Vitamin Me – A guide to natural immune boosters

With winter fast approaching, catch phrases such as “flu vaccine” and “effervescent vitamin C” are becoming more and more popular. But as always, Mother Nature has us covered by providing us with naturally occurring immune supplements or boosters to help us brave the cold and all of the illnesses it comes with.

Effective Helpers To Ensure You Breeze Your Way Through Cold & Flu Season


The Echinacea plant has fresh blooming leaves that are perfect for boosting the immune system. Sold as Echinaforce drops, this traditional remedy is ideal for guarding your body against cold and flu as well as improving your symptoms while your body recuperates.


Collected by bees and in the form of gums, resins and essential oils, propolis is a naturally occurring antibiotic and antiviral, which also has antiseptic and antifungal properties. One such product is the Honey Guide Propolis Tincture, which is sustainably and locally harvested from the Cape Peninsula Mountains.

Black Cumin Oil

Black Cumin oil has historically been used as a holistic and all round remedy for a range of illnesses including flu and cancer. It is also a wonderful, natural booster for allergies making it the perfect remedy for all seasons.

Colloidal Silver

A cost effective all rounder, colloidal silver is a wonderful immune booster for fighting infections and clearing colds. With antibacterial healing properties, which can be used as a topical skin treatment or taken as a supplements for the digestive system; this remedy is fatal for unwanted bacteria, fungi and parasites but is 100% for you and your family.


Also known as the “Miracle Tree” and “The Worlds Most Nutritious Plant”, moringa lives up to its reputation by acting as a great non-toxic immune booster that is also safe for babies and pregnant women; especially if organic.

Manuka Honey

Although quite pricey, Manuka honey has significantly stronger antibacterial properties than normal honey types, thus justifying its high price tag. Naturally sourced from honey produced by bees pollinating the indigenous Manuka plant of New Zealand, this booster not only tastes great but is also a great addition to your natural medicine cupboard.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is a great antioxidant, which also aids the body by killing pathogens and reversing infections. To supplement its antiviral effects, the Olive Leaf is often combined with homeopathic remedies which help control symptoms of flus and colds such as headache, fever and body aches.

Medicinal Mushrooms

The long chain sugars (otherwise known as polysaccharides) of medicinal mushrooms give them their wonderful disease combating properties, which naturally boost the immune system. Sold as teas or dried for soups or broths, these mushrooms are not only a hearty addition to your winter pantry, but will also guard you from against illness and disease as well.


Known as “Umckaloabo” meaning “heavy cough and chest problems” in Zulu, Pelargonium is perfect for clearing the chest and easing breathing. Often sold as a herbal tea in conjunction with other healing herbs and leaves, Pelargonium is a wonderful soothing remedy for viral coughs and tight chests.


So if you are looking for a way to support you body’s tiny soldiers this winter, these natural boosters may do just the trick. All natural, vegan friendly and often proudly local while also being specifically chosen by you for your problems; these little gifts from nature can be seen as your very own naturally occurring Vitamin Me.

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Written By Dr Anesu Mbizvo
Anesu Mbizvo is a qualified medical doctor and yoga instructor, passionate about holistic health and natural medicine.
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