
My husband has been using this for years! Proof that you don't have to spend a fortune to see results. After seeing the results on his puffiness and under eye area in general I'm going to start using it too!
21/01/2021, By bronwyn
Gives good results
17/01/2021, By MON
Love!! Re ordering again
04/01/2021, By Duané
Would def buy again, thanks!
15/12/2020, By Anonymous
Great price and a little goes a long way
26/11/2020, By Candice
Very nice product. It smells great and my skin feels more plump and the fine lines seem a little fuller. I would definitely buy again.
25/11/2020, By Steph
Very Happy with product, I have very sensitive skin also suffer from eczema and roscea. The serum hasn't caused any flare-ups
16/11/2020, By Trix
It was cute, didn’t last long or make a huge difference but probably filled it’s basic function
12/11/2020, By Naledi
28/10/2020, By Gifto
I am ordering 2x bottles when I finish writing this review. I ran out of the oil and I feel like beating myself for letting it run out as it has been working wonders for me. I am 44 years old and was lucky that I had no problems under my eyes all the years but started showing dark marks this year, so I ordered this serum and the dark marks are all gone!
26/10/2020, By Yolandi
Rejuvenating serum
25/10/2020, By Ans-Mari
Great product
25/10/2020, By Aaminah
25/10/2020, By Aaminah
I have used this for only two nights and it has already reduced the puffiness of my under eyes.
24/10/2020, By Samuel
Great for dry skin, helps alot
23/10/2020, By Sam
Works wonders
23/10/2020, By MONJA
Great product!!! Not only an eye serum. I use it for any little imperfection on my skin. The results are fantastic. Love the combination of aroma oils. Smells loveley.
22/10/2020, By Lybey
Very hydrating. Excited to see how this works
14/10/2020, By Nicky
Very impressed with this product. Offers great relief for itchy skin
13/10/2020, By Gifto
I love this oil. I also use the facial healing oil from this brand
12/10/2020, By Rachel
Really helped combat dryness around my brow area
09/10/2020, By Candice
It is still early days of using the product but it smells lovely and is easily absorbed. My skin feels plumper, I hope I will start to see it working on my wrinkles soon. Stay tuned!
08/10/2020, By Talani
I had problems with loose skin around my eyes, this helped my under eye area appear smoother and hydrated
01/10/2020, By Deri-Anne
Nourishing, easily absorbed, lasts long! I use it at night. The little stopper top lets out just enough serum for both eyes, under eye and lid.
15/09/2020, By Diane
This eye serum is really special. Love it!! And it works to smooth out fine lines. Will definitely order again.
14/09/2020, By Paula B
The best eye serum I have ever used. I have immunodeficiency disorder so have multiple allergies. Can no longer use Clarins, Channel, Dior and found neither La Mer eye cream tried to do what it says on the very expensive glass bottle!!!
Within days this serum removed the bags of luggage under my eyes and substantially reduced blue rings and wrinkles.

05/09/2020, By Zest
This is a lovely smelling serum that's easily absorbed. It's helped smooth out fine lines around my eyes after two weeks of use. It hasn't made much difference to my dark purple insomnia circles, but it's a lovely little spoil to add to my calming bedtime routine. At this price and given the tiny amount I use, I'll definitely buy again.
29/08/2020, By Annie
Finally something that’s affordable and actually works
28/08/2020, By Karabelo
24/08/2020, By Ta
This is amazing
20/08/2020, By Tatiana
Love this serum. Natural, light, highly recommend by few of my friends
18/08/2020, By Mary
It is a small package but you only need a tiny amount for each application. Smells great and is very lightweight.
12/08/2020, By Losh
I had just started noticing fine lines around under the eye and I did try many eye creams with no results. I saw results within a week with this product. Fine lines had diminished drastically after a couple of weeks. The eye area is no longer dry and as a further bonus, I have also started to notice by dark circles lightening just a tad. Use sparingly and gently massage at night.
11/08/2020, By Sabi
Been using it for a month and can see a difference. Under eyes are less dark and fine lines are disappearing.
06/08/2020, By Greenie
05/08/2020, By Joy
Lovely product, plumps up skin under eyes and reduces fine lines.
03/08/2020, By Kavisha
This oil based eye tissue serum is amazing.
21/07/2020, By Kitty
Just received mine but so far so good
10/07/2020, By Marlize
I don't easily change my skincare products, but I couldn't find te eye serum I used anymore. What a suprise - This is realy a good buy and product. Even bought for my mother now.
09/07/2020, By Candy
My eyelids dont look as wrinkled as before. I really like the way it moisturises without being oily. I Will repurchase again.
23/06/2020, By Lucy
Makes my skin feel a bit dry
21/06/2020, By Charlotte
Highly recommended. Great for fines lines.
17/06/2020, By Mishqa
Does this help for dark rings under the eyes ?
10/06/2020, By Simone
Gentle and free of nasty ingredients!
22/05/2020, By Tracy
good quality
21/05/2020, By Jo
Realy like this little oil.absorbs nicely and a little goes a long way.have been using it for about a week twice a day and eyes dont feel so puffy in the morning.
21/05/2020, By Catherine Lucy
Please remember its a tiny bottle, like barbie's water bottle tiny. And the oil is hard to get out because you don't want to waste a smidgen of it, but it is a good little oil. Not expecting miracles as I would need at least a liter of oil for that. All in all I am happy with purchase.
16/05/2020, By Sandesh Elaine
I love how affordable it is! You don't need much and when I wake up the skin around my eyes is softer. I need to use for longer to see more results.
15/05/2020, By Hendrietta
hate the bottle love the oil
11/05/2020, By Jan
I was really surprised at how well this product works. I wasn't afraid to look at myself in the mirror in the morning! My face felt and seemed to appear more rested and rejuvenated. I feel that it is good value for money and am delighted that the product is made from natural ingredients
10/05/2020, By Reyana
08/05/2020, By Ness
Awesome eye tissue oil. I use this every night and it glides on and is absorbed quickly.
06/05/2020, By Vee
I have been using this serum since last year and I have been enjoying it ever since. I love it.
06/05/2020, By Izawoman
Got this for my mom but it didn't really reduces and under eye darkeness... although it did help with fine lines....the quantity is very little though
31/03/2020, By Jarel
bottle not same has pic
27/03/2020, By Singh
Have used it twice so far but this product is so good. I didn't wake up with puffy eyes as usual and it so soothing. It smells great as well! Will definitely purchase again.
19/03/2020, By NICOLE
18/03/2020, By Chelbe
I really like the smell and texture! I've even started dabbing a little bit around my eyes before I go out as it adds such a youthful glow.
13/03/2020, By Heilette
Love the smell and texture, not so oily that is doesn't absorb quickly.
26/02/2020, By Lize
I have been using this product for a bout 2 months now. The product does what it says it will do. It makes the skin soft and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It smells very nice, I use it in the evening after I washed my face. I drop it on my finger and dab it around my eyes.
For a more up-lifting and firming effect around the eyes, I would try Rose Hip essential oil.
16/02/2020, By Monia
Have not used it faithfully enough to expect a result but it is a nice oil for the under eye area... Also smells great
09/02/2020, By Sham
Gentle and soothing but powerful when it comes to dark circles and fine lines. I look refreshed immediately and use it daily in place of eye cream. Super affordable, I just wish it came in a bigger size.
09/02/2020, By Catherine
It smells and feels great on my tired eyes.
29/01/2020, By RaynieJ
This product is so affordable and such great value for money. I’ve been so impressed with this blend of oils. The scent isn’t too strong either. I apply it every night around my eyes, it doesn’t make you feel heavy or oily. I find my skin absorbs it easily and it’s non clogging.
17/01/2020, By crisps
Such an amazing and affordable little serum. I'm not sure about wrinkles because I didn't really check when I started using it, but I feel like it has made a difference. From a moisturizing aspect, IT IS MAGIC! The skin around my eyes never feels dry or sensitive, even after a whole day outside. Even after I remove my makeup, it's still soft and moisturised.
29/12/2019, By H
Amazing product. Not too oily
27/12/2019, By Tshepiso
It's been two weeks and the results are great. I will definitely keep using this serum. Plus the smell is lovely too.
05/12/2019, By Laetetia
This is a lovely eye serum that lasts a very long time. It is very moisturizing.
05/12/2019, By Laetetia
This is a lovely eye serum that lasts a very long time. It is very moisturizing.
07/11/2019, By Dee
Very moisturising and smells wonderful!

I wish they had this in a cream for the day time.
05/11/2019, By Lirschia
Easy to use and does work. Also good price
31/10/2019, By Britt
Bought this for my mom a few weeks ago and she says she is really enjoying it.
29/10/2019, By Bianca
I was experiencing dry patches on my eyelids and was worrying it might be the start of eczema. I tried to keep my lids moisturized but the dry patches decided to stay, until I started using this oil. It took the dryness away within a couple of days, I kid you not. This will definitely be a repurchase for me.
25/10/2019, By Sue
A little goes a long way, and I'm using it at night time for now. So far so good. I'm on my second week of use and I don't need to add with my eye cream on top.
25/10/2019, By lucy
amazing, me and my mom both use it
01/10/2019, By Sherri
Love this product, its actually an oil, I though it would have a gel like consistency due to the name serum but i prefer the oil texture. The skin around my eyes gets quite dry and scratchy due to eczema but since I have been using this I have not had any problems. I still get a bit on eczema on my eyelid that only medicated ointments can remove but the serum keeps the patch moisturised
29/09/2019, By Lynette
Where can i purchase this product in mpumalanga
26/09/2019, By Melissa
I Love this serum. It's not oily and leaves the eye area looking dewy and fresh
10/09/2019, By Deborah
Loved the product - very gentle - hopefully will see results
03/09/2019, By Anne
Love this! Recently began using it... Gorgeous scent, light and non-greasy (absorbs quickly). Hope to see promised results.
02/09/2019, By Tiffany
Have been using this product for one week. My skin feels well moisturized when I use it. The fragrance is a bit overwhelming.
31/08/2019, By Lucy
Have only been using for a couple of weeks and haven't seen major improvement, but it smells nice and blends nicely into my skin
15/08/2019, By Han
I’m not using it long enough to make a worthwhile comment, I’ve always been using eye creams and it’s an adjustment using an oil but it does feel nice on my skin and you don’t need much.
14/08/2019, By Angelene
Using this affordable oil serum as a base for my peptide eye cream, it assists with making my eye area look firmer and brighter. I've ordered 3 bottles :)
09/08/2019, By Sammy
This serum is amazing and a small drop really goes a long way. You can use it any part of the day or night! I have noticed that the texture of the skin around my eye is smoother and refined!
05/08/2019, By Sandra
The skin under my eyes was so delicate that wiping the area when needed was painful. After the first use of this product, I woke up with the skin being soft and nourished!
30/07/2019, By Thomas
My wife and I are literally addicted to this product! Result are really visible.
30/06/2019, By Christie
Excellent product. Dark circles under eyes noticeably lighter. Not suitable for day wear, but a perfect addition to my evening skincare routine.
17/06/2019, By Kym
This serum is quite strong smelling, but so gentle and moisterising. I love that it goes a really long way and doesn't leave a sticky or overly oily residue. It works really well on the dark circles i get and also just helps really relax the eye area after a day of staring at a computer screen and wearing glasses.
08/06/2019, By
A few months ago I developed a viral infection in my eyes which left the skin around my eyes very dry, scaly and damaged. I tried loads of eye creams but nothing helped. I saw this online and decided to try it. I haven’t been sorry. My skin is on the road to recovery. And the cherry on top: it smells like heaven!
07/06/2019, By al
Great product love that its an oil and not a cream
05/06/2019, By Suna
The oil smells wonderful and feels wonderful on my skin.
04/06/2019, By Mariska
It is all in the name, Rejuvenating Eye Serum. My eyes have been more moisturized and even less puffy. I put a tiny bit on my upper eyelids too and the flaky like dryness as completely disappeared. A great product!
28/05/2019, By Jade-Erin
Soooo softening, I really feel like it has hydrated my under eyes well.
24/05/2019, By Suna
The product smells wonderful and it feels good on my eyes.
08/04/2019, By Cherry
Lovely to use, results remain to be seen
06/04/2019, By Monique
Fantastic little bottle! Works great, moisturises so well, smells good, and lasts long! Definitely recommend it!
18/03/2019, By Marian
I tried it once and will keep it forever. Very tempting to put all over my face!
01/03/2019, By Malieka
Moisturizes my under eyes. And I do apply the leftovers on my face.
17/02/2019, By Michelle
i have an extremely sensitive skin, and this product is wonderful, my skin feels hydrated and good.I am very excited to have discovered this product
29/01/2019, By Claudes
Didn't notice any difference to my under eye wrinkles, however skin felt more moisturized whilst I used this.
26/01/2019, By Thia
Great value for money and lasts a long time despite being a small bottle. The serum is light, not too greasy and very hydrating. I apply it on top of my eye cream at night only and it has made a visible difference to my under eye area - visibly plumper and firmer and the skin looks hydrated. I pat it into the skin around my eyes, find if I rub it can irritate my eyes a little.
23/01/2019, By Moira
My husband swears by this serum! It's so affordable, lasts long and does exactly what it's meant to. He's been using it for just over a year now. A staple in our household. Really good buy!
14/01/2019, By Lesley
Great product especially for the price. Can see a difference already. I only apply at night as it is quite rich. I only use on the crow's feet and under my eye as I used it on the brow bone and ended up with blurry eyes as it got in my eye. You need very little too.
12/01/2019, By Kgai
I finally found out what my eyes have been yearning for all this while. The name is exactly that - rejunevation guaranteed.
12/01/2019, By Janie
I really enjoy this. I take care to apply it according to the very easy, straightforward instructions and wake up with no puffiness in the morning.
08/01/2019, By Caity
Smells lovely and very soothing
04/01/2019, By Nadette
Instant results and so affordable
31/12/2018, By Bronwyn
Perfect to help alleviate puffy eyes
03/12/2018, By Tessa
a great way to end the day and get ready to sleep, to prepare your skin for the day ahead. Simply apply and leave overnight. Leaves skin nourished and supple.
27/11/2018, By alienor
I’ve only been using the oil for 2 weeks and it’s definitely moisturizing. I’m not so sure about dark circles and eye bags. I’ll observe for much longer then post another review.
12/11/2018, By Layla
Great for using at night to wake up looking fresh and glowing
09/11/2018, By Sandesh Elaine
I received item in small clear bottle. But product is amazing. Can be used under concealer has well
29/10/2018, By Becca
Great oil for the eye area. Bottle is a bit different to the one pictured. Oil smells great.
29/10/2018, By Lishha
This oil is relatively thick and adds a decent coat of moisture around the eye area, leaving the skin feeling nourished without causing irritation. I use this one at night.
18/10/2018, By Broke but stoked
Gives my eyes a nice healthy sheen and keeps the skin moisturized for a good amount of time.
I also use it on my skin to help fade blemishes. While I do use another blemish-fading product that works wonders, my blemishes seem to fade more quickly when I apply the serum on top of it as well.
13/10/2018, By Mel
It helps my eyelids feel less scratchy when dehydrated.
I love the natural smell to it. 1-2 drops goes a long way. I massage it all over my face.
I have been using it during the day rather than at night because it works so beautifully with my make-up. Stops dry/flaky skin that tends to ruin the effect of foundation make-up.
Purchasing again to share with family member with very thinned layer of skin on his eye lids.
05/10/2018, By Mariam
This is my 3rd purchase. The skin around my eyes feels soft and moisturised after use and it has a light texture. More importantly, it contains natural ingredients.
02/10/2018, By Chelsea
One of the best eye serums i have used to date. It has definitely improved my under eye dark circles.
28/09/2018, By Johannes
It's nice and hydrating however it's extremely thick so it take long to absorb and if it comes in contact with your eyes it's very irritating. Don't know if I'll order again.
28/09/2018, By Thaveshnee
Drys my lips
05/09/2018, By Jessie
I have just started to use this product and I can already see how it is working. My eyes look less tired and my skin feels great.
31/08/2018, By Leandra
I've used this a number of times over the years. Despite its size, this lasts very long and give nice moisture to the eye area. Applying makeup over it has not been a problem either.
22/08/2018, By Francien
A little lasts FOREVER!
Will definitely recommend - its cheap and maybe not as good as the expensive stuff but way better than using nothing at all!! I can see the difference when using and not using it...
02/08/2018, By Lori
Awesome! Would definitely buy this product again
23/07/2018, By Rosemary
I apply this at night and use only one drop for both eyes. Goes on smoothly and doesn't irritate my eyes. It does soften the skin but I haven't noticed any difference in the lines.
29/05/2018, By Rogeema
I bought this tissue serum because of the reviews and the price was right. But I didn't notice any difference in my eyes when using it, wouldn't buy it again. It's not bad if you aren't using anything, but I went back to my old trusty eye cream.
01/05/2018, By Sabrina
Though it wasn't heavy, it didn't do anything for my eyes other than make them very watery and left my under eyes feeling dehydrated in the morning.
28/04/2018, By Melanie
At 40 I am only starting to have lines under my eyes, but unfortunately this serum is not having any effect on them. I would not buy it again.
23/04/2018, By Lovisa
Awesome overnight but haven't seen a massive difference.
19/04/2018, By Sune
haven't noticed much of a difference in the darkness under my eyes, but it does soften the skin.
18/04/2018, By Jeannie
I am very happy with this serum. Also makes a nice gift.
16/04/2018, By Daun
I bough this product because I wasn't using anything for my eyes. Although I haven't seen a big change after using this product, I think it's definitely hydrating. Also, it softens the skin around my eyes and reduces puffiness. I only used it at night.
15/04/2018, By Michaela
My first experience with an eye oil/serum and I love it. I use a drop per eye in the evening and it is light and moisturising at the same time and sinks in quickly. Not much of a scent. I'm not mad about the packaging - maybe a bigger bottle with a dropper? I find the current eye drops style bottle can get a bit messy
26/02/2018, By vicky
One of the best hydrating serums after a few days My under eyes stopped pulling lines when I add concealer - which was great I dont look tired in the mornings or night.... LOVE IT
21/02/2018, By Lila
Love this product. Saw improvement in appearance of fine lines and puffiness under my eyes. Would definitely recommend.
07/02/2018, By Livia
Finding facial products which are natural, cruelty free and which works, can be very difficult... But this product is one of them! After using it regularly for a while, I can definitely see that the skin around my eyes are more supple....even though I use it only once a day... I try to simplify my facial routine by using as little products as possible, but this little guy is staying!
04/02/2018, By EK
Love this! Absorbs really well and gives a nice texture to the skin. Will definitely buy again.
31/01/2018, By Candice
Have been using it for three weeks. Great product. will definitely buy it again
26/01/2018, By Christine
I ordered this and used it for a few weeks. I did not work for me, as it made my eyes seem puffy in the mornings. However, my friend is very satisfied after I passed it onto her.
19/01/2018, By MK
This is one of my all time favourite beauty secrets. I noticed a difference in the first month and have bought 3 more bottles since. I apply it at night. Love this product.
08/01/2018, By vicky
Love the oil it brightens my under eye area and makes my skin feel extremely moist and I can notice fine lines fading
02/01/2018, By Phindile
As someone who has struggled with dark under eye circles for a while now, and who has tried every expensive eye cream on the market, I was pleasantly surprised that this little tissue serum did the trick. Not only is it super nourishing but it also feels amazing. I am buying more and recommending it to everyone I know. LOOOOOOOVE this product.
01/01/2018, By Amy
This irritated my eyes and produced no results whatsoever.
I have oily dry skin and dark sunken circles (as opposed to puffy bags) which seem to be heredity and may have a link to sinus issues. Not sure if these would preclude the serum from working, but there you have the full disclosure.
16/11/2017, By Zakho
it has helped with my dark circles alooot. I basically look wide awake all the time now
06/11/2017, By Wanda
Hidrates my skin, without leaving it feeling heavy or oily
02/11/2017, By Tania
I continued to use this product for a month but have discontinued use and returned to using my previous eye serum/cream. Although the smell is exquisite, it did not improve the hydration level of the skin under my eyes (fine lines actually became more visible) and my eyes looked more puffy in the morning than before starting use.
25/10/2017, By Tam
Abrorbs nicely but I haven't been using long enough to see results.
20/10/2017, By Lerentia
Love the smell of this very fine oil.
16/10/2017, By Kim
Affordable. Goes a long way. Soaks into skin quickly, not oily. Smells great!
12/10/2017, By Maureen
Been using this for a while now. At 70 I have no false illusions that any product will suddenly make me appear twenty years younger. But this is a nice product and I am happy with how it feels and works to keep those laugh lines or crows feet at bay.
02/10/2017, By Carla
I received a sample and fell in love!
29/09/2017, By Sue
Like it. Smells a bit like olive oil? Not sure if I am supposed to use it in conjunction with eye cream or on its own?
15/09/2017, By Gerda
Fantasties vir oogarea. Ek gebruik dit net in die aand en laat dit vir 10 minute aan voor ek my oogroom aanwend. Sal dit sterk aanbeveel. Goeie prys.
31/08/2017, By MK
Awesome product, loved it!
30/08/2017, By HBV
Just ordered my second bottle. Little goes a long way. Two drops a day makes your under eye area supple and bright.
28/08/2017, By Val
Love it. I am on my third bottle and will continue to purchase. 1 drop does both my eyes, I find it soothing and my eyes look great. I have ordered some for my sisters......would recommend.
25/08/2017, By Leeanne
Love, love, love this product. The smell is divine, the serum absorbs beautifully and leaves the skin around my eyes feeling soft and nourished, without leaving any greasy residue. I use this every evening before bed and the lavender in the serum helps with winding down after a busy day.
22/08/2017, By Melissa
Saw no improvements in the dark circles or fine lines under my eyes.
16/08/2017, By VERO
Works well on my under eye i has bad dark circles amazing how it worked over a few days
14/08/2017, By Carey
Great product, my skin is so hydrated and rejuvenated after use, I can certainly see a difference after only a few days.
13/08/2017, By Lynsey
Haven't seen a drastic improvement in my dark eye circles.
13/08/2017, By Chantell
Lovely scent, moisturise delicate skin, feels great. Only need a few drops
12/08/2017, By Rekha
I really like this serum! I noticed visible difference to fine lines and my under eye looks smoother. I prefer to use it at night only so it really lasts long . Just ordered two more! One for my sister to try!
08/08/2017, By Tanz
Ive been usig this product for a few weeks. It is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. I havent noticed any difference to my eye area yet but Im happy with how nourishing the product is.My eye area is sensitive and this product does not give any adverse reaction.The bottle is really tiny, the size of an eye drop bottle
08/08/2017, By Nadia
I was concerned about the size of the bottle, but a little really goes a long way. Been using this for just over a week now and I can already see a difference in the small lines next to my eyes and underneath. It also smells divine. Will give another review in a months time. But so far so good.
03/08/2017, By Lindsey
I've been looking all over for a nice eye serum and I thought I would start with this one. It has great ingredients so I don't mind applying it to my skin and close to my eyes. It's very smooth and hydrating. I use it every night. My general eye area is quite dry during winter. I'll keep using this and see how my eyes look once the bottle it up. It's so tiny but I only use 1 drop per eye so it will last until summer for sure.
03/08/2017, By Moné
I can't go to bed without this serum.
30/07/2017, By samantha
A great product, so soft and easily absorbed into the skin.
19/07/2017, By Rene
Love this eye serum, feels amazing!!!
18/07/2017, By Erika
Bought this product 3 times and it is a great eye wrinkle treatment. Great price too!
10/07/2017, By Shirley
Although a very small bottle, the oil lasts, a little going a long way, and leaves my skin feeling smooth, not oily.
10/07/2017, By alienor
love this product - feels so soothing once on and one doesnt need to use a lot - spreads evenly and smells nice!
06/07/2017, By Tam
Obsessed with this product! The skin around my eyes has a much softer and smoother texture. I don't have wrinkles yet to judge the anti-aging effects, but based on how my skin has reacted to it, I'm sure it will be a preventative measure. Love love love! And a little goes a long way.
05/07/2017, By Courtney
Good product, feels lovely to put on
24/06/2017, By Debbi
Super absorbant & nourishing, soaks right in, not greasy at all. One of the few products that doesn't adversely affect my highly allergic skin. A staple in my skin regime.
16/06/2017, By KS
Lovely serum - love the simple little bottle as well.
13/06/2017, By Tania
I am loving this serum. A little goes a very long way and it's really made a difference to the fine wrinkles around my eyes
09/06/2017, By Des
This product is okay, but lemon & lavender oil are known to be possible skin irritants. So if you have sensitive skin, avoid any products that contain fragrant oils.
02/06/2017, By Lindie
This definitely softens eye and lip wrinkles. At this price, a true miracle.
02/06/2017, By Bevlitt
I was pleasantly surprised by how well this product works. My skin under the eye feels amazing.
29/05/2017, By raeesa
Lovely oil for under the eye. I used it on my entire eye are ( below the eye and on the lids) every night. Although it did not have an effect on my dark circles i am happy with the moisture boost it gave the area
07/04/2017, By Nevashini
This stuff is unbelievable, I had to make sure though so I conducted a little experiment. I applied the serum only on one eye, at night only and in just 2 days the difference between both eyes were completely visible. The side I used it on was much smoother and dark circles less apparent. The other side looked like a train wreck in comparison. Seriously, try it.
23/01/2017, By Jennifer
I am really happy with this product. It smells great, its not greasy or oily and I have had visible results.
18/11/2016, By Natasha
This product is really lovely, it moisturizes the under eye area as well as the eyelid very well. a little drop covers they whole eye area. Have recently started using eye cream as just reached my thirties, this is a good buy. I have already recommended this product to friends and family.
07/10/2016, By Janine
Truly great product. Works better than most high-end, store-bought eye creams that I have used over the years and at a fraction of the price! Highly recommended.
09/09/2016, By Correne
Ive been using this serum for 2 weeks only and can already see a difference. The skin around my eyes is a lot smoother and glowing. Its a very affordable product and great to know that its good for my skin and the environment!
16/08/2016, By Roslyn
This eye serum is not the best Ive used but for the price its pretty good. It has a lovely consistency, not too oily and it hydrates my dry under eye area nicely. However it hasn done anything for my dark circles but then again, not even the most expensive eye cream Ive used has done much for my dark circles!
26/07/2016, By shakeerah
Ive been using this serum for my dark circles under my eyes for 11days still don see any results. I will continue using the entire bottle up and see what happens will write review again.
20/07/2016, By Belinda
This little bottle goes a long way! I use it day and night plus add a drop to my lips as a moisturiser and it it definitely is value for money. It moisturisers wonderfully and does help to smooth out the under eye area as it plumps it up! Great product!!
19/07/2016, By Carol Anne
this is a very nice eye oil but I really hate the VG tiny sizes
(5ml)! Im so fed up with having to buy 3 at a time I have switched to another organic brand that sells decent sizes. This applies to many of their other products too - why 12ml in the rosehip serum for goodness sake? Same story, I have to buy 2 or 3 at a time; why not just make 20ml or 25ml at least?
15/07/2016, By Anne-Marie
Having used a lot of eye serums over time, from well known retail and boutique names (and nicely expensive I may add!), this is the best one Ive ever tried! Not only is the price very very reasonable but I saw results within days. The lines under my eyes are definitely getting softer and suffering from dark circles under my eyes, this has also reduced dramatically. Im hooked and will definitely keep on buying this!
13/06/2016, By Virginie
I recently switched to the Victorian Garden Royal Tudor range and I absolutely LOVE it :-)
25/04/2016, By Sonja
This is the only thing that gives me immediate relief when the itchy eye hay fever hits that causes red swollen eyes.
Its a life saver!
02/04/2016, By Jacqui
I adore this product! Its fairly thick so I only use it at night. I also apply it to fine lines elsewhere on my face and have have seen brilliant results.
09/03/2016, By Beate
I started using this serum at night and my fine lines are really less. It feels good and doesn smell to bad either. I will definitely buy it again!
01/12/2015, By S
this serum banished my dark circles within a week of use. my fine wrinkles are disappearing as well
18/11/2015, By Lara
I have been using this eye serum for quite a few months and I love it! Ive used a few different eye creams and serums and will definitely continue using this one. Not only is the price reasonable, the serum is made of natural products, not tested on animals and I can see positive results to my eye area.
05/11/2015, By Illyan
Absorbs so easily and smells great. This would make a great little stocking filler as well!
31/10/2015, By Heidi
A little goes a long way, smells nice and absorbs well. Super for my combination skin.
30/10/2015, By Robyn
Non greasy, quick absorbing, does the job. Small easy to use dropper. Brilliant product and even better price!
27/10/2015, By Adele
I am nor really religious with applying eye creams, but I keep this next to my bed and dab some around my eye zone before bed. No more puffiness and fine lines have been greatly diminished.
12/09/2015, By Liesl
I love how one drop covers the entire eye area, and how it feeds your skin. It is great value, and delivers great results when used regularly. A great addition for your girlfriends birthday pamper hampers!
28/08/2015, By Beverley
Kept the skin around my eyes nice and moist without an oily feeling
28/08/2015, By Carien
For the price, I think this is an excellent product. Really works well for me. I can definitely see a difference.
22/08/2015, By Sindy
Excellent buy!!!
I have periods of insomnia and this would result in dark circles under my eyes.
From the first night I started using the serum I not only felt but saw the difference.
Definetely highly recommended.
17/07/2015, By Lauren D
I suffer from bad dark rings under my eyes from allergies and late nights working. This has definitely helped to lighten the rings, soften my fine lines, and look less tired in the morning.
02/06/2015, By Lindi
Really helps with the dryness around my eyes. Absorbs quickly and leaves the skin plump.
27/05/2015, By HBV
Have been using this eye serum for a month now,..and loved it so far. I apply one drop under each eye and massage just before going to bed. This eye serum is absorbed real quick with no stickiness. Its reasonably priced and will last a long time...
09/03/2015, By Esme
This is great value for money. I have been using it for four months and am only half way through the bottle. I use one to two drops twice daily and it has been effective against fine lines around my eyes. The skin around my eyes now doesn look as tired and dull as it did before. I feel utterly pampered every time I use it!
30/01/2015, By Penny
I can see and feel a difference in the skin under my eyes.
Fine lines look softer and dark circles look lighter. I am
superbly impressed.
14/12/2014, By Bernie
This is great serum for dry skin, the oily texture soaks beautifully into my skin.
27/05/2014, By Jodi
Fantastic product. Only need 1 drop for both eyes. Visible improvement and softened fine lines.
09/08/2011, By Avril P
Highly recommended. Feels great when you apply and a small drop covers the whole eye area. Absolute value for money when compared to expensive high end products in the shops...and works better!
05/08/2011, By Jacqueline1
Wonderful product,really conditions delicate eye area and non greasy.
28/01/2011, By Gisela
This product surpasses all expensive eye products I have used in the past. It's non-allergic, has a beautiful smell and leaves the skin beautifully soft. I will recommend this to anyone, men and women alike!

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