Mac n cheez

Vegan Mac ‘n Cheez With Crispy Pulled Jackfruit

We wanted to write a whole bunch about the amazing people at Happy Earth People, but it seem that there is no one that says it better than they do:


We believe in a food and farming system that nourishes both people and planet to health and happiness.

Together we can create a world in which all people live healthily and happily, fuelled by the power of simple pulse-based foods. A world in which farming and our food system, restores and regenerates the earth and all its inhabitants.

We believe that we can live in harmony with nature, ourselves and with the source of happiness which has always been available inside.”

– Happy Earth People

Here is a healthy Mac ‘n Cheese recipe full of wholefoods, is sugar and gluten-free and has an energising amount of protein.






  1. Peel and steam your potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and onion until they are soft through. Place all the sauce ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. 
  2. Open and drain your tin of jackfruit and use the back of a spoon or a fork to shred the jackfruit. Heat a pan with a little oil and add in the jackfruit and the spiced. You can fry it until it is really nice and crispy.
  3. Cook our noodles and drain, then mix in the sauce and place the jackfruit on top.

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