Craft Beer

What Makes Craft Beer Better?

Beer is taking on a whole new shine that’s hip and trendy. It turns out this fresh take on beer is actually not new at all but a return to something more traditional that, judging by its popularity, is better too. It’s called Craft Beer and it’s here to bring a new depth and soul to your beer drinking experience.

What is Craft Beer?

The term craft beer was first used in the 1970’s to describe a new generation of small breweries that used traditional methods to brew cask ale – ale that is unfiltered and unpasteurised, brewed and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure.

Before modern large scale brewing became the norm, the traditional way of brewing beer was on the premises that it was sold from. In fact, some of the big beer companies started out like this. It was a local concern and when the beer was ready, a sign would be put out. The strength and taste of the beer was important then, and that’s what craft beer is about now – the quality and unique flavours of a traditionally brewed beer from smaller, independent breweries.

It’s a return to savouring what’s in your pint with a little more than just passing appreciation, and the freedom of the small company from corporate domination. In short, craft beer is a beer revolution.

This is the definition for Craft Beer given by Brewdog, a UK based craft brewery

• It’s small
• Authentic
• Honest
• Doesn’t add rice, corn or any other additives to lessen flavour and reduce costs
• Lists all ingredients clearly
• Is independent: less than 20% of the craft brewery is owned or controlled by an alcoholic beverage industry member who is not themselves a craft brewer
• All beer is brewed at a craft brewery

Creativity, variety authenticity and quality. Beer made the traditional way is beer that has been produced with heart and soul.

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Reasons to Drink Craft Beer

Beer relaxes you: Beer is basically a combination of hops, water and yeast. What you may not know about hops is that it is also a herbal remedy used to ease anxiety and nervous tension. This pleasant sedative effect may account for why we associate beer with relaxing and having a good time!

It tastes great: Craft brewers are more personally passionate and focused about the quality of their beer than watered-down mass produced brands – it’s all about the flavour.

Health benefits: Craft beer has been shown to have more health benefits than red wine, or at least equal but different! It’s packed with nutrients, soluble fiber, some B vitamins, especially folate, and a range of antioxidants. It’s also the richest source of silicon, which may help prevent osteoporosis, and ferulic acid, a potent antioxidant that is thought to combat heart disease and diabetes and is the most easily assimilated from beer into the body.

Glass: The majority of craft beers are sold in glass, not metal – friendlier for the earth, for your health, and for the taste too. Beer connoisseurs recommended decanting your beer into a glass if it’s in metal because it can impact the taste.

Beer pairing: Pairing craft beer with food is gaining ground in the food industry, with people organizing events like Beer & Cheese parties. A whole new dimension of cuisine to explore.

Variety: You get to try out all sorts of unique beers from different regions – there’s a new experience around every corner.

Supports small, independent business: it’s a way to bring things down to grass roots level and support those who have the initiative, independence and passion to create something with soul, as well as local jobs with a more personal feel.

Did you know? Beer makes a great hair conditioner for dull, brittle hair!

Another delicous way to enjoy the goodness of beer is to bake up a loaf of beer bread:

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