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Honeyguide Propolis Tincture Dropper

Honeyguide Propolis Tincture Dropper
Honeyguide Propolis Tincture Dropper
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  • 30ml
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The highest grade raw propolis sustainably harvested from holistically managed honeybees on pristine mountain apiaries in the South Western Cape Peninsula.

Propolis is bee-collected gums, resins, balsams and essential oils. Propolis has strong natural antibiotic, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. Propolis is useful as an immune stimulant.

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Directions for Use

1-4 Drops in water or honey for: Colds & Flu, Immune deficiency and Throat infections.
Apply directly to affected area for cuts, cold sores, bed sores, fungal infections, haemorrhoids, burns and rashes.

70% Alcohol, Propolis.

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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 49 reviews

47 out of 49 people would recommend this product

06/11/2023, By Mad's
This product is essential in your home! I use this as a mouth wash, on wounds, and cuts (and I mix it with a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide food grade). I drink 10mls every day in my water to flush out negative metals from my system. It makes my immune system stronger. Apply a few drops to pimples and see them disappear~ amazing stuff.
You can even give this to dogs or use on dogs.
15/09/2023, By AJ
Bought two of these, one for my daughter's 2 young kids and one for myself
Both of us have mixed feelings about this product
I used it throughout the winter but cannot say that it was of benefit or not
Liked the taste of it
22/05/2023, By Amanda
Trusted by our family for post-nasal drip control. Well-priced compared to competitors.
02/12/2022, By Mandy
Gets rid of post-nasal drip sore throat in a blink. Prevents cold sores from developing. Always have this product in my cupboard.
12/06/2021, By Dawsie
Honeyguide approved well priced and pure from the hive !!!
26/05/2021, By Mandi
I love this product. Works for so many ailments!! Highly reccommend!
29/04/2021, By Linda
I have used Propolis in the past and find it an excellent product to add to a First Aid kit. It helps with sore throats, insect bites and so much more.
02/04/2021, By Ronel
Great to stop a sore throat in its tracks, I take it immediately when I feel a sore throat coming on, pleasant taste as well.
05/03/2021, By Ro
Wonderful as a pimple and fungal treatment
27/11/2020, By Tamsyn
Best one on the market. I use it for anything and everything, but especially topically for bites, sores, warts, acne...
01/11/2020, By H
wonderful in a spoon of honey - my whole family uses it to protect us from all bugs!
16/09/2020, By Mon
This is a must have for immune boosting, wounds and acne. I use this on anything and on anyone. The propolis is an amazing healer and even though it may seen expensive this little bottle lasts months.
13/08/2020, By L
An absolute must-have in my home. Great to use for sore throats, or to dab directly on the skin for scrapes or breakouts. The Honeyguide propolis tastes really good (compared to some other brands). I make sure I always have stock of this for myself and to give away.
30/07/2020, By Nikki
A wonderful product. It just tastes so natural and full of goodness.
27/07/2020, By Roline
This stuff is amazing. I've used it to treat everything from ringworm outbreaks to sore ears. It's definitely become one of my essentials in my medicine cabinet.
15/07/2020, By Candy
I have now been buying this for my parents who are in ther late Sux's, my mom normally suffers with respirator infections during the flu season. Now when she gets a sore throat, she immediately takes it, and the sore throat is gone. She now swears by it. I give it to my kids also, from sores to throats, it has so many uses.
07/07/2020, By Amanda
Propolis tincture seems to be a wonder product. I use it, with excellent results, at the onset of all "bug" related ailments. It is the only product I've tried that truly arrests and halt fever blisters at the first itch.
01/05/2020, By Shee
Excellent quality - local and organic
17/01/2020, By Wendy
Propolis is good for fighting septic conditions and for boosting the immune system. I take a few drops orally morning and evening. A few drops on any skin wound will heal the wound very quickly.
05/01/2020, By Monia
Love it so much i bought more... Use it for any itchy bite/sore.. It cured my son's ringworm within a few days;i used it internally to treat a sore throat which then vanished overnight. This is a must have!
07/11/2019, By Charl
When I compare to the 400 year old recipe of the bottle I bought at Italy Monastery .... this one has way too much alcohol and too little taste of bee gum - rather stick to about 30%alcohol and the rest bee gum propolis(bio anti biotic)
05/11/2019, By Christine
Wonderful healing product that helped heal my dogs facial wound very fast. I rated 4 because the bottle was leaky, even the 2nd bottle leaked. Would be great if a new glass/lid could be used.
11/10/2019, By Alexandra
Amazing product! It really aids in upper respiratory issues, such as sinuses and post nasal drip. Almost instantly clears my airways. I often get allergies which affect my breathing, sometimes even causing wheezing. But this helped and with no side-effects as I usually get from an antihistamine pill.
03/07/2019, By Patience
My last order leaked during transit; the caps need to be improved to avoid leaks! Otherwise the product is good.
19/06/2019, By Candles
This is my 4th bottle. I swear by this product. I got over the flu in no time, and the minute I feel a sore throat coming on I take 4 drops and then the sore throat is completely gone by the next day.
27/05/2019, By Hlatse
I love this product, bought it last year after getting allergies and sick while on vacation. It was recommended by an employee in the shop, I absolutely love it. It boosts your immune system and gets you up and running again in no time. Good for flu and flu related symptoms and also works well on skin ailments and allergies/throat issues.
15/05/2019, By Candy
The minute I feel a sore throat coming on. I take a few drops during the day, and by the next day I already feel better.
21/12/2018, By P3
I will always have this in my house. Have been using it for several ailments and it paid off.
08/10/2018, By Lize
Great product, but it's slightly difficult to control the amount of drops as it comes out very fast!
05/09/2018, By Chanél
I first bought this as a gift for a friend and then ordered some for myself. My friend's bottle arrived and had leaked out (I'm 100% happy with faithful to nature's response in dealing with it) But then mine also arrived and had leaked out. Their packaging seems to be below standards. I ordered other products in similar packaging with both orders and they arrived without any leaks. I'm disappointed in this product. Hopefully they change their bottle/bottle caps soon.
Then I attempt to use four drops and directed and the contents pours out the "dropper". It's not what I expected at all.
18/08/2018, By Maggie
Ths is amazing stuff.I will keep in stock for a remedy
13/07/2018, By P3
I will never be without this product! 1 for the house 1 for the handbag and 1 for the office. Use it whenever something starts brewing and in between.
18/05/2018, By Bree
Whenever I feel something brewing in my throat, this stops it right in its tracks! Awesome stuff.
04/05/2018, By CMO
Fantastic product! Never be without it! Works for a lot of ailments and the best when treating sore throats and mouth ulcers! This is like a first aid kit in a bottle!
31/03/2018, By Zonelle
The perfect home remedy for colds, flu, scrapes, cuts, bites, everything!
30/03/2018, By Ria
Amazing tincture to cure colds and flu
21/02/2018, By Sophie
I bought this for my sinus suffering husband. He used it for 3 weeks and def saw an improvement
24/01/2018, By Newgirlharper
I am prone to mouth ulcers and this propolis has helped in healing and in turn keeping my mouth ulcer free.
06/10/2017, By Dominique
Keep it in the house just in case
17/08/2017, By Sasha
I use this for anything and everything. It's especially good for sore throats and as a immunity booster. LOVE it!
14/07/2017, By Sue
Use this every day, put drops on my tongue, sip of water, hold, and swish, gargle and swallow, brilliant allternative to a toxic chemical mouthwash, and any gum redness, just use a cotton bud, and go straight to the site. Recommended by my homeopath for sinus/throat problem, and dentist for gums /mouthwash. I cannot tolerate chemical mouthwashes, so Propolis is brilliant, and works for me.
25/05/2017, By Deidre
Since we started using this product, my husband and son's sinus and hayfever symptoms have dissappeared. We also haven't had any signs of cold symptoms although all four us have been exposed more than once in the last couple of weeks.
15/08/2016, By Aneke
If anyone out there is looking for something to help clear up skin irritations on your pets, give this a try. I have tried countless products on my dogs (raw, itchy rashes on their stomachs) and this is the only product that I see a definite result with. It really works. Its also amazing for fever blisters (apply directly as soon as you feel one coming). I get panicky if I don have a backup bottle of this in the house!
26/04/2016, By ELIZA
I got a nasty cut from a thorn and immediately i applied this. Hours later there was no more pain and my wound closed nicely
06/04/2016, By Nadia
I am so impressed by this product, it really is a must have! My husband and I have been taking it for two weeks now and my husband can definitely feel a difference as he suffers from sinus and hay-fever. I have been struggling with a throat infection, I think because of the Honeyguide propolis it has not gotten worst, but I do still have an infection... I used it on one of my dogs skin, he has a really bad skin irritation, the next day it was almost completely gone. I even used it on the odd pimple or two and it definitely shrunk. Overall, I think this is a wonderful product to have in your home!
26/01/2016, By Lyn
Gave to my kids when they had the sniffles and it worked really well. Will keep this in my medicine stash for future.
14/08/2015, By Zonelle
Propolis is absolutely amazing - it is especially great if like me you like the natural alternative, this is an alternative for basically everything and Im so happy to find a good quality product which is easily available.
30/01/2015, By Penny
4 drops a day in water cleared up my hay fever and the annoying cough that came with it. Excellent!
Used it on a cut from a piece of metal which healed in record time, will never be without this. Most Excellent!
11/06/2014, By Adele
One of those things I just can not be without. Its like a first aid kit contained in a travel sized bottle and is suitable for all ages. Will stop a cold or flu or stomach bug dead in its tracks. Heals any wound, sore or pimple in record time. Awesome stuff!

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