The Benefits of Eating More Raw Food

With pesky power cuts popping up multiple times a week, South Africans are searching for quick and convenient food-fixes that won’t be affected by load shedding. The solution is a surprisingly simple and no, it doesn’t involve popping down to your nearest generator-powered fast food joint! We’re talking about upping your intake of raw food; fresh, uncooked produce and wholesome goodies that will fill your family’s tummies without emptying your wallet or packing on unwanted pounds.


There are a few myths about raw foods out there – let’s take a look at them and sort out fact from fiction.

Myth: Raw food is just for summer. There are plenty of filling, satisfying and “warming” foods that can be enjoyed raw. Additionally, many raw foodists will eat meals or ingredients that have been warmed up to 118°F.

Myth: Raw food is boring and tasteless. Simply not true! Raw foods are exciting, varied and delicious – with a little creativity in the kitchen, you’ll be amazed at what you can whip up.

Myth: You must eat raw all the time to enjoy the diet’s benefits. This really isn’t realistic – or necessary. The truth is that any increase in raw food intake will be beneficial to your body. You can start off by replacing just one cooked meal a day with a raw alternative, and see how much healthier you start to feel.

Myth: All raw foods are healthy. Remember that not all foods are created equal. Be sure to choose the healthiest options available; that means going for organic, pesticide-free produce and natural “whole” foods made without artificial preservatives and additives. Read those ingredient lists and get empowered folks!

Myth: Eating raw isn’t “natural” for humans. The truth is, there isn’t a single 100% natural eating plan out there that will work for everyone.  Listen to what your body is telling you, and if it responds well to certain dietary changes (eg. improved energy, clearer skin), stick to them. Just make sure you’re eating a properly balanced diet and supplementing those nutrients you might struggle to get.

Want to try it for yourself; here’s a Superfood Raw Food Smoothie Bowl Recipe to start your morning right.


Here are a few great reasons to start eating more raw meals.


You’ll find yourself experimenting more and more in the kitchen, to create delicious, satisfying and balanced raw meals. This can really put the joy back into the food preparation process! And because raw food is made without steamy ovens, boiling water or hot oil, it’s a safer cooking environment for your kids to enjoy with you.


Eating more raw food means eating more fruit and veggies, nuts and seeds; it automatically means cutting out more pre-packaged, processed foods and ingredients. The foods you’ll consume on a raw diet are typically much higher in nutrients and lower in allergens than those in a more processed diet.


Cleaner eating can be tough at first, but once you start feeling the healthy physical effects, you’ll most likely be inspired to improve your wellness in other ways. Why not put those improved energy levels to good use; join a Pilates class or start practicing yoga at home – this is a sure way to feel fab once bikini season rolls around again.


By simply reducing the amount of time you spend using the stove and oven, you’ll automatically reduce your household’s monthly electricity bill. Rather invest in a fab dehydrator, to create your own raw fruit rollups, kale chips and flax crackers!

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