Top 10 for foodies

Top 10 Gifts for Foodies

If you’re looking for gifts for a wannabe (or real life) chef, or anyone whose favourite room is the kitchen, look no further: We guarantee they’ll love everything on this list.

1. Home Made Metal Flour Shaker, R169


Add a little rustic vintage charm to your kitchen with this farmhouse-style flour shaker from Kitchen Craft. It’s the perfect addition to your pizza station or baking cupboard, giving you a hassle-free, mess-free way to dust your kitchen surfaces with flour, before rolling out dough and pastry.

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 2. Home Made Round Loaf Proving Basket, R310


Use the Kitchen Craft Home Made Loaf Basket to “proof” your bread dough, keeping the shape as it rises, while helping to improve the texture and flavour too. The bowl also leaves a spiral imprint on the dough, giving it that extra-special artisanal touch.

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 3. The Organic Wine Gift Set, R315


The perfect gift for a wine connoisseur, this Organic Wine Gift Set includes a rich and fruity Merlot from Stellar Organic Winery, as well as a Crystal Wine Pourer and Corkscrew from VacuVin – two convenient and stylish must have’s for any elegant party or celebration.

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 4. Low Carb Revolution by Annie Bell, R355


This revolutionary cookbook from celebrated writer Annie Bell is chock full of 140 innovative recipes that show that low carb cooking is still enticing and delicious while helping you to lose weight. Approached from true food lovers point of view, Annie introduces a diet that revolves around ingredients like chicken, salmon, shellfish and fresh seasonal vegetables.

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5. Amy-zing 3-in-1 Almond Nut Milk Bag, R89


These AMY-zing nut milk bags are made of nylon and are produced locally in Durban, South Africa. It can be used to make your own fresh nut milk, fruit and veggie juices, and even grow your own healthy sprouts.

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 6. NutriBullet, R1 999


A brand-new, innovative way to enjoy all your favourite fruits and veggies – the NutriBullet isn’t a blender or a juicer, but a sophisticated food extractor. It uses a cyclonic action to break foods down into their most easily digestible and absorbable state to help your body get the best possible nutrition with every serving.

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 7. Moko Africa Bread & Cheese Board, R199


The Moko Africa bread board is made from sustainably sourced solid oak wood, with a beautiful smooth finish. Use it as a serving platter in the kitchen, dining room or patio, or pack it in your picnic basket – you’ll find it’s the perfect combination of sophisticated style and practical, down-to-earth design.

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 8. The Picnic Lovers Gift Set, R345


Perfect for summer, this Picnic Lover’s Gift Set includes four Traditional Drinking Jars, a bottle of luxurious Rose & Raspberry Persian Cordial from Kuhestan Organic Farm, and a large bag of Santa Anna’s Organic Corn Chips, “the healthiest chip on the planet”.

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  9. Inspired Foods Umami Shake Smoked Chilli Seasoning, R59


This delicious, spicy natural seasoning from Inspired Foods adds flavour-filled flair to any savoury dish. Umami Shake is made with a blend of shiitake mushrooms, herbs and spices with the stand out flavours being the smokey chilli and paprika, and is created to enhance the taste of soups, stews, stir-fries, roasts or salads.

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 10. Wonderbag, R319

sku4733v3-african-batik-wonderbag-blue-largeThis unique and innovative insulated slow-cooking bag is designed to save you time, effort and energy. Use the Wonderbag to cook stews, curries, soups and casseroles, while you spend less time in the kitchen and more relaxing with your loved ones.

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