FtN’s New Sustainable Pantry Range

Introducing: FtN’s New Sustainable Pantry Range

Faithful to Nature Launches a First in Sustainable Packaging

Behind the scenes, we’re always working to bring you the best natural and sustainable products. The Faithful to Nature own-label range is a revolutionary step for every conscious shopper. Our products speak for themselves, but so do our community, and the many qualified hands that made it happen. We sat down with Anthony Rickards, our Own Label Expert, to get into the details.

What makes the Faithful to Nature range unique?

It’s our purpose to make honest, affordable, and ethical alternatives accessible to everyone. When good options are few, we make new natural and sustainable products ourselves. We believe that this is your receipt for supporting something good.

Are these alternatives affordable?

We’ve benchmarked our prices with popular retailers like Dischem, Woolworths and Wellness Warehouse. The difference is that we offer bulk packs (650g and 1kg) – giving you the best value on a per 100g basis. 

What makes the pantry range Faithful to Nature

We aim to always provide a better option than what’s available, whether that be based on values like Locally Sourced, Fairtrade, Organic, Free From, Cruelty-free, Plastic-free or the availability of recyclable packaging. Plus, true to our promise – we check +2000 ingredients so you don’t have to. Everything is sourced ethically, with no nasty ingredients or wasteful, harmful packaging. And it doesn’t stop there: we’ve put in a concerted effort into sourcing as many products as possible that are grown in South Africa and proudly proclaim on the front of the pack. 

FtN’s Shining New Sustainable Pantry Range

Is the packaging sustainable?

We don’t believe in using plastic unless absolutely necessary, in fact, our pantry range is 100% plastic free. You’ll find our planet-friendly protective carton box is sourced from sustainably managed forests and printed with vegetable-based inks. Inside the carton, there’s a 100% compostable bag based on plant cellulose. Plus, these bag materials are certified by reputable standards set by DIN CERTO, TÜV Austria, and DIN EN.

How do you see the range evolving over time? 

All of our New Product Development is focused on providing everyday value on popular items across food, body and health care that you’ll see added to the site over time for your convenience. We’ve used our expertise to create some amazing everyday use oral, body and hair care products with cutting edge sustainable ingredients. We believe that these will raise the bar in terms of affordable, sustainable and effective choices.

*Spoiler alert: we’re super excited about the upcoming launch of the Faithful to Nature Powerhouse Nutritional Yeast! These are savoury sprinkles, for a cheesy nutty delight – it’s vegan, low in sodium, high in a collection of vitamins and good-for-you ingredients.

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