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One of the things that I love about organic and natural products is their quality. It seems to me that there is a greater sense of care and pride in these ranges, in the way they are made and off course in the consideration for where their ingredients come from and their impact on people and nature. I have found that this extra effort actually comes across tangibly when you use the products in a number of ways, from how well the products work to how good they make you feel.

I also like it when an organic or natural alternative unexpectedly turns an everyday, run of the mill product into something you actually begin to cherish. For example it never crossed my mind that there was a difference between salts, let alone that I would prefer one salt over another, for me salt was salt – so imagine my surprise when I switched to Himalayan crystal salt and after a while realised that I actually really loved Himalayan salt, and that I simply couldn’t use the mass produced stuff anymore which had become too salty and unappealing to me in comparison.

I find these little differences exist for almost all of the organic alternatives I try, the soaps feel more wholesome, the honey tastes better, the brushing salts work so well etc. etc. Walking around my home I see all these favourites of mine that over the years have become my must haves, it seems that every year there is another aisle at the local super market where I just never go down any more. I’d like to share these products that have become the corner stone my organic shopping bag with you. I trust you’ll find them useful in your own quest for a more joyful and conscious life.

Himalayan Salt Grinder

You knew that was coming hey. You see I love to cook and in winter I like to take hot baths. In the kitchen I exclusively use Himalayan salt in a grinder. I love it because it isn’t as salty as regular salt so you never end up adding too much salt. I also like the way it comes out of the grinder in that it doesn’t just pour out all over the place and I think the pink kernels in the glass bottle look cool. I also add the salt crystals to our bath water, but for this purpose I stock up with the Himalayan Course Salt Jar. I find a salty bath very grounding and I like the ritual of dissolving the crystals in the water with big swirls of my hand.
Yogi Chai Tea

I love a hot cup with loads of honey and no milk, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it your own way. Yogi chai tea has a nice balance because it has rich flavours but I don’t find it too heavy. It’s also caffeine free which I like at night before bed.
Crede Organic Sesame Oil

I love having this oil in addition to my olive oil. It gives a slightly exotic taste and it’s texture is very light. I use it to make salad dressings that taste a little bit nutty and to make roast potatoes. Best is to put some olive oil in a baking tray and then to add some of this sesame seed oil, then you coat potato wedges in the oil mixture and bake them in the oven with cayenne pepper, ground pepper and Himalayan salt, really awesome results!
Organic Herbs & Spices

My three must have spices are whole black pepper corns in a grinder, cayenne pepper and dried sweet basil. I have loads of others but I would take these three to a deserted island. But don’t miss the curry powder, chilli powder and bengali 5 spice (love the aniseed), perhaps you should just stock up with all your favourites.
Chic Cuisine Green Chilli Relish

I really love this relish because it’s very spicy but it doesn’t burn your mouth – if you know what I mean. So it won’t disappoint and have no bite but it isn’t just about the burn either, so you can still taste all the flavours e.g the ginger, garlic and raisins. We eat it on crackers with olives etc. and I add to to pasta sauces, thai curry sauces and soups, and I love it on pizza!
Bean There Fair Trade Coffee

This coffee has become a bit of an institution on Saturday mornings, the aroma just sweeps you away, Italian café style, but I really like that it’s fair trade and from Africa.
Raw Vegan Protein Powder

We started adding this to our smoothies recently, first I got a small tub just to try it but I’ve switched to the big tub now because we’ll definitely make it a daily supplement. I like that the powder doesn’t have a hectic taste and that it’s so pure as many of the commercial powders are loaded with all kinds of weird junk.
Lalibela Natural Raw Honey

I use this honey all the time, I think I could cut out sugar completely and just use this honey. It has not been tampered with and you can really taste the difference, it’s nice and thick and it doesn’t taste overbearingly sweet. I put it in tea and coffee, on yoghurt and in smoothies, on roasted butternut and gem squash, anywhere where we need some wholesome sweetness.
Trevarno Mens Facial Moisturiser

I like this moisturiser because it absorbs quickly and my face doesn’t feel oily afterwards. The scent is also very subtle and earthy, and the product itself is both completely natural and organic.
Olgani Brushing Salts

I’m using the aloe and xylitol flavour at the moment but all the flavours are nice. This product takes some getting used to but you can feel the benefits from the get go, your gums feel stronger and your mouth is just fresher in general, I don’t think you can get such a wholesome feeling from toothpaste alone. If you find it a bit odd try brushing your teeth with toothpaste after you’re done with the salt, either way you won’t be disappointed with the results, even on the first day.
Bema BioEcoMan Aftershave

The name’s a bit of a mouth full but as a not-into-grooming kinda guy I have to admit that this product has now become part of the cabinet. It’s a really light, freshly scented cream with a very slight tingle. I use it every morning now whether I’ve shaven or not and my wife said A, ‘you’re skin’s looking really nice’ and B, ‘I like that new cream you’re putting on in the morning’ so I’ve decided this one’s a keeper (my wife and the cream). Oh and a little goes along way too which is always a bonus.
Sanctum Sandlewood Shave Gel

I like this gel because it’s fresh and pure but it doesn’t sting my face like some other shaving gels and creams do. Like the brushing salts it takes a bit of getting used to because it doesn’t come out in a big ball of foam, but all you have to do is lather it up on your face with your hand and then it works well.
Eco-DenT Cinnamon Floss

This is one of those surprises, when I opened the floss it struck me that it’s packed with fresh natural ingredients and I thought wow, so you get extra good quality floss too. It seemed a bit pricey at first but it works so well that you don’t want the cheap stuff anymore. I especially like that the band isn’t too thin and the flavour is not artificial.
Organic & Natural Deodorant

I like the Hemporium deo (not so good if you wear white shirts which I don’t, but lots of people obviously do), we get mixed reviews for this one but I like it, I like the arnica in it and I think it works well. I also use ePore Therapy on hot days because the ePore definitely stops odours effectively. The nicest deo for guys is probably the Sanctum Mens Deo as it applies so smoothly and has the freshest scent, but ultimately you have try them all to see what works for you. If you haven’t already done so, please dump the commercial deo, it’s full of chemicals and you don’t need to apply that stuff to the sensitive parts of your body every day! When you make the switch be aware that you need to give it a little while for the natural deo to become effective as your body actually detoxes when you stop using commercial deo and then adapts to the natural deo, crazy what we do to ourselves isn’t it?
Natural Incense

I wasn’t really an incense fan before I tried the pure ones, but now I have become passionate about natural incense. I find that burning a high quality incense stick settles the mood in a room and creates a warmer space. I love the moment when I light the stick, whether I’m aware of it or not, at that moment I declare that this is my space and I appreciate it. I especially love these four, Morning Star Rose, Morning Star Jasmine, Australian Sandalwood and Buddha Special Meditation Incense, but all the ones on the website are great.

Morning Star is the best value for money and exceptionally high quality incense. You get 200 sticks in a box so it’ll last you for ever and it has this truly authentic and ancient vibe. I also like that there is no bamboo core so you’re only burning pure incense. Australian Sandalwood is a must have for me for creating relaxing evenings and I find the special Buddha Special Meditation Incense has the most complex and inspiring scent.

Water Powered Retro Clock

I was a bit sceptical about getting a water clock but when I took it out the box I was immediately sold on the slick design. How awesome is it that you don’t need any batteries either, just add water!
Bush Baby Dynamo Lantern & Torch

Again no batteries needed so no risk of being left in the dark. The bush baby torch is cool because it is a lamp and a torch in one. There’s one button to switch the torch on and another to switch the lamp and a little crank snaps out so you can charge it with a few turns. The torch also has two brightness settings. I like that it’s sturdy and obviously it shines brightly enough for you to do your thing during a power failure or when you’re enjoying the great outdoors.
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