Top Natural Pest Protection Tips for Summer


It’s summertime in South Africa and the air is abuzz with excitement – of course, it’s also buzzing with the sound of crickets, Christmas beetles and a host of indigenous creepy-crawlies! While most of these little guys are harmless and even pretty useful to have around, there are a few that can really bug you. That’s why we’ve got a few earth-friendly solutions up our green sleeves, to help your family keep pests at bay this summer.


Nothing puts a damper on a camping trip, hike or braai like the high-pitched whine of the dreaded mozzie. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make sure these unwelcome guests buzz off and leave you to enjoy your summer nights with no troublesome itchy bites.


Keep a stash of mosquito repellent incense handy in your home – the natural lemongrass and lavender scents smell wonderfully inviting to us, but very unpleasant to mozzies.


Try a “bug balm” that combines insect repellent with a super-effective natural sunscreen. A must-have for your family’s daytime outings.


Use a natural mosquito repellent spray or lotion in the evenings; you’ll find it’s ultra-gentle on your family’s skin but still a highly effective way to keep mosquitoes away.

Ticks & Fleas

Don’t forget your four-footed family members! Your dogs and cats will be spending more time outdoors too, and that means ticks and fleas become a bigger hazard – for them and for you.


Diatomaceous Earth is an amazing non-toxic and completely natural pest remedy for your pets. Work it into your pet’s fur, sprinkle it on your bedding and use it to treat any areas of your home in need of pest prevention. DE is a naturally occurring powder made up of fossilised diatoms (tiny single-celled plants and plankton), and works to dehydrate ticks, fleas and pests while being completely safe for your whole family. Taken internally, it’s also a perfectly gentle and effective deworming treatment for your animal companions.


The khakibos plant is proven to be a highly effective tick and flea repellent – and because it’s chemical-free, a khakibos flea treatment is 100% safe for your pets and your home. Use a khakibos spray or powder on your pets and their bedding, and choose a khakibos shampoo for your pooch’s bath-time.


Tip: Khakibos spray is ideal for dogs but most cats will prefer the dry khakibos powder.

Check out this blog post for more information on what makes natural flea repellents safer and healthier for your pets.

Wherever you go this summer, be sure to give your whole family plenty of natural care and protection – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy and effective these natural options are.

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