Neem Oil: Good for Plants, Great for People


Neem is truly one of nature’s most versatile and useful remedies. Gardeners trust it as an effective natural bug repellent, protecting their beloved crops against all kinds of pests – and it’s known to stop nasty critters like lice and mozzies from bugging us people too. What you might not have heard, is that neem oil, made from the leaves of the tropical neem tree, boasts a wealth of health and beauty benefits – it can make your hair shine and your skin glow! Take a look at what neem can do for you – plus some handy homemade skincare recipes using our pure natural neem oil.


  • Antiseptic & antifungal
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Promotes healing
  • Relieves eczema, psoriasis & skin allergies
  • Protects against biting insects (mosquitoes, fleas, ticks)
  • Deters lice


  • Moisturises dry skin
  • Reduces redness & irritation
  • Prevents signs of premature ageing
  • Combats acne
  • Controls excess oil
  • Gives skin a healthy glow
  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes
  • Controls dandruff, soothes itchy scalps
  • Prevents hair thinning & hair loss
  • Prevents premature greying of hair
  • Keeps hair shiny, healthy & moisturised


Our Neem Products:

Care for your skin with:


Organic Neem Oil

and pamper your hair with:


Neem Hair Lotion

Did You Know? Neem works to deter up to 200 different types of insects!


Make your own Neem Ointment:

A soothing cream for eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.



  • Heat the shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil and sweet almond oil slowly in a double-boiler. Melt the oils over a medium heat until they are completely liquid.
  • Stir well and place the bowl in the freezer for 5 minutes or until the oils thicken and become slightly opaque.
  • Beat the mixture with a whisk, adding the neem, vitamin E and lavender oils. (Lavender is great for masking the strong scent of the neem, plus it’s an anti-inflammatory and promotes skin rejuvenation.)
  • Spoon the finished product into a container that is fitted with a lid. You can use the cream immediately after it has set.


Did You Know? Neem trees are good for the ground! They help to make the soil less acidic.


Make your own Neem Mozzie Repellent:




  • Add the neem, witch hazel & vodka to a small spray bottle.
  • Add essential oils; shake well before each use.
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